1. The Romanian Connection

    Date: 10/14/2017, Categories: Fiction, Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Job / Office Sex, Teen, Masturbation, Romance, Author: butliquor55, Source: sexstories.com

    I watched out the window of the plane as it descended through the clouds and the city of Bucharest came into view. This was my first trip to Romania and the hope of a successful business trip meant that it may be the first of many. The city looked busy and was spread over a large area like any other big city in the world. I had done some research on the country of Romania so that I kind of knew what to expect. For example the country is only 92,043 square miles which means it is just a little larger than Minnesota. It’s population is about 20 million people which means it is crowded compared to what I was used to in Michigan. Hell my closest neighbor lived a half mile away! I looked forward to this visit and was interested in meeting the Romanian people and seeing their country. In my fifty nine years on this planet I had visited a lot of places, but this was my first trip to Eastern Europe. Like every other tourist in the world, I had read a book on the Romanian language and tried to learn some of the key words. Of course as soon as I opened my mouth the local people would know I didn’t know shit. We’ll see how well I can communicate. I also read that a lot of the Romanians could speak English, so maybe I’ll be OK. The plane landed smoothly and we sat at the terminal waiting to deplane. The pretty stewardess welcomed us to Bucharest and told us to have a wonderful stay in the city. I hoped she was right, my business needed a kick in the ass and I sure hoped this would be ... it. My boss felt that if we could open some accounts in Romania, our business would skyrocket. The airplane door opened and I took a deep breath and headed to my adventure. The customs people were very friendly and I was cleared to begin my travels of their country. I walked from the terminal and took a taxi to my hotel. It was about a ten mile drive into the heart of the city to the Grand Hotel Continental. It was a beautiful place and I was in awe when I arrived. I walked inside and up to the front desk. Avery pretty young woman was looking at her computer screen. She looked up at me and smiled and spoke to me. Unfortunately I understood nothing see had said. I just kind of stood there not knowing what to do. She smiled at me again and asked “Do you speak English?” “Yes” I smiled back at her “I would like to check in please.” “Certainly sir” she replied “Do you have a reservation?” “I do, I’m Mike Applegate” I answered. As I waited I looked at this woman and realized how good looking she was. People had told me that I would be surrounded by beautiful women in Romania and I guess that I was learning this. She could have been a fashion model she was that gorgeous. “Sir” she said loudly “I have your reservation and need you to sign here, please.” She had obviously been talking to me and I was so caught up with her beauty, that I was not paying attention. “I’m sorry” I apologized to her “I was not paying attention, I was taken by how beautiful you are.” She blushed and smiled at ...