1. The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Tiffany Wants a Nooner

    Date: 10/13/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Straight Sex, Teen, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Wife / MILF, Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com

    The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2014 The Devil's Pact Side Story: Tiffany Wants a Nooner Note: This takes place during Chapter 34, following Tiffany Sullivan. Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 I was bored. Ever since I gave my son-in-law my Gift, my life had been so busy, so full. After so many years I was happily reunited with my husband Sean, and our three beautiful daughters: Shannon, Mary, and Missy. I never thought I would get to have my family back; I always thought that the monster who enslaved me had destroyed any chances for true happiness. Mary proved me wrong; I betrayed the forces of Heaven to have my family, my happiness, back. I have no regrets. Sean and I remarried, and I was pregnant with a child I could actually watch grow up. Of course, there were unexpected differences from all my daydreams of being reunited with my family. For one, I never thought I could make love to my daughters, let alone enjoy such deviant sex. Next to making love with my husband, being with my daughters was the best sex, and since I've conceived a child, I've also made love to Shannon's fiance George, and Missy's boyfriend Damien. They weren't Sean, but I enjoyed myself. I was curious to try out Mark; my Gift transformed him into a hunky Adonis. I loved my husband, but he looked his age, unlike me, and his waistline had lost the war against middle-age. I don't know if I ever would get the chance to be with Mark. He may have forgiven me at Karen's ... funeral two months ago, but I could tell he still resented me. I guess it will take time to heal the hurt I caused him. Maybe it never would heal; I know I can never forgive myself for the ten people that died that day in June. Today, the house was empty. Usually there was someone around. I lived with my husband, of course, and my youngest daughter Missy. Missy's boyfriend Damien also lived with us, along with their sex slaves: Dawn and Mrs. Corra. School had started back up and Missy, Damien, and Dawn were attending Washington High School, where Sean and Mrs. Corra taught English and Math respectively. Normally, if there was no-one around the house, I would visit someone else in the neighborhood. Often Shannon was around, or Mark's mother Sandy and her girlfriend Betty. Or even Mary. Today, however, no-one was around. Shannon was off in Chicago with her fiance and their sex-slave Sandra, Mary and Mark were off giving speeches to coordinate the gun-buyback happening this Saturday, and Sandy was out somewhere with her girlfriend. Even the sluts were all gone, off with Mark and Mary. The only one home was Sam, and she always made me nervous. Women shouldn't have cocks. It was unnatural. I had the house cleaned by 9 AM. I was so bored. And horny. I've gotten used to getting laid, often, and I was missing it. And my pregnancy seemed to just ramp up my hormones to teenage levels. I rubbed my flat belly; I would be showing soon – I was only seven weeks pregnant – and for a moment my ...