1. The Business Trip - Part One

    Date: 10/15/2017, Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex, Trans, Author: mica_d, Source: xHamster

    I often get asked what ‘turns me on’, what my biggest fantasy is, what I like, etc. Well, I’m writing this to let you guys know what’s been on my mind lately… mostly while I’m at work. A girl can but dream... ——————————————————————————————————— I’m at work, dressed in a pencil skirt, white satin blouse and smart jacket. As always, underneath I’m wearing a lace bra and matching panties, suspender belt and fully-fashioned nude stockings. Fingers and toes are painted a discrete shade of dusky pink and my peep-toe courts show my toes nicely. My hair is in a neat bun and my lipstick matches my nails. My boss is female, a bit older than me, and she’s always dressed so smart too. In fact, I think she’s rather jealous of the way I dress as she knows I have a not-so-little secret in my panties and yet I often get more attention from the guys in the office than she does. I’ve never messed around with any of my work colleagues though, it only leads to tears, but I certainly get no shortage of offers from all these supposedly ’straight’ men! I’ve lost count of the number of times they’ve ‘accidentally’ brushed against me in the elevator, and more than once with something other than an arm or a leg - if you get my drift! The fact that my boss has a reputation for being a bit of a bitch around the office probably doesn’t help things. She’s very attractive, but I get the feeling she’s really not into men. We’ve never discussed it, our relationship is strictly work-only and I would be too ... scared to raise the subject. All the guys seem scared of her, which is probably partly why I’m the one who gets the attention most of the time! I’ve lost count of the number of occasions I could have hauled a guy up to HR on a sexual harassment charge, the most notable being when I was filling in for a senior sales manager’s PA... So he’s in his early sixties, near retirement, and I was taking notes for a meeting at the side of his desk when he dropped his pen under it. “Be a darling,” he said, “could you pick that up for me as my back is playing up.” I went to the front of his desk and got down on my knees to crawl under and look for it. I saw the pen on the floor between his feet but also saw he’d dropped his pants too! Pen and penis - it was obvious what he was hoping I’d pick up first. Now I quite like older men, something about having to work just a bit harder on their lovely old cocks to get them going, but I was totally unprepared for this one. I decided it was best to act as if I’d not seen anything. I reached for the pen and shuffled back on my knees, standing up in front of him with a sweet smile as I straightened my skirt and handed him his pen without saying a word. The look of disappointment on his face was priceless! As nothing had really happened, I decided not to report it. HR have been really good with me transitioning at work and I didn’t want to rock the boat. It was really his word against mine anyway - and it was quite a nice cock actually. So anyway, back ...