1. Descent

    Date: 10/16/2017, Categories: Fiction, Bisexual, Cum Swallowing, Domination / Submission, Gay, Incest, Slavery, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: eroticmonster, Source: sexstories.com

    Descent. The sequel to Contraction. “Your future is with me now.” With those six words I became Cody’s boyfriend and he became my saviour. Jenny and I were over. Two years of an incredible sexual journey had ended with threats and recrimination. I had been thrown out of the house I had shared with her for almost the entire relationship, and a cloud of humiliation lie heavy over my head. Jenny had pictures and videos of some very intimate moments, ones I would prefer the world didn’t see, visual proof that could destroy my family and lose my small number of friends. But I had stood strong. I had resisted the worst she threw at me and in the end I had emerged the victor. It had been a messy week. With the support of my sister and Cody I had plucked up the courage to end it. Jenny had been dismissive at first, thinking it a joke or at worst, a bargaining chip. She had changed once I started packing. At first trying to seduce me with her amazing body and slutty fetishes. She’d stripped to her red boy shorts and provided me with a lecherous show. Her second attack was to offer me anything I wanted and she would make it happen. Girls, boys, groups, bondage, everything we had ever enjoyed plus others we hadn’t tried was dangled in front of my face. I weakened. I allowed her to pull my cock out. I allowed her talented lips to close around it and pleasure me, but before I came, I grew strong once more, and pushed her away. That’s when the threats started. ‘Remember I still have the ... pictures’ she’d told me. She reminded me of the videos she’d taken both with and without my consent. Videos I’d never been able to find and thus destroy. Videos of me in some of the most humiliating situations including wearing girls underwear, being fucked with a strapon, and any number of times with the guys. Then there was the really bad one; me fucking my sister. My only saving grace, if it could be called that, is that I was blindfolded the whole time. But my sister wasn’t, and her relish at taking her brothers cock was evident. It would humiliate us and our parents and break up our family. Despite my pleading with Jenny to at least destroy that one video, she didn’t relent. We’d never met each other’s families and now she just didn’t care. Jenny was evil. In some ways it made it easier to walk away but the nightmare scenario was like a chain around my neck, constricting whenever I thought about it. Which was a great deal. * * * Darkness covered my face and his musty ball sweat assaulted my smell. His underwear was stretched across my face, the groin over my nose. He’d worn them in the gym for his workout, and removed them only when he returned home, but not before making me strip and tie myself to the bed. My ankles were held wide and high by a belt around each and looped over the bed posts. Handcuffs looped behind the headstand held my wrists above my head. He made me watch him strip. He made me lick his balls clean, then forced his ass onto my face. I lapped at his ...