1. Lily's awakening - Part 3

    Date: 10/12/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Incest, Teen, Group Sex, Teen, Voyeur, Author: Coming4you, Source: sexstories.com

    the world. I was confused again. There was a lot of that going on in my head these days; but even more going on in this place. - Of course not! He had put his dick on one side before pulling me up on him. It was a familiar feeling. At first, Buck was walking slowly and within seconds he started trotting. My little ass was clapping on it and within seconds, Uncle Joe’ cock reached gigantic proportions. It must be so painful to have such a huge organ trying to tear your pants all the time. I just wanted to grab it but I kept holding on to the horn. - Can you move a bit to your left little thing? Uncle Joe’s cock is a bit excited and you are putting pressure on it. Let me cradle you, it will be more comfortable. - I’m sorry Uncle Joe; I’m not doing it on purpose. - I know little one. Here he said. He put his hand over my pussy as we were trotting and pulled me up slightly. That’s better he said, releasing his hand. His huge bologna cradled my but crack and my pussy was pulsating. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I can hold it. This is my Uncle! We were home in a few minutes. He lowered me down and said: - I think this is enough for today little one. Go rest that cute little pussy of yours. A nice bath will do you good. I’ll see you later OK? - OK I said. Thanks Uncle Joe! He smiled at me and left galloping with his horse leaving only dust behind him and a pussy in need of an orgasm. To be continued…