1. Fucking my Teachers

    Date: 10/18/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, First Time, Group Sex, Group Sex, Author: KB5617, Source: sexstories.com

    Part I Enjoy! I started my senior year in high school at an all boys school. I had spent the previous 3 years of school deprived of a lot of interaction with girls. It got better when I got my driver’s license but I still did not have a girlfriend. Since I was held back a year before Kindergarten, I was 18 before the start of Senior Year. Senior year was supposed to be a breeze, until I found out who my English teacher was for that year, Miss Dunnegan. Her class was known to be one of the hardest at the school. Past students have said she assigned hours of homework everyday and the tests were impossible. With English being my worst class, I knew this year was going to be rough. It all changed when I walked into room 114 in September. Miss D was probably in her late 20s and she still looked pretty young. She had long, curly, red hair which made her crystal blue eyes pop. She was about 5 foot 3 or so and her body was skinny-average. Her tits were probably a B cup, which was somewhat disappointing. The best part of Miss D, which made senior year English the best class ever, was the angelic ass that protruded out for everyone to see. I never paid attention to anything in class except for her ass. When she wore pants, they were always super tight and showed off her ass. Also, when she wore pants I could see the panty lines of her thong. When she wore a skirt or dress, that was even better. I sat in the front row of the class and she always sat on her stool in front of me when ... discussing whatever bullshit poem that day. On skirt days, I could usually see her thong because she never crossed her legs. Her pussy was typically covered with a bright colored thong. Two days were very special in particular. I once saw that her panties were especially wet one day. That gave me a boner for the rest of the day, even when I jerked off to the memory of it a few times when I was home. Then came the absolute best day of that class when I saw that her panties were slightly pulled to the side and I saw one of her pussy lips. I once again jerked off a lot of times when I was home. For obvious reasons, I didn’t get much work done in this class because all I could think about was how much I wanted to throw Miss D on her desk and fuck her brains out. One Friday, this came true. Miss D was wearing a tight grey dress and it was very easy to see her bare legs and panties. This gave me a huge boner for the whole day, and I thought about her in all of my classes that day. I had a meeting for the Spanish club that day and it lasted about 30 minutes after school ended. So there weren't many people in the school at this time. I thought I would stop by Miss D’s room to ask her some bull shit question about a poem, but I really just wanted to see her ass. I walked into the classroom and saw Miss D fingering herself at her desk with her panties completely off. I knew she saw me, and she knew that I saw her. She had the nicest shaved pussy I have ever seen. But I acted like I didn't ...