1. Proving my MEF Performance

    Date: 10/12/2017, Categories: Job/Office Sex, Author: benawriter, Source: LushStories

    I couldn’t believe how long it took to get a follow up visit with Dr. Hills, but five weeks later I finally found myself sitting anxiously in one of her exam rooms, already stripped to my boxers, sitting on the exam table in sweet anticipation. Dr. Hills came in with a manila folder and sat in the chair by the table. She opened the manila folder and began commenting. “I’ve reviewed the results and comments reported by my sister’s office. She was impressed with your progress, Mr. Jameson.” “Thanks. I think I’m doing quite well,” I said, beaming with expectation. “I think we’ll try one final test and then you should need less frequent visits, but of course we’re always here if you need us,” she said. She stood, unfastened her light blue scrub pants and shimmied out of them. She was naked underneath. She opened her white lab coat and watched my face as my gaze fell between her legs. My cock stirred and as she spread her legs and held her lab coat open to give me a better view, I became more and more erect. She seemed pleased with the results and crossed her arms. “Your Maximum Erection Factor is excellent. I want to test your staying ability before I release you,” she said. “Now, tell me, what excites you sexually the most?” she asked. “That’s easy, doc. I love a threesome with two women, one sitting on my face and one either sucking or fucking me at the same time.” As soon as I said it I felt embarrassed but she seemed unfazed. She reached over to the wall, punched the ... intercom and said, “Nurse Irene, will you come to room number four to assist me, please?” When Nurse Irene entered the room and saw that the doctor was half naked, she began undressing as though she knew she should. “Irene, we’re going to test Mr. Jameson’s staying ability today and I want to give him the ultimate arousal in doing so,” said the doctor. “Would you please suck on his penis until you deem it ready and then mount it? And when you do, please do your best to make him ejaculate.” “Yes, ma’am,” Irene answered, and they moved me onto my back on the table. Nurse Irene stood by the side of the table and lightly scratched my balls, fondled my cock gently and finally slipped her mouth down over it. I could feel it swell even more in her mouth and I sighed happily. The good doctor used the chair to step up onto the table and straddled my chest on her knees. She inched her way upward until my head was between her thighs and my face nestled in her pubic hair. Her lab coat hung over my forehead so I could not see anything but her pussy and her abs. Nurse Irene’s mouth was becoming my new best friend and I knew I had better do something. I was perfectly content waiting for Dr. Hills to move on my face but decided I needed to find a focus before I lost control and choked Norse Irene with a flood of semen, so I pressed my tongue through those soft hairs on my face and began licking. It didn’t take very long for me to feel that clit began to press more and more against my tongue. I ...