1. Nora's Tale: 5 - Dawn Breaks, and So Does Lauren

    Date: 10/14/2017, Categories: Bisexual, Author: AdventurousReader, Source: LushStories

    As it turned out, Levi didn’t get his hands on me for awhile, not that either of us was happy about it. I couldn’t allow my weekend experience to bleed into my school week. Those two days had been a blast – a taste of what my summer might be like after graduation, but I had too many responsibilities to be fooling around during the week. After the craziness of it all, my Monday was completely mundane. I hadn’t even had the time to flaunt myself for Levi in the morning, as I had swim practice before school. I should mention, I would now allow myself the small luxury of a daily morning masturbation, and would let Levi watch from his window whenever he could. Unfortunately, today was not one of those days. Levi had been up early enough to watch me before work both Saturday and Sunday, but I thought an hour earlier might have been a little too early for him, and so I held off until post-swim. After practice, I washed the chlorine off my body and out of my hair in the girls’ showers, but I wasn’t as satisfied by my new lusty morning ritual as I had been the day before. Even if I was surrounded by dozens of other showering girls, I was isolated enough in my cubicle to climax in private, something that wasn’t so exciting to me anymore. But hey, an orgasm’s an orgasm, even if it leaves you wanting more. And I did want more. I breezed through the whole day, the dull ache between my legs never leaving me. In addition, my new sexual awareness of those around me kept my mind in a ... very dirty place. The amount of flirting that went on in high school was astronomical! How had I never noticed before? Whether I was the one being flirted with, or I was observing another couple’s courting ritual, it only worked me up even more. What I wanted to do was pounce on Levi’s dick the moment I got home. His promise to spoil me rotten once he got his hands on me kept echoing through my head, driving me wild with desire. But I had no time for it. I was only going to return home for a few hours to study before going to Lauren’s. I couldn’t back out on her now. I had already done so to satisfy my desire once this past weekend; I wouldn’t let it happen again. Lauren and I had a surf date for dawn the next morning. Since she lived closer to the beach, I always slept at her place the night before a morning surf. Mom and Daddy were okay with it since I always balanced my responsibilities so well. I just hoped I could keep it that way. Later I would be going to Lauren’s for dinner, but in the meanwhile I was camped out on my roof deck, studying for an upcoming biology test. Since the sun was unusually nice on this late March afternoon, I took the opportunity to even out my tan. As a lifeguard, I had some pretty mean one-piece tan lines. The only way I could properly fight my pale patches was to get completely naked. And so I did. This wasn’t my first time tanning in the nude since I had always had almost foolproof privacy up on my roof. But now that Levi had moved into the ...