1. My Sex toys were my Uncle and b*****r

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Taboo, Author: Fridagirl, Source: xHamster

    As humans, our sex lives were once limited by our physiology, egg and sperm production. Now we extend our emotional sex even further, with sex toys, medication, and our imaginations. The later of course takes our sex lives into our dotage, my own personal preference, adopted years back, was for men in their fifth and sixth generation, allowing my young flesh to be observed, touched, and then ultimately fucked. I gladly received their dead semen into the womb of my young body, taping into a grateful tongue, coaxing an astonished cock back to life, and feeling the appreciation of the creaking bones on top of my own silky soap scented body, moaning genuine pleasure, feeling my unopened holes give way to their expert touching, licking and penetration. d***k men apparently desperate to hump a vagina and ejaculate their semen deep inside, cover their desperation by placing a brown paper bag over the supposed ugly fuck's head, so as not to ruin their impending orgasm. I on the other hand, see a deeper beauty in the wizened wrinkles, as I look up into the tortured and unbelieving face staring back down as my lips and tongue smooth the wrinkles from his cock inside the warmth of my eager mouth, and the silky softness of his scrotum brushing my chin and resting on my face. My pussy is a gender free zone, has never been age restricted, and always willing, if my brain has been aroused, to invite inside to feel my warmth and appreciation, to the point of, 'Oh's' and 'Ah's', and the ... occasional sexual expletive of, 'Fuck me, I'm cumming', something I am sure you have all uttered at some stage in your sexual lives. Sex is something that truly happens on the morning you wake up and suddenly it's there, questioning you. Suddenly you are touching yourself and feeling your vagina with a new prowess, as strange and wonderful feeling course through you, and just as sudden, the men in your house take on a new fascination, and sitting on daddy lap has a new meaning and darker feeling. Families go through that awkward phase when the daughters sexual birth awakens, suddenly there is an embarrassing decision to be made, she has to have a room to herself, b*****rs are banned, and with good reason, as puberty makes a girls vagina start yearning for attention, and hormones ignore the f****y gene thing, suddenly breasts can be seen, buttocks flashed and open legs more common when parents are not around, unless the daddy has a penchant for the daughters needs. 'Do I look like her'? I simple and innocent enough question for a s****r to ask a b*****r, until the camera backs away to reveal the s****r is totally naked, and the picture is of another naked woman, and the person is her younger b*****r, lying in bed with the frozen look on his face. I reached down as he lay with his mouth open, there was an anger in me, perhaps due to the newness of what I was doing, and as pulled away his top cover to see what I already knew, as I had been spying on him, he had an erection and had ...