1. ALL IN {part 4} - Adventures of Seamus and Annie

    6/10/2016: ALL IN {part 4} Adventures of Seamus and Annie I slowly dried myself off as I walked out of the bathroom. Billy conspicuously ignored me. "Did you hear her cum just now?", I asked in as friendly and matter-of-fact voice as I could muster. He looked at me. "Yeah.... um... I heard" "Did you like the way she sucked you off in the van?" He glanced around the room and stuttered, "Ummm, ughhh..." I decided to have a little fun with him a read Sex Story
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    6/10/2016: LUST OR REGRET YOU DECIDE I was 24 when I had my first job at a law firm it was what I had studied to do in the last 4 years, I was really pleased to be able to work as a defense lawyer for the next few years it was always my intentions to one day have my own law firm, While working in the office there was always opportunities to date some of the office girls in fact it was so easy for me to chat read Sex Story
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  3. On Call

    6/10/2016: Stupid! Idiot! Knuckle dragging, sloth blooded … His round of profanities towards the slow walking gentleman blocking his way in the crowded passage stopped when he tried pushing his way ahead. He noticed the hunched stature, white wisps on the shining head, withered skin, quad cane and a urine bag in his hand. Although the unflattering moon behind the hospital robe was proudly read Sex Story
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  4. Being the leader

    6/10/2016: He walked in and gave me a slow kiss. Every time he kisses me I can tell how his day went. He loosened his tie. Kaleb is about 6’5’’ and has beautiful baby blue eyes. I on the other hand am 5’9’’ with plain brown eyes. I am not gorgeous but I am decent enough and have perky B breasts. I slowly tighten his tie back up and grab his hand to lead him to the bed room. Normally he is my master but read Sex Story
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  5. My latest Salem glory hole visit

    6/10/2016: It had been a few months since my last visit to my favorite place. As a matter of fact it was in November that I last went to an ABS. I was on my way home from Mac and decided to take a detour to Salem. I got to the ABS right around 4 in the afternoon and was hoping that I could catch the “just got off work crowd.” I went in a found my favorite booth and fed a few singles into the machine. As I was scanning through the channels someone came in next door. I saw him look through the hole then he left. I was still standing while I scanned the channels and had not had time to do anything el read Sex Story
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  6. Pay Back

    6/10/2016: Here is my story of how my life changed one day. When I was in my early 30’s is started to get into gambling. I we go out and play the slots at the local casinos. That soon got boring. So, I tried my hand at poker. It was fun. But, I was a very poor player. My interest then turned in horse racing. I found a bar that was nearby that offered OTB. Soon almost like clockwork I was there every day. It read Sex Story
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  7. Ice

    6/10/2016: Stalingrad, December 25, 1942. Winter blankets everything, turning the landscape bizarrely beautiful. If you look carefully, you can make out shapes under the hoarfrost and snow. Burned out tanks and piles of brick and steel that were once buildings litter the frozen battlefield that was once home to over 400,000 Russian men, women, and children. Now the corpses outnumber the living. You read Sex Story
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  8. The Craving - Part 1

    6/10/2016: The Craving - Part 1 By Andy Caulden Kevin and I were often mistaken for brothers in the looks department. We were both tall, slim and blond, and much sought after by those who liked submissive cock-suckers in their early twenties. We also shared a craving for coal-black cock, which our mentor Bryan, who was white and a professional photographer, helped to satisfy. Bryan loved to photograph burly read Sex Story
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  9. The Lingerie Models

    6/10/2016: It was a Saturday night and my wife, Clare, and I had invited our friends Dave and Susan round for a few drinks. We had known them for over 20 years and we always had a good laugh whenever we got together. They arrived around 7:30pm and brought a nice bottle of wine which we all knew wouldn’t last long in the hands of Clare and Susan. Luckily we had plenty more alcohol in the fridge and Dave and I got ourselves a beer as we made our way through to our lounge. We put on some of our favourite music and as the night went on the volume got increasingly louder. By 10pm the girls were on to t read Sex Story
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  10. Mounted During Deer Season

    6/10/2016: I live in the upper Midwest and as such have become an avid hunter. There are few better feelings as those you experience outdoors, in the woods, in the late fall. The trees have lost their leaves, the winter cold air has moved in from the north and occasionally a fresh blanket of snow is on the ground. Today was no exception. I was out in the woods, in my favorite stand, watching and read Sex Story
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  11. The Spanking Stories - #2: Memento Morey

    6/10/2016: Too many ironies , thought Susan, drunkenly . Too damn many ironies for one day. She reached for the bottle on her desk, but her hand went where the bottle wasn’t and only succeeded in knocking it into the wastebasket. Hell with it. She folded her arms on the desk and let her head fall heavily onto them as she began to weep again. Too damn many ironies for one life… First of all, read Sex Story
    Categories: Spanking, Author: Zenmackie, Source: LushStories
  12. Meeting my lovely Cumslut, part five

    6/10/2016: Meeting my lovely Cumslut, part five "Down on all fours, open your little slut mouth and stick your tongue out young slut."-daddy orders you, with a stern voice. My tone has changed a bit. It is clear that it's time for your first true puishment. Your first lesson... You obey, go down on all fours and stick your tongue out, your plugged, naked ass in the air, your tagged collar making you look somewhat like a domesticated a****l. I put my hand in my pocket, and pull forth a second key, labeled "#2", and place this on your lovely little tongue. I then look you in the eye, and tell yo read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, First Time, Author: Malkith78, Source: xHamster