1. Cyndy's Camping Adventure

    Date: 10/12/2017, Categories: Bisexual, Author: Cyndy, Source: LushStories

    “A very sexually satisfied wife wants a bi-sexual encounter.” If I posted an ad, that’s what it would say. I am definitely too shy to do something like that. But then, one must be careful what one wishes for! My husband and I took a week to go camping by a lake about five hours drive from home. We waited for school to start for Fall classes so the camp grounds would be quiet. We knew the weather would still be great and we could have some relaxing quiet days away from the hectic recent weeks. I was excited. Water, sandy beach, quiet, alone time with Jimmy, plus the fun of camping. After arriving and getting our tent and supplies unpacked and set up, we were ready to start preparing our dinner. There was one communal fire pit for the entire campground. As I started to gather up cooking supplies, two women headed to the pit carrying a cooler and their supplies. While initially disappointed, I hoped that they wouldn’t mind sharing the fire with us. Sure enough, they were more than happy to. We started chatting while setting up our food. Jimmy got the fire going. I discovered that Carrie and Anita were partners in a business and were camping for a couple of days just to get a break from their work. It also looked to me like they were in a relationship with each other. When we finished cooking our own dinners, we left the fire pit and split up to our respective picnic tables located at our sites. Every now and then I would look over at their table and imagine what it would be ... like living with another woman. I was totally happy with Jimmy, but he had unleashed many sexual feelings and desires in me. I often found myself thinking of new experiences to explore. Later in the evening, we all got together to have coffee around the fire pit. The other couple joined us that were staying in a tent trailer. A few times when I looked at Carrie, I found that she was looking at me. She would quickly turn away. While Jimmy and I were chatting with the other couple, I noticed Carrie and Anita often whispering to each other. The drive and past work weeks had been draining for Jimmy, and he wanted to head to the tent to sleep. I wasn’t that tired, but decided to go with him. We said our good nights to everyone. Carrie looked at me and said, “Well, if you can’t sleep, we will be up for a while. Come on back!” Sure enough, Jimmy fell asleep very quickly, and I lay there wide awake. I could hear the crackling of the flames at the fire pit and could see Carrie and Anita still there. It was wonderfully warm out, and I was wearing just a loose pair of cotton shorts and a tank top. I quietly climbed out of the tent and walked over barefoot to the fire. Carrie smiled as I came over, poured me some wine into an acrylic wine glass. It was a lovely cool Rose. “Glad you came back to join us,” Anita spoke. “We were hoping you would!” “Really?” I replied. “Why?” Anita looked at Carrie, and Carrie returned the look. Neither of them seemed to want to respond. It was Carrie that ...