1. Chubby Freshman Chapter 6

    Date: 10/12/2017, Categories: Anal, First Time, Mature, Author: colourfast, Source: xHamster

    Chapter 6 Francis continued to explore cafes, restaurants and art galleries in search of mature men who he could have sex with. A week after his encounter with his classmate Harris the chubby student went to an exclusive gay club which he found out about while chatting with a man on a site for chubby men and chasers. When he entered the club he was dressed in his usual preppy style with a sweater hung over his shoulders and looked around the club. He saw a dance floor and men of all ages either dancing or socializing while standing or sitting at tables. He also saw some young faggy gay guys flaunting their slim bodies in skinny jeans, silk tops wearing lipstick and makeup. He thought that one of the faggy guys was a student from his French class who was a student in theatre arts program. He was assured that it was he when the student smiled and waved at him while standing with an effeminate pose. He waved back and let it rest at that as both knew what each was doing at the club. As Francis looked around the club he saw two handsome men and immediately liked their appearance. The men were a couple in their mid 50's from San Francisco Pete a physician and Martin a banker who adored young chubby gay boys like Francis. The couple loved to share such treats between them. They continued chatting and Pete noticed Francis who had moved toward the bar and was now in a position where he could be seen by the couple with an unobstructed view. Francis slowly looked around the room as he ... made his best effeminate gestures hoping that the handsome gay man would notice him. When he had the chance Pete smiled and said a quiet hello. Francis smiled and mouthed a hello in return. The mature handsome gentleman walked over and asked if he was enjoying the evening. Francis replied saying that he had just arrived and was his first time in this club. Pete told him that they were visiting from San Francisco and it too was their first time here. He introduced himself and smiled at the young boy and caressed the boy's hand gently as he shook it. Pete then introduced his friend and the three stood and chatted and ordered drinks from a passing waiter as they stood at high round table. The next slow song Pete asked Francis to dance and when he had embraced the boy closely he whispered in his ear how both he and Martin loved young boys so very much. He said that he and Martin wanted Francis and he said &#034You are by far the cutest boy here tonight and we just love how you dress and your gay mannerisms. &#034I am already hard just imagining being with you&#034 he said and ground his hard cock against the young chubby boy. Francis felt the older man's hard cock and knew instantly that Pete was very well hung. He took a quick look around and reached down and caressed the hard cock and whispered in Pete's ear saying &#034You are very nicely hung.&#034 He then asked &#034Is Martin as big as you&#034 and then kissed the mature man's ear. Pete replied&#034 God yes he is bigger and ...