1. What I would do to you

    Date: 10/17/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Ass to mouth, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Straight Sex, Straight Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: cov3nant, Source: sexstories.com

    If I had you for a night, I would start with some hot and heavy petting, as we made out on you bed. Taking your tongue in my mouth, massaging it, teasing your lips, sucking on them as my hands fondle your teats, tweaking them, squeezing them supporting them, making you wet as I manipulate your body like a sculptor with clay. As I break our kiss, I look into your eyes as I slip my hand from your tits to your soaking panties, cupping your steaming cunt in my hand, mashing my palm into your clit, using the roughness of your knickers to stroke your nub. When you gasp and moan, I devour your mouth with my own again while slowly masturbating you, picking up speed until suddenly I stop, making you whimper through our kiss until I shove my hand down the front of you pants, pushing two of my fingers into your wet pussy while my thumb strums your clit. You began to hump up into my hand, as I press another finger up into you, with my other hand I grab your boob and pick up where I left off, pulling your shirt down, using my rough hands to tweak your nipple. You feel it, welling up inside of you, a hard orgasm, climbing its way through your very being. Suddenly as it breaks over you, I tear my mouth and hands away from you and as you wail from orgasmic bliss. Like an animal, I tear your underwear off of you and devour your cunt with my mouth, sucking your clit, both my hands back on your boobs, massaging them, Kneading them, as you ride the wave of you orgasm. Your back arches off the ... bed, your legs come together, trapping my head between your moist thighs, your hands digging into the bed spread as the crushing wave of your orgasm breaks over you. I refuse to stop, continuing to suckle your most intimate places, I remove one hand and place it on your quivering abdomen, and use my thumb and forefinger to hold you open while I delve my tongue into your most inner regions, smelling your musk, drinking your juices as if they were the nectar of life. As you come down from the clouds, your back comes back to the bed, your breathing hard and rough before, turns into panting, then to soft moans, as you return to the earth. I slowly ease up on you, giving you a chance to breathe, but only for a moment, before I pull my head back and replace it with my hand, while my other hand lifts your legs into the air, exposing your pink pucker to me. I bury my thumb into your pussy, searching out your G-spot while my fingers work your clit. I dive my tongue into your puckered anus, rimming you out, the naughtiness of the act giving you butterflies. Soon you begin to climb to another orgasm, my calloused hands sending new pleasure through your hot box, as my tongue tickles your nether region. Your moans climb higher as you feel another orgasm approaching when suddenly I stop. I pull away from you, removing my hands from your steaming quim, my tongue from your tight ass, I let your legs down and spread them wide. As you look on with hunger filled eyes, writhing on the bed in need, ...