1. Horrors of Humanity- Vengeance isn't always sweet

    Date: 10/18/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cruelty, Death, Drug, Voyeur, Author: Interesting Reed, Source: sexstories.com

    Horrors of Humanity - vengeance isn't always sweet. Our short story starts off with a family of three children and two parents lets call them the Jackson family. The family consist of Becky the oldest child of 21 years old her younger brother Fank he's only 20 and the youngest Cindy she is just seventeen about to turn 18. There parents are Jack and Bethany. Jack was 44 years old balding of average height and pudgy his face was that of a tired older man and his attitude was of a angry bitter man who blamed his failures and misfortune on his wife and family. Speaking of his wife Bethany was also 40 she on the other hand looked like she was way younger and acted it. Often if Bethany wasn't flirting with her oldest daughter boyfriends she was on social media trying to make young boys cream with her provocative pictures she loved posting. Becky never got along with her mom catching her with her first boyfriend slobbering over his dick didn't help things. To compensate from turning her over to her dad she just brings it up whenever she needs some pocket cash to buy some dank or a bottle for herself. Frank was a little different he was always more flamboyant and effeminate but he wasn't gay and he often get in fights in school and the streets fighting bullies who secretly suck off one another when they think there alone in the locker room. Fank has always been close with his older sister some might say a bit too close but those are usually the same people Frank knocked out because ... they were threatened by how open he was with both his manly and effeminate side. Cindy disliked them all the youngest was supposed to be loved and even babied but apparently her family didn't get the memo. Her mom hated her for ruining her perfect figure. Her dad wasn't even sure if she was his and frankly didn't want to know either way. Becky was always way to wasted to even care about anything besides herself and her brother who had a job and gladly hand over his check to her for a few favors. Cindy was always quiet never really spoke up much always was teased about having a gay brother or having her brother fucking his sister. She knew they were lies well half truths at least. Dad was weak couldn't even hold his own wife in check and keep her from acting like a whore online. Mom was to busy being a slut and trying to stay sexy even though that's a lost war. Cindy would often sneak in her sister room and steal a bit of her weed and sometimes steal a swig of her bottle. She never noticed a bud or two missing and the bottles in her room was mostly backwash anyways. Cindy tried to find her own persona and was often labeled a goth or emo by the white trailer trash and undereducated fucks in school. She didn't think herself as a emo she had feelings and could express them just fine no cutting needed. Her style was more dark if anything always wearing black and splashes of neon colored tee-shirts and bra and panties stripped toe socks and white sneakers with hand drawn designs. ...