1. The Time I Accidentally Paid for Sex

    11/14/2016: The Time I Accidentally Paid for Sex ___________________________________________ Know that this is a true story, at least to the best of my memory and understanding of it. I was in my early twenties, twenty-two, maybe twenty-three. I was on a four day trip to Vegas for a bachelor party. This was the night of day two and we decided to hit up a strip club. Its one of the more popular clubs in Vegas read Sex Story
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  2. Ethan and Chanel 31

    11/14/2016: "I like you here," I whisper, grabbing large handfuls of her ass. "Me too," she says, and I start pulling at the bunched up sheet. I wrap my hand around the back of Chanel's bare knees, my other hand on her hip, and pull her closer. With her little body curled up in my lap, l ghost my lips over hers, nudging her nose with mine. I dip the tip of my tongue into her mouth, and she drags in read Sex Story
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  3. Alexia

    11/14/2016: The secret sissy in question claimed to be a young, successful man, heading his own department at work and living the good life. But he yearned for his teen years, where he would passably dress up and meet men off the internet. He wanted to be completely broken and feminized to the point of no return. Here is what I had to say, and after writing the little scenario at the end I thought it might be a good enough start for my first posting to this site. Without further ado: Hey there- this is a long message but consider it your first test. I see you've posted your request under read Sex Story
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  4. New to swinging

    11/14/2016: My wife Allison and I were sitting on our deck, looking at the ocean, just six steps up from the sand. We were finishing our third bottle of wine while we talked. It was about 10:00 on a moonlit night. The porch light was off because it attracts bugs. The beach looked deserted. We were on vacation and we were a little drunk. I asked my wife "If we were to have a wife swap, who would you consider read Sex Story
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  5. The Fire Dancer

    11/14/2016: It was a chilly night on a beautiful, secluded, space of beach, only known to local's eyes. A gathering had been announced among the young. Kimberly had received an invite from a close friend. She was in need of a night of fun. Upon arriving her eyes lit up with wonder. As she walked along, she saw many young adults laughing, chatting, smiles all around. Romance, love, lust. The aura of the read Sex Story
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  6. Becoming Chloe - Part 36

    11/14/2016: So much happened in the following months that it's almost a blur. After I informed Cathy that I didn't want to make any more films, she tried her very best to change my mind. Somehow, after a lot of phone calls and visits from both her and Bruce, and the promise of a pay-check that I couldn't believe, I eventually gave in. I agreed to do two more films with the provisos that my sex scenes read Sex Story
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  7. The Pill Ch. 1

    11/14/2016: In the housing development of Mossy Oaks, the lawns were green, and the houses were huge. It was the kind of place that told of success, but that was the outside. The mailman walked down one of the sidewalks with a happy gait. Anybody that saw the man would say that the man was unseasonably happy. People in the neighborhood often only put out happiness like a mask to cover their miserable lives read Sex Story
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  8. Lost Girl: Part II

    11/14/2016: The shower screen had heated and humidified to a degree where it was now impossible to see the rest of the bathroom. I ran a hand over the glass and looked over to the clothes that Malcolm had dug out from downstairs. A white blouse with frills around the neck and brown buttons sat next to a V-neck orange jumper. The material of the jumper looked thick and of fairly good quality considering read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: spiralmouth, Source: LushStories
  9. DeAnn's Submissive Weekend ( Part Twelve )

    11/14/2016: Five of the male dominate members came up on the stage where I was still laying. One of the men laid down on his back and others pulled me up and put me on my knees so I could sit down with his hard cock up my pussy. I ended up with a cock in each hand and one in my mouth while another cock was being rubbed all over my face. My hair was bunched up in at least two fists as my face was guided read Sex Story
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  10. A Birthday Surprise

    11/14/2016: Polly and I have had a good marriage for four years now, although lately she's been hinting about starting a f****y. Oh, I want one as well, but I think we must be sure we can afford one. I'm making a decent salary at this stage, but we just bought a house and I'm not sure we can afford for her to quit her job while we have a baby added to the equation yet. We don't have any f****y nearby that might be of any help. I'm not sure what help I expected. I grasped at straws. My folks are divorced. My Mom, believe it or not, married some guy in Denmark. My Dad bagged everythin read Sex Story
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  11. My Thong wearing Stud is part of a bi-couple

    11/14/2016: I decided to get serious about my level of fitness recently. I am not out of shape, by any means, but, I realized that it’s going to take some work to keep what I have, make improvements on my physique, and to use my body to pic up some extra cash. I’m not sure if that means stripping, go-go dancing, e****ting, or modeling. I just want to have options, and I want to wear an assortment of the sexiest gear. I discovered that I have a great affection for spandex/jock gear. Initially, it was just about me getting hard looking at underwear catalogs, porn and other guys, but then I realized h read Sex Story
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  12. Michelle's Continuing Affair Ch 7

    11/14/2016: When we ventured out on the street I told Jacqui that I was going to start extracting some services for what I had paid her. She looked at me with kind of a worried frown on her face, certainly not sure what I meant by that. As we walked down the street, I saw ahead of us what I was looking for. We were in Nevada where prostitution is actually legal. I doubt there’s a town in Nevada that read Sex Story
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