1. Paradise Hook-Up: Part 2

    Date: 10/12/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Author: Aruri69, Source: LushStories

    I continue eating until there’s no more juice to drink. And even though her pussy has stopped squirting, she tastes just as good as Venezia and I can’t stop. Roxie doesn’t stop moaning and that makes Venezia have to pull my face out of Roxie herself. “Stop being such a greedy boy.” “I told you her pussy is incredible,” I answer groaning from wanting more. I continue staring down at Roxie cute, swollen pussy as Venezia kisses her again. “Get up,” Venezia commands Roxie. Roxie slides off the couch and stands in front of Venezia. Venezia turns toward Roxie and kisses at her pussy while pulling her closer. Roxie puts her hands on top of Venezia’s head and grinds her pussy against Venezia’s face. I sit back on the couch and watch for a while as the sexy Latina licks away at the tall brunette’s pussy. I reach over and pull Venezia’s hips up onto my lap, making myself groan as her wet lips rub against my dick. She pulls Roxie over with her and keeps Roxie in front of us while position herself over my cock. I shove my length into Venezia as Roxie pushes her pussy back onto Venezia’s face. I slowly thrust up into Venezia, not wanting to disrupt her from eating some of Roxie’s perfect pussy. I can taste her flavor on my tongue as I feel Venezia’s luxurious pussy wrapped around my cock. My entire body is tingling so much it feels like miniature orgasm washing over me. I lean all the way back on the couch and watch Venezia’s bubbly ass bounce up and down on my bulging member while ... imagining her Latin tongue flicking at Roxie’s cute, little clit. There is still some small remnants of my cum on the sides of Roxie’s head sticking to her hair, and the sight of it makes me throb harder inside of Venezia. Her once cum covered tits are shaking under the sensations of Venezia’s talented mouth. Venezia starts bouncing on my thrusts as her pussy demands my attention. I snap out of my fantasy world to begin ramming Venezia’s pussy. I know she likes it hard and fast, but I still don’t want to disrupt Roxie’s buffet. As Roxie begins moaning louder while pulling on Venezia’s hair, I decide to race Venezia’s pussy against Roxie’s. As I pump into Venezia’s more and more, Roxie’s moans are getting harder. I can hear Venezia’s muffled moans as she has Roxie’s pussy sucked into her mouth. I can feel her pussy clenching more and harder with every thrust. She puts one hand on my knee and clinches completely as her orgasms burst on my cock. Her mouth hangs open against Roxie’s pussy, forcing Roxie to face-fuck Venezia until she’s cumming. Venezia’s cumming pussy quivers on me as Roxie drips some juice onto Venezia’s face. Venezia has to pull away from Roxie’s pussy to breathe, so she leans back to rest against me. Roxie is still standing there cumming a little bit, so she stumbles over to the couch and collapses next to me. I reach over and rub her pussy until she’s whimpering in my ear for me to stop. She laughs and rolls closer to me for a kiss while leaving my hand to play ...