1. Jude and Connor: the kiss Chapter 2

    8/12/2016: JUDES POV I hung up after that. I couldn't talk any more, the tears that suffocated and humiliated me wouldn't allow it. I couldn't sleep either. I couldn't stop thinking about Connor. Why can't I stop thinking about Connor? His perfectly swept hair, his musky yet brilliant scent, his plaid shirt collection all manifested in my mind. Time slips away and it's only till the sun peaks it head that I read Sex Story
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  2. Scott's boot camp homecoming

    8/12/2016: My wife and I were in our mid 30's and had just dropped off our k**s at her mom's for a 2 week vacation. We just had a new spa installed in our yard in an enclosed gazebo. We were getting ready to open a bottle of champagne and relax in the spa. Peggy had just come from the bedroom wearing a short swim cover-up that barely covered anything without a swim suit on. I was wearing a swim wrap (the kind that resembles a towel with Velcro). I was going to get a bottle from the fridge while she pulled back the cover of the spa and adjusted the temperature. I had just poured 2 glasses of champag read Sex Story
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  3. Let's Try Something New, Sweetheart

    8/12/2016: "Alright, sweetheart, I need to leave for work now. I don't wanna be late today," said Trisha, putting on her clothes. "I am gonna see you in the evening then." "Please don't leave me like this. Please come back to bed, we still have so much to do," I almost begged her. I knew she wouldn’t stay. She really had to leave. "You are gonna be home all day right? Please clean the house read Sex Story
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  4. collage play

    8/12/2016: collage play was 2 girls one as a guy and one a girl . I share dorm with the one who a guy DAMN she flat a a cup look like a guy casey was trying to fool the rest of guys . Why k.c ? if i can you get robin big c tits all for yourself she promise . cool so i went with gag for a while but i had the make up team make her mustdash since it was the 1970's . She share dorm with me i was sl**ping she hop on top of me nude she yelled eat it . okay if u as for it her clit was was 2 inches big than most girls she shaved it too i was pig in heaven she cum all over me . she said after ca read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Mature, Author: patch711, Source: xHamster
  5. New Life Part 1

    8/12/2016: There is a common saying which most people nowadays have heard once or twice, “It’s quiet. Too quiet.” Without a doubt, today painted the portrait that captivated the saying in all aspects. Funerals were normally quiet, but it is definitely another story when it’s the funeral of a family member. There are always people asking the family who suffered the loss how they are or how they are holding read Sex Story
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  6. White Briefs Part 2

    8/12/2016: I met Tony my first day there. We had been having sexual encounters every time we had the chance, he was so cute, so hot. I loved touching him, sucking him, but we never went further than that. I wanted to wrap my arms around him, to kiss his sweet mouth, to run my tongue into it so we could explore our oral cavities. Yes, I had a romance thing going, I didn't just want sex, I wanted love read Sex Story
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  7. Father Figure

    8/12/2016: I never really knew my father. I had only just turned seven when Mum and Dad split up. He'd told her one night that he was going to set up home with his secretary (the usual scenario: middle-aged man trades in spouse for a younger, sportier model). Mum was devastated and grappled with acute depression for months, but managed to hold down her job, as a senior supervisor at our local read Sex Story
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  8. A Naughty Holiday - Part 1

    8/11/2016: UA1465 to Providenciales is now boarding at gate C137… Alex heard the announcement echo through the airport and looked up from the newspaper stand. The headlines were still dominated by analysis of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. He checked his watch, the flight was on time. Walking out of the bookshop he spotted a gorgeous blonde standing by the shelves of a nearby cosmetics read Sex Story
    Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: happyalex, Source: LushStories
  9. Bike Ride Leads To Orgasm

    8/11/2016: When I was in my mid-twenties, I moved into my first apartment and got settled. I took my morning bike rides around town and never had anything happen that would be considered out of the ordinary. That is, until one fateful morning... I started my bike ride and as I went along, a woman yelled out as I went past - "Hey, Babe!" I thought she said my first name, so I turned around and rode back read Sex Story
    Categories: Masturbation, Author: David929, Source: LushStories
  10. Return to Earth - 6

    8/11/2016: Sorry for the delay. I have been writing but the chapter got way to long, perhaps to much description/detail for some. Trying to cater to a few requests, it will take time to accommodate some. this is how it is. You don't like my style, read something else please. As requested by a few, this chapter is set in the past read Sex Story
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  11. Fucked by co-workers husband

    8/11/2016: I was visiting my co-worker from out of town and after dinner and one too many I stayed over in the guest room. We had been out earlier for dinner and everyone was dressed up, his wife wore the sexiest pair of fuck me heels and black stockings. I noticed the garter bumps on her dress when she sat down at the table with just brief flash of stocking top. We went back to their place and had a few drinks and I felt a bit buzzed. I got the occasional glimpse of stocking when she would get up or cross and uncross her legs which made me really hard. I went to the guest room and as I was drifting read Sex Story
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  12. Stripping Anonymously For My Mother

    8/11/2016: It was due to my college tuition that it all happened. After my parents had divorced two years ago my father had moved across the country and cut off all contact with me. My Mom had had to take two jobs for awhile just to get out of the pile of bills she was under partially due to the divorce so when it was time for me to go to college I had to pay my own way. My first year I had to work long hours to pay for it and it was difficult to find enough time for studying let alone for a social life. It was during the summer when I was nineteen between my first and second year of college that my read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo, Author: Itheswag, Source: xHamster