1. Meeting my baby, part 1

    Date: 10/13/2017, Categories: Lesbian Sex, Author: icedew, Source: xHamster

    I am standing on the kerb outside the airport. I made it, after a long flight I finally made it and here I am. My suitcase stands next to me and I wonder if I brought enough clothes. “Bring something to wear for when we go out” she said. And I did, I packed several outfits for that actually, ranging from somewhat slutty to classy. “Oh my god what have I gotten myself into..”, that thought crosses my mind as I look around to find a taxi. It has crossed my mind several times on the way here, but once the plane takes off there is nothing you can do really. I have never met her before, I know here from chat on a porn website of all places. Yet here I am, just several months after first having said “hello”. I am excited and yet scared. What if it does not work out? What if we do not get along? And maybe even more scary, what if we do? Since it is such a long distance away I opted for a two week stay, there is no way I am traveling this far and just spend a weekend. Oh well, if all else fails I can rent a car and go sightseeing; California has plenty of things I have never seen. The driver is friendly enough to put my suitcase in the trunk and opens the door for me. Once I’m seated he close the door behind me. The inside looks just like in the TV series they show back home. The smell though is something different. I never thought about it and on TV you cannot smell of course, but the smell inside this taxi is of a floral scent. After he drives of I give him the address and I am ... on my way. I look around at the outside as the taxi takes me to my destination. Houses, parks, cars, people walking on the street; it all looks so different. We pass through what I guess is the city center, an area where there are lots of tall buildings and shops that look quite expensive. Slowly the scenery changes to a more residential area. Cars parked on driveways, neatly kept lawns and flowerbeds. The driver turns on the right side indicator and gently comes to a full stop in front of a house. “This is it, we are there”, he says as he put the car in Park and gets out. I look at the house. It is so different than houses back home, it is made of wood, not brick and there are no tiles on the roof. I hear the trunk pop and snap back to reality. The door opens and I get out, glancing at the meter to see the price. My suitcase is already standing next to the door and I hand the driver the amount I owe him and a little extra, he was afterall quite a gentleman taking care of my luggage and holding the door for me. He says his goodbyes as he walk around to the driver side door and I watch as he drives off. I keep looking until he makes a turn and is out of sight. I pull out the handle of my suitcase and look at the house. The front door is on the side. There is no car parked in the driveway; maybe she isn’t home? As I stand there pondering that though, the curtain on a window facing the road moves. Or was that just my imagination?. I look at the number displayed on the house and ...