1. When the Need Strikes - Chapter 2

    Date: 10/18/2017, Categories: Fiction, First Time, Incest, Masturbation, Mind Control, Teen, First Time, Author: PantheWriter, Source: sexstories.com

    Petra: I couldn’t believe it. Four days later he was back again. I let him in, of course—with four million dollars on the line, how could I not? And besides, he was only human…I knew how hard it was for guys to go without getting off. I mean…well, I’d been struggling a little myself. Not that I’d ever admit it, of course. No, as far as my brother was concerned, I was flying through this without effort. But with every day it was getting more and more difficult, and the temptation to just rub my legs together in just the right way, to slip a finger or two under the waistline of panties… But I had to stay strong. The amount of money on the line was truly ridiculous, and all I had to do was withhold from pleasuring myself. For two million dollars, I’d be willing to do anything. Including, it seemed, jerking off my brother. Like I said, I understood his urges. I’d managed to hold back so far, but realistically…I didn’t know how much longer I could continue to ignore my needs. I let him in, sat him on my bed, and pulled out another pair of gloves. After Mason DeGraves had made us the offer, I’d tried to cover every possibility—I hadn’t told Craig, but I was prepared for him to urgently need my attention in my room, or at school…I’d even carefully hidden a kit in the family car, in case we went away somewhere and hormones struck. I figured if I told him, he’d take it as an invitation, and I really didn’t want this to be anything more than a last resort. And after last time, I’d ... added something else to the kit as well. “A condom?” Craig asked, a sad look upon his face. “Seriously?” I replied, one eyebrow raised, and he saw what I was getting at and shut up immediately. He pulled his pants down, his cock came into view, and I rolled the condom on, lubed it up, and began pumping. His instructions had been pretty basic, but I remembered exactly what he liked. I knew the condom would reduce sensitivity, but compared to…well, it was worth a bit of extra effort. As I stroked him, I tried to think of something else. I really didn’t want to focus on the cock in my hand, or the fact that it was the first member I’d touched since my ex and I broke up… Here’s the thing. I don’t masturbate an excessive amount—maybe once or twice a week? I don’t really keep count. I don’t get particularly horny when I’m single…but when I’m with a guy, it’s a whole other story. Again, I’d never tell Craig this, but I find cocks to be super hot. It’s something about the look of them, the touch of them, the taste of them…I just like cock. I’m straight as they come—normally, my proclivities wouldn’t be a bad thing, but the longer my hand was wrapped around Craig’s, the harder it was to ignore that what I was doing was pretty much one of my favorite things. And the more I thought about the cock in my hand, the more turned on I got. God damn it, I never thought that “liking cock” would be something that could come back to bite me in the ass…but of course, I never expected to be forced into ...