1. Awakenings Ch. 19

    8/15/2017: After a light dinner Amy, Mel and I retired to the bedroom. As she promised while we were talking to Jeanne, Mel sat in a chair rubbing herself off while she watched Amy suck my cock. Of course Amy and I couldn't let Mel have all the fun. We both wanted an opportunity to indulge our voyeurism too. As soon as I orgasmed we switched places. I sat in the chair slowly stroking my recuperating read Sex Story
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  2. Jamie's Descent Part 7

    8/15/2017: Chapter 7 Vanessa smiled to herself as she viewed the edited version of the film she had made of Jamie getting fucked. Jamie obviously had no idea that she had been filmed but Vanessa was already very pleased with the result. This film together with a similarly edited version of Jamie's first session with Fiona would form the basis of the marketing plan for Jamie. Vanessa knew that there would be a number of existing clients who would cream themselves at the prospect of a session with Jamie already but Vanessa, as usual, was thinking much bigger than that. She felt Jamie had read Sex Story
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  3. first time

    8/15/2017: For as long as I can remember, my favorite person in the whole world has been my uncle. I love my mom, my f****y, my best friend, but sometimes I just don't want to be around them. That has never been the case with Uncle Benny. Uncle Benny has a way of always knowing what to say. He makes me smile when I'm grumpy. Can cheer me up when I'm sad. Makes me feel good about myself, when I'm feeling down. He even knows when to just sit and be quiet when I want him around, but don't want to talk. He never speaks down to me. Even when I was little, he would talk to me sincerely about everything from read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Taboo, Author: binympho, Source: xHamster
  4. True Story: How We Tricked The Census Lady Into Watching Us

    8/15/2017: Some years ago we had a general census here in South Africa for a population count. At the time we were living on a five acre small holding just out side of Johannesburg. Late one Wednesday afternoon a car drove up to our house and a friendly lady in her forties approached us and requested that we complete the census form, stating that she would be back on Sunday around 13h00 to collect read Sex Story
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  5. Ass-cination

    8/15/2017: I had been out cleaning the swimming pool most of the morning and the sun was beating down. When I finished my T-shirt was soaked with sweat. I put the tools away and went in the back door and to the laundry room, stripped off my T and had just unbuttoned the top button of my jeans when the doorbell rang. As I approached the door I saw through the side glass panes that it was read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: spinneroftales, Source: LushStories
  6. The Battered Lamp Chapter Twenty-Six: The Passion of the Concubines

    8/15/2017: Battered Lamp by mypenname3000 Chapter Twenty-Six: The Passion of the Concubines Copyright 2015 Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this. Cast of Characters Main Characters Kyle Unmei Jr.: Half-Japanese/Half-Kurdish owner of Aaliyah and wielder of Earthbones. Poisoned by Burke as they fought. Aaliyah Unmei: A Jann sent to marry the prophesied savior of the Djinn. Kyle's First Wife. Kidnapped by read Sex Story
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  7. cheating mom

    8/15/2017: This goes back some 30 + years but I can still remember it as if where only yesterday when I caught my 44 year old mom cheating on my dad with one of his best friends. But first let me say a few things about sherl, my mom. she is a natural red head, When I was a young boy she would walk around the house in her panties and bra and as a young horny boy I would look at her and see her red hair through her panties and her hard nipples poking through her bra. She has 38 C tits with soft pink nipples that got really hard. When she would leave for work I would got into her bedroom and take her pantie read Sex Story
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  8. Like a rocket man

    8/15/2017: Al and Dawny had been friends for some time now. They met on harmless flirty social media site and had hit it off from the outset. They often confided in each other about events in their lives and future plans. Dawny often thought about Al and would wonder if he was o.k since they lived in separate parts of the U.K. After some careful thinking Dawny thought it was time for them to meet up and hang out for the weekend. She mentioned it to Al who seemed keen and they both agreed to meet half way in Southsea, let off some steam and maybe hit a speed dating venue on the first evening. Dawny arri read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Group Sex, Author: incognito77, Source: xHamster
  9. Caught in the act

