1. Christy’s Awakening.

    Date: 10/15/2017, Categories: First Time, Trans, Author: chuntercd1, Source: xHamster

    “And you said you didn’t think you could do it!” John sounded surprised and to be honest I couldn’t blame him. He had just released his load deep inside of me with a loud moan. He was panting and trying to regain his composure and all the time I could feel him pulsating inside of me. After what felt like an eternity he finally pulled out of me and rolled over. His eyes closed, he had the look that told me he was totally satisfied. I had surprised him this far, I thought, but I wasn’t satisfied, I needed more. John had woken the a****l inside of me. As he lay there, I slowly moved my hand down his chest until it found his now limp cock. I was hungry and I had found my next prey. I had met John through a mutual online friend. I knew I wanted more from the gurl life I was leading but had never had the courage to explore it. I had several online friends but had never been with a man. I wanted to. God knows I dreamt of it every night. I was online chatting to Cindy and it just came out. “I need a real cock inside me.” I complained. “These toys can only go so far but I need a real man!” “You haven’t been with a real man?” “No.” I replied, a little embarrassed that it had finally come out. “Your think you are ready?” “I think so! I guess now is as good time as any to try it” “OK, then I have just the man for you.” I loved Cindy. She always seemed to have the right response for whatever mood I was in. “Great! Can you introduce me?” “Yes, he’s normally around so I will let you know ... what he says. He is gentle and knows just what to do.” “Now you have me going. A real cock. I will have to work on my game!” “Be yourself and he will love you. After all, a little lovin’ is what you’re after, right?” A couple of days passed and I finally got an email. A quick introduction and then straight to the point. A couple of dates, times and a location. “Which one works for you?” I picked one and the date was set. It was a couple of days away and that was fine by me. I used the time to make sure I was ready. I mean REALLY ready! I drove into the parking lot just before 8pm. I had circled the neighborhood for about 15 minutes before finally taking the plunge. There were a few cars parked but only one with someone in there. I drove up to the car and the drivers side window came down. “Christy?” “Yes. John?“ “Yes. Why don’t you park next to me and get in?” I did as he said and quickly made my way onto the passenger seat. I was not expecting John to be black based upon Cindy’s description. He had an average build and looked about my age. He welcomed me and put me at ease right away. His voice was some but firm and I knew immediately why Cindy connected us. “I want to let you know I will not make you do anything you don’t want to do. You understand that right? “I do now.” I replied shyly. “I was Cindy’s first and we still see each other from time to time. She told me a little about you. How do you know her?” “We have been friends online for quite a while. She has taught me a ...