1. The Love Shared (Part 9)

    Date: 10/12/2017, Categories: Fiction, Incest, Author: Doc88102, Source: sexstories.com

    I woke up that morning like a king, or maybe just some riddiculously rich guy that shares a bed with two beautiful women. Mom was on my left and my sister was on my right, I thought about being quite happy to wake up this way every day. I gently lifted the duvet and took sight of my naked family, through the night any garments that had remained on their bodies had been shed, now they were just two beautifully naked women. My Mom's ass was pointing directly at me, while Bobbie was sprawled on her back with her arms up behind her head. I'd have taken a picture of both of them if I'd had my phone with me. I glanced at the clock and new that I had ten full minutes to appreciate the pair of them before the alarm went off, I was surprised to be awake at all following last nights adventures. I had taken my sisters virginity, with the help of our Mom of course, it all seemed magical. A week ago I would never have dreamed about being where I was now, and if I had to dream up a fantasy at all it would have involved Faye. Today Faye and I were going to meet at lunch, everything that had gotten us this far would be laid out on the table. Minus a few details of course, but today the final outcome was very much in the palm of her hands. Today was the day it was all going to end. I slipped underneath the duvet and down the bed, somehow managing to not wake either of them up I left the room and went into my own room. I checked myy phone and saw no new messages or calls, I glanced back at ... the window as I turned to leave the room, Bobbie was standing in my bedroom doorway. Her hair was a little matted and she looked groggy, beautifully naked still, she reached into the sky and stretched. Her nipples went hard as the goosepimples began popping up over her skin. ''What're you doing?'' she asked. ''Just getting ready for a shower, you should do the same.'' I told her, she smiled and closed the gap betwene us with a few steps. He arms wrapped around my waist and mine around her back, I kissed her on the top of her head and she looked up at me with her round blue eyes, ''Thank you for last night.'' she said. ''Dont mention it, it was my pleasure.'' I replied. ''My pleasure too,'' she shot back, ''Maybe we can do that as a family fun night every night.'' she suggested. ''I have no problem with that,'' I told her. It was when she mentioned family fun night I was reminded of my Father. He was still around somewhere, I highly doubted that he had listened to anything I told him. We made our way out of my room just as Mom came out of hers, she had her pink robe on though it was wide open. She looked as tired as Bobbie did. ''What're you guys up to?'' she asked, then in a playful mood Bobbie reached down and cupped my penis in her hand, ''Nothing Mom.'' she replied to her Mother grinning. ''Good.'' Mom told her smiling, ''I'm guna go and make a start on breakfast, you two get showered and dressed.'' she instructed. We both synchronised a ''Okay Mom,'' and headed towards the ...