1. Moonlight

    Date: 10/14/2017, Categories: Cuckold, Author: BobNbobbi, Source: LushStories

    Country living is dark at night, dark and quiet. The only light comes from the moon, the stars and the two mercury vapor field lights. The only noise from crickets, cicadas and an occasional dog bark. I half sensed, half heard Mary coming home; her arrival disturbed my deep sleep. The clock on the bedside table told me it was one-twelve, late, but not as late as she has been other Thursdays. Mary made as little noise as possible, but still I sensed her car pulling in the driveway. I sensed her entering our house. Then there were no more senses for a while, the sensing her entering our bedroom did not follow. There was a wait, longer than usual, and then she appeared. Mary must have undressed downstairs, only the white of her bra and panties contrasted with her tawny body colored by time in sunlight. The bra, especially, reflected the blue-white color of moonlight. "Hi Baby, I'm glad you're home.” "Hi Baby, I'm glad you're awake. I will need a kiss in a minute.” Mary walked silently to the window and she posed in the moonlight. Mary's hands squeezed her breasts for a moment and then reached behind to the bra snaps. "I'll get that for you, Baby.” "No, I can. I have something else for you to do tonight.” Mary removed her bra and threw it toward John. A quarter turn brought her directly facing her husband, hands on hips, thumbs hooked in the elastic of her panties. Mary was good at posing, her legs spread, it seemed as though the panties should be coming off now. They stayed in ... place as Mary enjoyed showing some but not all. Her hands slowly drifted forward and under the fabric; she cupped her sex. John was wide awake now, awake and watching. When tension in the room reached the perfect pitch, panties came off and flew through the air. They followed the flight path of her bra and landed on John's face. Mary moved quickly, before John brushed them aside she pressed them tight to his face and began kissing her husband through them. She worked the cotton crotch swath to his lips and french kissed that moist cloth into John's mouth. Her tongue pushed the crotch deep into him and her lips sealed his. John knew he was to suck, suck her juices; suck someone else's juice mixed with hers. Whose juice, whose was it tonight? As soon as Mary's lips released the garment, he had to ask. "Samuel, my Little Black Sambo, but he certainly isn't little. He's just my Sambo.” Mary flopped on her back, in bed next to her husband. She lay on top of the sheets stretched out, allowing her body to feel the cool air in their bedroom. "I'm hot and sweaty; Samuel's air conditioning is broke.” "So that's why you undressed as soon as you got inside?” "No, my dress is in the car, my dress, shoes and purse.” "What took you so long?” "I was playing with my pussy; I wanted to feel myself one last time tonight.” John laughed. "I'm hot and sweaty," Mary repeated. She cupped and raised her left breast, "Lick me here, lick my sweat away and let me get cool.” "Do you want to shower?” "No, ...