1. The Knight and the Acolyte Book 6, Chapter 1: The Pirate's Claws

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    The Knight and the Acolyte Book Six: Heart's Longing Chapter One: The Pirate's Claws By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Xandra – Black Glass Aerie, The Island of Birds I knelt on the edge of my parent's nest on the steep cliff my people lived upon, my feet dangling over the side, staring at the black rocks of Mount Peritito choked with vines. I tried not to look at the large pyre being laid on the aerie's largest outcropping, situated just above the jungle's top. The large logs had already been laid for the fire and the ground around it swept clear of creeping vines. Young maidens, all newly crossed into adulthood, stamped down the ground, their giggling trills rising up to me. They all dreamed of the male they would mate. Each had her favorite, the one she would dance for and hope to earn his gaze. But only the most beautiful avian maiden would only have one male in mind, confident to win his affection. I should be down with them. All unmated maidens, by custom, prepared the dancing field. But what was the point? I had danced before the mating pyre twice before. No male wanted a wife who could not transform into a bird and dance through the skies with him. No male wanted a wife who still possessed her adolescent name. Xandra. I had earned the name at eleven when my spirit quest revealed I would serve my aerie as a shaman. My parents had been so proud of me then. A shaman. When they named me at hatching, they chose Sky as my child name. They believed I would soar far. And then ... I was given Xandra when chosen as a shaman. A good name for a student of spirits. But at eighteen, when I crossed into adulthood, I failed to transform into a bird. Unlike the other adults else in Black Glass Aerie, I could not take to the skies. I was stuck living on the side of the cliff like a child, denied my adult name. Tears brimmed my eyes as I looked away from the clearing. I stared up at the darkened sky. Night descended onto the Isle of Birds. The distant Nimborgoth became a dark smear on the horizon. The lights of the halfling city of Baraconia burned like a small beacon on its edge past the dark-green canopy of the Collserola Jungle that surrounded the flanks of Mount Peritito. I would be stuck here on the ground forever. Flightless. Nameless. Forever an adolescent. No male wanted a wife who could not fly. I pressed my face into my knees. My skirt slid down my thighs, exposing the pale skin. My tears fell. I shuddered for a few moments, the bitter memories of my first mating dance washing over me. I had been certain that Obsidian would choose me despite my failure to transform. I could still tend the nest. I was still a shaman. I invoked the elements and helped our people survive. I was important, even if I had no true name or ability to fly. Obsidian and I had been close as children. I was certain he would chose me. He always favored me over the other chicks and hatchlings. And then I danced before him, my body moving, awakening to my sexual desires. My pussy had ...