1. Back at it again

    8/8/2016: This is a true story. I'm Adam a 21 year old male living near Toronto. When I was younger I met a guy Named Steve online and we continue too meet from time to time and I let him do whatever he wants to me. One day we started chatting about fantasies. Steve's fantasies consisted of role play and wearing masks and stuff. Mine are different; mine are bring handcuffed, dominated, humiliated, being read Sex Story
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  2. Mistaken Identity

    8/8/2016: I was eighteen and in my senior year of high school. That entire first half of the year was all about my girl friends talking about all of the hot looking boys on the football team and how my friends would want to date and have sex with them. Towards March, several rumors started to circulate around the school that the three most popular football players had dumped their girlfriends read Sex Story
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  3. True Love's Kiss (Part Three: Spark)

    8/8/2016: She didn't even remember passing out, but she woke to his hand gently caressing her face. His gentle eyes looking into hers and a soft smile that only she could know what it meant. He kissed her softly. " I'll go get the bags, and then we can get ready for dinner." "Okay lover, but kiss me first." She laughed as he fell over her and covered her face with kisses. He laughed climbing read Sex Story
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    8/8/2016: MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART – 42 ME AND MY PREGNANCY I was having regular sex with my husband till I completed seventh month of my pregnancy. All we were doing was with consultation of my lady gynecologist. Yes! We have reduced frequency of fucking a bit. Previously, till my fifth months of pregnancy, we were having our fucking almost all daily but after that we reduced it to 3 to 4 times a week read Sex Story
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  5. Punishment And Reward

    8/8/2016: He was trembling as he knelt before her, awaiting her next action. he was both excited and scared of what might happen. They had been teasing and playing online previous to this meeting and the last time they played he had cum without permission and then freaked out and hastily left without explanation. He knew that she must be really mad at him and that his behavior had been unacceptable read Sex Story
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  6. Diane's New Lover

    8/8/2016: Diane walked through the house passing by the den as she did. A quick glance told her that Glen was absorbed in the football game as usual and would be for at least a couple more hours. They had hardly spoken since their big fight last week which was not that out of the normal anymore. They just didn't make up overnight like they had back in the old days. Now in their 50's the fights could sometimes lead to 2 or 3 weeks of just cordial conversation and no affection at all. She decided tonight was going to be more of the same and decided she would go ahead and turn in for the night. Steppin read Sex Story
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  7. My Addiction To My Boss Chapter 6

    8/8/2016: "Then come get me..." I say and pull against the cuffs again. "Mm, mm, mm. Not yet, Ms. Adams. We're going to do this right," he says and tosses my vibrator onto the bed. He removes his coat and walks over to his dresser, pulling out a maroon tie. "Lift your head," he murmurs as he walks over to me. I do as he says and he wraps it around my head, covering my eyes. "Can you see anything? read Sex Story
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  8. For the love of a jewel

    8/8/2016: Twenty-seven year old Jewel flexed her toes in the sand, her pink nail polish shining back at her in the midday sun. ‘It’s perfect here,’ she thought and wished she just stop time, even if for a little while. As a paralegal to a high power law firm in Chicago, Jewel was never able to rest or truly relax. She was known for her commitment to detail and flawless briefs on cases, which was both read Sex Story
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  9. Chubby Freshman Chapter 10

    8/8/2016: Chapter 10 Terry walked behind Jerome in the bedroom and further looked at the man from behind admiring the broad shoulders and the thick neck and powerful arms. The chubby boy looked lower taking in the wide back and then the large round ass cheeks which in the tight silk trousers. Jerome said waving to the chubby boy as he looked out the large bedroom window "Come here and look at the party below. Would you like a glass of champagne?" Terry let his eyes leave the rounded ass cheeks and walked over to view the party below. He then heard a cork from a champagne bottle pop open and a fe read Sex Story
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  10. Happy Ending ! Part 3 !

    8/8/2016: Happy End – Part 3 The alarm went off . I was still tired . After several rings , I expressed the alarm clock , and realized that my husband was already up and stood under the shower . I pushed the curtains aside . It rained what a horrible day in autumn . I liked this time of year not too , it rained a lot and it was much too dark . I also felt somehow limp and listless , so I decided to stay home today. When my husband was out of the shower into the bedroom , I asked him to apologize in the company for me today . We usually eat breakfast together , but today he went without leaving our read Sex Story
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  11. Caught Out Part 1

    8/8/2016: As I sit here day by day I watched the world go by. Social media makes and breaks relationships. Partners phones tablets laptops old all kinds of secrets. I've never been one to pry or read personal messages of a phone. But for some reason curiosity got the better of me. My partner Mrs B woke up like every morning. Big Bed hair , curvaceous body, lovely legs bit of a belly and a pretty face. As she got up kissed my head and headed to the bathroom.Her phone buzzed. Message from whoever. She came in the bedroom pick up her phone. She gave out a silly little giggle and a long good sounding ummm read Sex Story
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  12. The Sleepover

    8/8/2016: On the last Saturday of the month the senior cheerleader squad headed to Tonya's house for their regular sleepovers, and Brittany couldn't wait. Of all the parents houses it was a preferred destination for all of them.Tonya's basement resembled a nightclub complete with shag carpet, video games, pool table, recessed lights and of course a bar. Tonya's dad had disabled the beer taps and locked up read Sex Story
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