1. Chris cums home last week - 1-8-2016

    Date: 10/16/2017, Categories: Fetish, Trans, Taboo, Author: Sally5050, Source: xHamster

    Hello everyone – a mostly true story that just happened!!! Today my Bi- friend Chris arrived back from a few months in Malaysia. He said he had been reading my stories and wanted to be part of them. So we decided to act one out and he would a Sissy (well I always thought he was one anyway!!) Firstly I fitted him with a pair of Niplettes which he wore all day. He loved the way his nipples doubled in size. When I took them off and rubbed oil on them he started fondling mine through my silky blouse. I was wearing one of my bras with nipple holes. We almost climbed into bed there and then but I was strong and resisted. Next I undressed him and covered him with Veet hair removing cream – I rubbed it in every crevice except his head of course – this was quite erotic especially fondling his cock. While waiting for it to work I ran the bath and poured in loads of baby oil and perfume. Chris climbed in and I washed him off – he stepped out like a newborn baby without a hair anywhere. His arms and legs were smooth as well as his cock and balls. When he was dry I poured a whole bottle of baby oil all over him letting it run down his breasts and over his cock which had strangely gone all hard!! I rubbed his nipples and his cock which were all slippery with the oil. While I was rubbing oil into his boy hole Chris said “Sally I’m coming” so I reached round and grabbed his foreskin clamping it closed while he pumped it full of cum. The end of his cock bulged full of cum. I then held the ... bathroom glass to catch all his cum as I let the skin loosen. “I’ll save this for later” I said. When all the oil had soaked into his skin I got out my trusty double side carpet tape and cut two 4” lengths with a hole in the middle and stuck it inside one of my bras lining up the holes with its nipples holes. I the put the bra on Chris and when I was happy that his nipples lined up with the holes I pulled off the backing paper and stuck them down. His nipples now stuck out proudly. I got out some lovely shiny Le Bourget tights which had a strong panty part – I pulled them up his legs and determined where his cock would be and used a cigarette to make a hole there before pulling the panty part down again. Then with 4 more pieces of tape I cut a little circular bit out of each one. Then pulled his foreskin back tight I placed a piece of the tape between his cock and his sac – another piece on top and one on each side making sure the skin was pulled back each time with the circular bits lying around his cock. I took off the backing paper and pulled the tights up pushing his cock through the hole I had made. I then had him stand up while I dressed him in a pair of silky panties and a silky lacy slip with a sheer blouse and a nice pleated skirt. “You are now a Sissy” I said as I casually brushed my hand over the silky skirt where his cock was sticking straight out. “You are to wear those tights all week” I commanded as I fingered his nipples. Chris was gasping with pleasure “I want ...