1. Life As A Sex Slave

    Date: 10/16/2017, Categories: Fiction, Black, Cum Swallowing, Death, Group Sex, Hardcore, Rape, Author: cafelee12, Source: sexstories.com

    This is a sex stories with different characters point of views and I can't tell you how the story ends, but all I can say is be careful what you wish for. Also this story is not a real story, and for all the girls and ladies in the world who were actually kidnap and turn into a sex slaves keep praying because bad thing will come to the people who did you harm. Isabelle Are you ready ? Isabelle ask her twin sister “I'm staying after school for a Junior committee meeting” Annabelle lies to me. “Fine I'll walk by self, we only live like two blocks away” “bye sis” “bye” I says as I walk downstairs towards the entrance of the school. I walk towards the entrance the school I walks outside I take the steps down then walk toward the school gates once I gets to the school gates I then leaves I walks down the street. I kept walking when I realize this guy was following me so I pass my street and kept walking until I gets to this street my best friend lives on I runs over my to best friend front door and ring the door bell and a older women open the front door then the boy walks away. “Yes Isabelle” is Keke home ? “no she staying after school,but I'll let her know you stop by”.“Thanks Ms. Miller and have a great day” I says as I walk away I walk down the street when I was hit in the head with something heavy. I end up waking up tied to a chair, my hands and feet were tied too. I look up to see these three young black men who look like they were eighteen or nineteen. “Annabelle wake your ... ass up” the tall one says as he walks over to me he then pulls me by my pony tail and my head was pull back. “How dare you play with a black man money, your such a stupid ass white girl “I'm not Annabelle I'm her twin Isabelle” “Annabelle you told me you don't have any siblings so don't lie to me” “ now talk about the real reason your here, the 540 dollars you made two days ago was never given to me and what made it worst you stole 2,000 dollars from me Diamond ratted you out, I told her if she didn't tell me her kids and her mom will never see her again like I'm going to do to you, know how it is if you sell and you don't pay me you don't get paid bitch”. What are you talking about ? “the money you made yesterday from all those drugs you sold”. “I'm trying to tell you I'm Annabelle twin my sister must... before I could finish talking the man slaps me “I want you untie her hands and feet Quint”. Quint walks over to me and unties my hands and feet “now get your dam knees, your going to suck are dicks you dam whore” “I'm not a whore” the man punches me and I fall to the ground “get your ass back up” he yells as I slowly get up “I don't want to do this” I said as I started to cry “I know your only a teenager and your a virgin Annabelle but that all going to change” the tall guy yells I put my hands over his long dick. I move my face closer I lick the top of it “I said suck it or else” he yells the guy moves closer I stick his dick in my mouth while I was crying, I suck his dick ...