1. My Wife On The Porch - Part twenty-three

    Date: 10/15/2017, Categories: Cuckold, Author: kingdick99, Source: LushStories

    Sara and I are so much in love; we now share everything, including our fantasies. She loves to dress and undress as I ask her to and she is now completely happy with her naked body and loves to show it when I ask her. One of her fantasies is to be naked in front of strangers. Pat sees her naked almost every day now; she walks naked to our bathroom from our bedroom and he slaps her naked ass whenever possible. Sara knows that one of my biggest fantasies is to watch her fuck another guy and she tells me that one day she will make this fantasy come true. She understands my cuckold fetish and told me, “I will do my very best to make every one of you fantasies come true, but I will never take my body from you like Carole did. My body will forever be yours.” My divorce from Carole was final and Sara and I were eagerly awaiting our marriage in five weeks time. We had planned and arranged everything. Carole would not be attending our wedding as she had already made plans to go and house sit her mom’s house while she was in hospital having her hip replacement. She was sorry that she could not attend our wedding and assured us that Pat would be there. He could not get the time off from work to join Carole. Sara and I understood as her mom had been waiting for her hip surgery for a long time now and she didn’t want to miss her place on the waiting list. We sunbathe on the last Saturday of each month when Carole goes for her spa day and Pat is pulling his overtime shift. Marcus joins us ... and Sara strips naked and lets Marcus rub her sun oil on her body. He enjoys our sunbathe sessions as do Sara and I. I get so hard when I see Marcus rub the sun oil onto her naked body, especially her pussy. I had told Sara that I would love it if she could convince Marcus to strip naked while we sunbathe and for her to put the sun oil on him. As I said, we talk openly about our fantasies and Sara knows that this is one of mine. I had already told her that I would love it if she sucked his dick as well. We were sunbathing as usual and I had gone to the bathroom, Marcus was rubbing the oil onto her naked ass and she said to him, “Marcus I am naked every time we sunbathe, I think that you should strip with me. You get to put the oil on me, well I should do the same to you.” The bathroom window was open and I could see them both and hear the conversation. Marcus replied, “I would love to do that but I couldn’t be naked with Malcolm here. If he wasn’t here then I would jump to it; I would love for you to rub the sun oil onto my naked body.” I was working my dick and quickly pulled up my shorts, ready to rejoin them. Sara had sent a text telling me what Marcus had said and, when I got back to my lounger, I read her text and replied, “I will go and leave you both alone and I will be looking out of the bathroom window.” Sara text back, “Okay baby, do you want me to rub the oil on him?” I replied, “Yes, I want to see your hands all over his body and suck his dick if you can, baby.” ...