1. A Big Happy Weasley Family Part 5

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    Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. France, two weeks before Harry Potter met the giants Gabrielle Delacour was immensely disappointed with herself. She prided herself on being the best daughter she could be, the best student she could be and the level of control she exerted over her demeanor at all times. Where her sister was fierce and passionate, she was calm and controlled. Where her sister was swept away by short-lived romantic affairs, she had never been distracted from her education. That said, Gabrielle did think the world of her sister and she knew her sister loved her too. Gabrielle could not help but think, though, that her sister had spent most of her teenage years living a tumultuous life that went from high to low and relationship to relationship. That is, of course, until her sister left school and met a handsome older man – a curse breaker at Gringotts – and just decided to get hitched. Gabrielle thought herself above such whimsical desires. Gabrielle knew control and discipline – she had always been a quiet, calm little child. She was prone to childish fancies, of course, but that did not mean she did not know how to hold herself back. The need for control had been drilled into her ... since childhood. Then, Gabrielle thought, why am I so unable to master such simple magic? “Maman,” she said crossly in French, “Why cannot I do this?” Her grandmother tutted and her mother merely smiled at her. Gabrielle gritted her teeth at that. “Try, again,” her grandmother commanded. And Gabrielle tried. She closed her eyes, scrunched up her face and concentrated. She tried to focus like they wanted her to and tried to draw the warm feeling of the whizzing aura that whipped around her, drew it in and willed it to change shape. After ten minutes of desperately trying to reel in her aura into the shape she wanted, Gabrielle just gave up and opened her eyes. Her grandmother sighed and the two women in front of her got up. “Let us call it a day,” Apolline said mildly. “No,” Gabrielle said, “I shall keep trying until I get this.” *** Somewhere in Germany, two weeks before Harry Potter met the giants “Wait… what?” Harry asked Bill as they both took a rest from breaking down the ward on an erstwhile Death Eater safe-house in a ruined cottage. “Veela basically clone themselves to breed pure,” Bill said patiently, “They are capable of just forcing their eggs to grow into a fetus.” Harry scratched his head. “And you said half-veela retain this ability?” Bill nodded. “Yeah,” he said, “Well, not quite. Only full veela are capable of giving birth to other full veela through cloning. But both full and half-veela are capable of giving birth to full veela through cross-fertilization with ...