1. The Taking of a White Family – Part 2 – Parents Lean Their Place, the Punishment

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    After that first night of service to our new Masters things started to become somewhat normal or at least as normal as they could be in our situation. I went off to work every morning and the girls went to school. Carol stayed in the apartment, cooked, cleaned and did normal stuff a stay at home wife would normally do with a few exceptions. On our day off Masters took the family to the community center and pool. The girls had a great time and Carol and I even forgot about our predicament and were having fun with them. One of the many rule we lived under was that everyone at the compound had to pitch in and help. The second week our Masters told us that Carol was going to be tested to see what skills or services she could provide to the community. Wives of the workers assisted as school teachers, teacher’s aids, cooks, bus drivers, receptionist, etc to help the community thrive. That evening we all gathered at the kitchen table having dinner that Carol prepared prior to the Girls and I came home. Since this was only our second week we were still finding our place in this new family unit. It became very clear the even in the presence of the girls Master Obike and Master Camara were completely in change. Each one of our Masters sat at the head and foot of the rectangle table. Carol and I sat closes and facing each other on Master Obike with Mary and Cathy sitting next to carol and Amy sitting next to me. Carol was to give our Masters with their food first, than the girls and ... finely me and her. After a little while it seemed all normal as the girls were chit chatting about their day at school and how they likes there teachers, etc. They also, learned that all black men in the compound will be called Master and Black woman would be called Mistress. I too chimed in how my day at work went and how nice most of my coworkers are. At this point Master Obike interrupted the conservation. “Carol, tell us about your day of testing”. My wife froze “It was OK I guess, Master” she replied. “It was NOT” Master Obike shot back at her. I was stunned and I could see the girls were visibly shaken. Master continued “Your skill level was judged to be inferior and you were not even close to a match with any jobs that were open.” Carol must have knew the outcome before we did. “I tried my very best Master” “Well, you failed and worse you made Master Carama and I look like fools. You will pay for that but, tomorrow morning at 10am we will place you on the barracks bus. You will be taken there every day and provide the only service you know how to. UNDERSTAND” he roared. “Yes Master” was the only thing Carol could reply. It was then the Amy asked in her child like way, “Are you going to meet all the soldiers’ mommy?” Before Carol could answered Master Carama chuckled and replied “Oh yes Amy, your mommy will be meeting all the solders and she will know each one of them very well.” The conversation was then dropped and dinner was finished a little while later. As Carol, Mary ...