1. Amy finds a(nother) big white cock!!

    9/22/2018: So I went into the hotel gym I was staying in and it turns out that the sauna is co-ed. Now given that it si a sauna well, who really wears clothes, but just in case I took in my towel. When I got in there were mostly guys and a few women. Everyone was mostly covered, which was fine. And almost everyone appeared to be in couples except for two guys and me, which was also fine. After awhile people started to leave and it was just me and these two guys. I had been freezing all day so I wasn't about to get out anytime soon. The two guys didn't seem to really pay attention to me being the read Sex Story
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  2. J's Story

    9/22/2018: Frisky. That was the only way to describe how she felt. Normally, on date night, she just longed for the control and discipline he provided. She prepared carefully as she always did for their dates. She took her time in the bath, washing slowly, shaving her legs and... other areas, warming the water as it cooled which refreshed the scent of the oils she'd added. She let out the water and read Sex Story
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  3. We found a watcher

    9/22/2018: After a long time discussing, agreeing, disagreeing and finally making it happen the wife and I rented a motel room in a city not too far from home. We placed an ad on Craigslist for a couple to come to a motel room and allow us to watch them make love, we too were going to be on next bed making love. We had never done anything like this, never had even seen a live sex act. We were excited and very nervous. Scared of what could happen if these people were not who and what they claim to be. We could be robbed or killed or any host of other things. We were pleasantly surprised when we met i read Sex Story
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  4. A cruise with a black twist

    9/22/2018: We are middle aged and have worked hard all our lives my wife is 49 still looking good with huge tits and a very nice round ass , she is not slim but nice and hour glass shape ,being a business woman dresses to please and never looks daggy. We decided to treat ourselves to a cruise and chose a world cruise which would take around three months. We boarded the ship and found our cabin moor like a read Sex Story
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  5. The Realistic Dildo Experience

    9/22/2018: I was a thirty-four-year-old unemployed, still living at home, lonely, single, and incredibly horny woman. I watched porn on the net majority of the time. Every single day. I found hentai she-male and lesbian porn interesting and hot, lesbian porn was so hot! Especially when there's two smoking hot blonde women on top of each other rubbing their wet pussies together. Oh, man, I would rub my read Sex Story
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  6. TV Mechanic broke my husband’s trust on me!

    9/22/2018: I am Girija and am here on this site for the first time to make a true confession about my debauchery, after enduring 6 months of mental torment due to shame & guilt. I am 35 yrs old, married to Anantha who is 37. I am a South-Indian fair skinned woman. Men & women from my community are generally brilliant in academics; my husband & I are both Post-Graduates in Metallurgy & Science respectively. Even at this age, I look very fair & attractive; I stand 5’9” tall, which is quite a good height for Indian women and my jet black read Sex Story
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  7. Car Trouble

    9/22/2018: Beverly, I call her Bev, had been so sweet, I thought as I drove down the dark highway. Bev was the girl of my dreams, five foot six, one hundred and thirty-five pounds, long wavy ebony hair, flowing down her backless sundress. She has high cheekbones, like she has some Indian blood, bright blue eyes and full red painted cupid-bow lips. I could feel myself getting hard in my slacks just read Sex Story
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  8. Pump and Hump

    9/22/2018: Katie was returning her friend’s red Pontiac Sunfire convertible who lived in the town over. It was a hot, clear summer evening, and the sun was nearly setting as Katie traveled down the dark rural highway. Her silky-smooth, shoulder length brown hair waved in the cooling breeze. She had just turned seventeen, and she was enjoying every moment of her freedom as a fully licensed driver. As she read Sex Story
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  9. In Daddy's Arms

    9/22/2018: I don’t even remember passing out the night before; so waking up in the bed is a bit of a surprise. Still naked, sore, and skin burning from our session. I feel something warm and soft next to me, and I realize it’s you, my Daddy. One smooth leg d****d over yours, face on your chest , head tucked under your chin. One strong, disciplining hand in my hair, the other over my shoulder with fingers splayed across my welted back; both keeping me held tight against you. Positioned so I’d wake up in the security of my Daddy’s protection, and after the long, exhaustive use the day before, this little read Sex Story
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  10. Secret Lives: Chapter 17

    9/22/2018: We arrived in the city and went straight to the parking garage of the casino. It is one that is never closed and never empty plus it’s a damn site cheaper than any of the other parking places nearby. I collected the ticket at the entry and drove straight up the ramp. It’s not worth wasting your time looking on the lower levels for a spot especially when the elevators take you to any floor read Sex Story
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  11. A Very Hot and Erotic Roleplay: Only for Girls

    9/21/2018: You have been lying on the soft silk sheets of the bed for a few minutes now. You haven’t seen anything for a half hour. I’ve already taken the liberty of having you take your clothes off so the silk caresses your skin, and a cold breeze from a vent tickles your skin. You lay on your stomach, wondering what I’m up to. Suddenly, you feel a tickle on your thigh. You go to swat it away, only to find my head in place between your legs. And my moist lips, working their way upwards, towards your very own wet lips. Your thick aroma already envelopes my every sense, imploring me to hurry up and fuc read Sex Story
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  12. Breaking The Man

    9/21/2018: “I can’t believe you. You are one sick piece of shit Will,” I muttered to my reflection. I squeezed my eyes shut, I couldn’t even look at myself anymore. I pushed away from the bathroom sink and walked the few steps to my bed before flopping face down onto it. I groaned as I breathed in, my bed sheets still fucking smelled like her. I scrambled up before the twitching in my cock had read Sex Story
    Categories: Straight Sex, Author: Dryad, Source: LushStories