1. Lily's awakening - Part 3

    Date: 10/12/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Incest, Teen, Group Sex, Teen, Voyeur, Author: Coming4you, Source: sexstories.com

    I went to the bathroom to freshen up, put on a summer dress so I could enjoy this beautiful day and try to get a tan on. It was a cute little dress my aunt had given me for my 18th birthday and it complimented me well. It was a pale blue halter top dress made of flowing fabric. It covered me up to my neck but the shoulders were bare and it was mid-length which was ‘appropriate’ yet comfortable. I went down to the kitchen certain to find my uncle, aunt and cousins but instead there were about 2 dozen farm-hands sitting at the huge table. When I entered the room they turned around and one of the men said: - Hey there, you Miss Lily? - Yes, yes I am. - Your Uncle’s right, you are a pretty little thing and he winked at me. - Thank you! Where is my Uncle? - At lunch time, the help eats in this kitchen and the owners eat in the veranda Mam. Go straight ahead and then turn right. It’s at the end of the hall. - Thanks. He looked at me and gave me another wink and the other men said ‘’Bye Miss Lily’’ in unison. It was really weird. If I had known, I would have taken the stairs at the other end of the second floor and would not have to go through this hoard of weird male specimen. The mansion was gigantic. I made a mental note to ask if they had a map of the quarters and laughed at the thought. As I was approaching I heard voices in a room on my right. I think I could see what appeared to be a veranda, straight ahead but curiosity got the best of me and I approached the room. It ... looked like a second kitchen. It made more sense now that we would have lunch here if they had another kitchen near the veranda. But I digress. The kitchen entrance had doors like in a professional restaurant kitchen. You know, those push doors with windows at the top? I was about to push and enter the kitchen when I heard a loud female moaning; I stopped in my tracks and on the tip of my toes I sneaked to see what was happening. My beautiful Aunt Leslie was standing up facing towards me with her long skirt rolled up above her waist. She had no panties and her pussy was not completely hairy. It was shaved except for a tin vertical line right above her slit which made it look longer. She was leaning on my Uncle Joe and it was clear that he had fingers in her and the thumb was rubbing her clitoris. - That feels so good baby. Fuck me harder. I really need this, make me cum baby! Uncle Joe’s face illuminated. Gosh he was handsome, kind of looked like my Dad but he was taller with a larger frame than Daddy. He was like a sexy farmer; one that worked out and had a killer body. He looked like a giant compared to her. With one hand on her pussy he let go of her breasts and held her by the waist and started lifting her off the ground, up and down, up and down while finger fucking her. - This feels so good. Yes yes… She was panting rapidly. He was so strong that she looked like a rag doll in his strong arms. When she came, body arching, toes curled sideways; he stopped the up and down ...