1. 69 with a bully

    Date: 10/12/2017, Categories: BDSM, First Time, Masturbation, Author: wankster8000, Source: xHamster

    Just a made up story of a picture from the other way around.... James was your average teenager, okay grades, small group of friends, quite and not one to get in trouble. One day on his normal journey home, where he has his own secret path through the woods, in his only little world, dreaming of time flying through the skys... Theres a crack of a stick and rustle of leaves, but still he carrys on, oblivious to what is about to happen to him! Suddenly he is snap back to reality, with a sense that he is not alone. &#034Rob, is that you?&#034 he calls out, thinking one of his friends is just messing with him. Theres a faint chucle but still no answer, &#034come on dude, stop playing around&#034 he nervously shouts.... But still nothing. James carrys on scanning through the trees trying to spot Rob. No sign at all Rob, he drops his guard and just assumes it must have been some a****l. Now back in reality still look through the trees, james spots something moving, he stops and stands still to found out what or who it might be. Then he notices something else moving! Theres more than one, he hears a quite giggle. Still frozen awaiting his faite, palms getting sweaty, he takes a step back and goes to turn.... Before he can turn, his back bumps something and is against something soft.... In an instant james hits the floor banging his head, vision blured and as he starts to lose consciousness he hears, &#034Ugh! That little prick just touched me!!&#034 James was out, just lying on the ... floor. Not looking good for him! He had in fact stepped back into Ella.. Ella tall with an amazonian build, had for some reason unknown to James, had always had something out for him. For years ella had picked on james and now he had been shoved to the ground and knocked out by her. Ella and her friends surrounded james laughing to themselves, &#034haha what a loser&#034 tapingand lightly kicking him. &#034what shall we do to him Ella?&#034 one of them asks. Now talking to them selve working out what to do to him. &#034we should tie him up to a tree and make him become our slave&#034 one of the girls outbursts, &#034No&#034 Ella scowls, &#034i want to have some fun with this looser&#034 she smurcks. Ella's friends step back abit looking at each other a little puzzled and then they all burst out laughing. &#034strip him!&#034 Ella comands, &#034What no?! A couple of girls reply, they then with out saying anything suck their teeth and leave. But one stayed, Lydia, a petite redhead, with such a big chest. The two girls rolled James on to his back, Ella straddled over his face and Lydia over his legs, facing each other they unbuckled his belt and pulled his shorts down. He had tight boxers on and the two girls could clearly see the outline of what was beneath. The two giggled at one another. As the two started to peal back the elastic to his boxers, James started to come arounds, head sore and vision still alittle blurred, he looks up expecting to see the sky, but instead he sees ...