1. Nov 2016.

    7/16/2018: I wasn't exactly sure what kind of building Ariana was bringing me into. It wasn't dirty or dangerous or anything like that, but it wasn't an apartment building either. It seemed like a collection of business suites. She had asked me to be quiet so I didn't want to ask her until we were behind closed doors. When she lead me into the room, it made more sense. The space was small and softly lit, very warm and cozy, with music playing and a padded table in the middle. Very small. She had clearly prepped it before we arrived - it smelled all incense new-agey. "You're a masseuse?" I asked. She read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Trans, Author: Quadrilateralus, Source: xHamster
  2. Road side gloryhole visit.

    7/16/2018: My husband and I were driving back from South Caroilina when we passed an adult bookstore with a full parking lot. I had been teasing him since it got dark and had my pants off playing with myself for passing truckers. I told him I am so horny I would be dangerous in a adult bookstore. He had a big grin on his face and After talking about it for a few minutes Greg turned the car around and headed back. We parked at the far end of the parking lot and quickly walked into the store. I don't know if the few customers that were skulking around weren't used to 'new' people, or may read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Author: kristi4bbcfun, Source: xHamster
  3. Mindy's European Dream

    7/16/2018: Mindy’s European Dream Krystal had been acting nervous for several weeks and Mindy was becoming concerned for her. Krystal had always been level headed and never let emotions show. Their business of making snuff videos for a very discreet and private list of clientele was always protected and secure and they had made a fortune over the years. With the various hidden accounts throughout the United read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Body modification, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Death, Drug, Hardcore, Lesbian, Author: henryweeks, Source: sexstories.com
  4. The Librarian, Part 3

    7/16/2018: My mind was blank. My body was covered in sweat, with a college student's semen slowly seeping out of my pussy. There was also cum on my face. I'd sucked Carter's dick right after he came inside me, needing to make sure there wasn't any trace of his thick, intoxicating cum anywhere in his penis. I wanted it all to myself. Laying on my bed, I tried to process the past few day's events. I met read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial, Author: Handydandy14, Source: LushStories
  5. A smoothie and exercise after a Run

    7/15/2018: It was 1 pm on a Sunday afternoon. Having just returned from a run, Rick entered his back yard wearing his blue Nike running shorts, running shoes, and dripping wet sweaty. It was 83 degrees, but he had so enjoyed the past 8 miles. He entered his empty house thru the back door, grabbing some cold water out of the fridge. As he toweled off the sweat, he found a note from his wife simply read Sex Story
    Categories: Seduction, Author: jenpnk5, Source: LushStories
  6. Katie

    7/15/2018: When my wife and two daughters and I moved into our house a couple of years ago, the only thing we really knew about the neighborhood was the fact that it was outside of the bigger city, it was remotely quiet, and not a lot of traffic. It was a nice subdivision off a main road, with easy access to town, grocery stores, and about fifteen minutes across town to the local mall. It also was right read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: hidingmydarksecrets, Source: LushStories
  7. Holidays at the Farm Part 4

    7/15/2018: Okay. The excitement of New Years Eve was over and Sarah would be back tomorrow. Elaine and I dealt with it and moved on. We learned some things from watching the participants and tried them out. A few looked so interesting, we might add them to our lovemaking. Elaine and I spent a wonderful ten days exploring each other, getting to know each other, hell, living with each other. It was a read Sex Story
    Categories: Group Sex, Author: frogprince, Source: LushStories
  8. In The Rain

    7/15/2018: Slipping quietly from the bed, I grabbed my short silk robe. I tiptoed out of the room and headed towards the kitchen, slipping the robe on as I passed down the hall. Once there, I made a cup of flavored coffee and then headed out onto the deck off the living room. It was an overcast morning and I could see a storm brewing in the distance. Walking over to the railing, I sat my cup down read Sex Story
    Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: greeneyedkitty, Source: LushStories
  9. The Aftermath 5

    7/15/2018: Jim had been pacing for an hour now, after destroying their invasion fleet, they'd set out after the only remaining ship of the Krang fleet. Mary and Amber had watched him almost the whole time "Jim if you don't sit I am going to knock the shit out of you, I can't take much more of your pacing," Mary almost snarled. Jim quickly sat in the command chair trying not to look at Mary, "sorry Mary I read Sex Story
    Categories: Science-Fiction, Alien, Body modification, Death, Non-Erotic, Violence, Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Message leads to Massage! And More? [1]

    7/15/2018: Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name in the original version of this tasty tale of tease and tough treatments Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name because I wanted to surprise her with my second sexy series of stories Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name as I felt sure, confident of my cunning capabilities to get her hot and wet Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name as a Jenny is as juicy between beautiful legs as a no-name young yummy Jolly juicy Jenny will be hotly humiliated by my read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, First Time, Taboo, Author: Poet-PETER, Source: xHamster
  11. My Wedding Night

    7/15/2018: It was my wedding day. I had planned this day for months. I couldn’t keep my heart from racing from the moment I got out of bed to the moment my cousin walked me down the aisle. Our father was gone so I asked my cousin Zachary to give me away to Greg, my finance’, my love, my life. Zachary is seven years older than me and ever since my father died he has been cousin big brother, and father to me read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, Incest, Straight Sex, Rape, Author: Mystic47, Source: sexstories.com
  12. Keep it in the family! Will mum show the way?

    7/15/2018: I was eighteen and dating Hannah, one of the best-looking girls at school – and every horny schoolboy’s dream was about to come true. We’d had been going out a few months and what I liked about her, apart from her body, blonde hair, blue eyes and drop-dead looks, is that she gave out. For instance, on our second date, we were overlooking our hometown from a hilltop layby when she leant over read Sex Story
    Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: Raven65, Source: LushStories