1. Fun filled night home alone

    Date: 10/14/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Teen, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex, Author: Celenenaughtygirl, Source: sexstories.com

    Let me know what you think this is my first story I love writing them but want to know what you all think my story has two points of view for a reason thanks. Hi im celene i'm 5'4 i have round firm 38c breasts and a nice firm ass. My story began on tuesday night while i was home alone. "Celene, were leaving for work bye and behave" mother said. I said bye and listened to the door slam shut. Once i saw their headlights dissappear down the road I ran to my room grabbed my robe ipod and dildo. Then i walked to the bathroom and started a bath. I hung up my robe and stripped down. I laid my dildo next to the tub and grabbed my ipod and slowly loward myself into the tub savoring the warmness of the water against my bare skin. I turned on my ipod and started reading erotic novels. Once i was completely turned on i sat my ipod down and started massaging my breasts. I slowly started getting closer to my nipples. When i reached them i gave them a little pinch and let out a soft moan of pleasure. Then i kept playing with my nipples with my left hand and ran my right hand down and started playaing with my clit. As i pinched n rubbed my clit i could feel the pressure building towards orgasm. I took my left hand from my nipples and grabbed the dildo. I brougt it to the opening of my moist pussy and slowly started pushing it in and out. As time went by i started going fast and harder my moans of pleasure getting loader. The combination of playing with my clit and the dildo hitting my g ... spot sent me over the edge. I had a spasm of orgasms. After the orgasms subsided i climbed out of the tub and put my robe on. I drained the tub and put my dildo and ipod up. I then grabbed a cig and went outside on the patio to smoke it. As i stood there and took a long drag i thought i heard someone breathing i looked around and didnt see anyone. I let my drag out. Right when i went to take anoher drag i heard a twig snap. I spun around to where i heard it and didnt see anyone. I thought i was probably just so tired that i was hearing things. I finished my cig and went back inside. I went around and locked all the doors but forgot about the patio. I shut off all the lights and went to my room. I took off my robe and slipped on a thong and bra. Then i shut off my light and climbed into bed. I snuggled into my blankets tyinking about the day. A couple minutes later i was fast asleep. Hiding in my car in the alley i watched Celenes parents headlights dissappear. I knew about now shed be in the bath having some fun. I got rock hard just thinking about her touching herself and imagining what tonights events were gunna be like. I slowly got out of my car and walked silently as close to the patio as i could get without being seen. I knew shed be done with her bath soon. A few minutes later right on time she came out to have a smoke in only her bath robe. I could feel my dick straining at my pants now. I decided to spook her a bit and started breathing heavely. Once i knew she heard me ...