    8/15/2017: After breakfast they return to their room and have another cup of coffee and read the mornings news papers, Lynn says " Well what shall we do today, how do you feel like going into town and we'll do some shopping. " "OK as long as you don't mind going to the cinema after lunch". Rick replies " Its a deal " she says, "What film are we going to see”.” Its a surprise" he says. They spend all of the morning going through just about every clothes, shoe and cosmetic store in the city, but Lynn is amazed that throughout it all he has not complained once, even wh read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Voyeur, Author: RayWatches, Source: xHamster
  10. The Sleeepover – Chapter 8

    8/15/2017: The Sleeepover – Chapter 8 by samslam "Who's next for Brandon, the stud?" Lauren says as she exits the bathroom. Her three naked friends are lying on the bed looking at each other. "It's my turn," Alex says, excitedly, "I haven't gotten laid yet." "Perfect!" Lauren says, turning to leave the bathroom. "Aren't you going to stay," Alex asks. "You can play with his balls as he fucks me. He liked it when I did that when he was fucking Kristina." "Maybe someone should spank his ass while he's fucking you, Alex," she seethes. "I bet he'd like that." She turns and he read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Voyeur, Author: TreborCox, Source: xHamster
  11. Emily Awakes, Ch. 7

    8/15/2017: They hadn’t been in the car for more than a minute when Janice leaned over, placed her hand on his thigh, and sucked his right earlobe between her lips. He felt her sharp teeth bite gently and her warm breath caress his ear. She released it, leaving her hand on his leg. “Oh my God, Evan, I am so excited. My belly is churning.” “Probably the salad,” he joked. “Salad doesn’t make my read Sex Story
    Categories: Novels, Author: aldenbradley, Source: LushStories
  12. Divorced Tease

    8/15/2017: Nicole jumps out of the shower and stares at her body in the mirror. She cannot help but smile at the image reflected back at her, 35 years old, divorced, no boyfriend, 5' 6" tall, hot and sexy and horny. Her full C breasts stood at attention, curving into her trim waist and flaring back out around her round ass, trailing down her lean legs. Leaning forward she studies her blue gray eyes which pop read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Author: horny fox, Source: sexstories.com
  13. Jenny’s Guardian Angel

    8/15/2017: Jenny had a hard life, at a young age her mother passed away due to complications with cancer, which in turn made her father ill. At the age of sixteen, she had built up a wall, a defence mechanism. Not many people were able to get through to her. Because this she didn’t have many friends, and the friends she did have were mostly in her head. It was the night of her sixteenth birthday, read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: SeanR83, Source: LushStories
  14. Bailey and Jade part 13

    8/15/2017: The day after the horse incident, Bailey was still recovering, and couldn't really do much in the sex department. So Jade sat helplessly fingering herself, in so much heat but nothing to relieve her. So she walked on down to Dylan's room, where he was lying on his bed. Dylan was nude, and Jade was wearing a pair of Bright blue panties, with no bra. Dylan took one look, and his cock instantly read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Ass to pussy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, BDSM, Teen, Cum Swallowing, Domination / Submission, Group Sex, Hardcore, Older, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Author: DR_smilez, Source: sexstories.com
  15. Pushing Limits

    8/15/2017: We walked in the club, it was dark and private. It was my suggestion to take things up a notch. I was testing his kink, and my own. Could we do something so out of character? Could we not only watch public sex, but could we be brave enough to participate? I knew the answer was yes to both. If the environment allowed for it, I believed that public sex would always be a option for us, once we read Sex Story
    Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: SilverSakura, Source: LushStories
  16. The Judgment of Alex

    8/15/2017: It’s funny how you can get in the most trouble just by trying to avoid it. Not that I’m complaining, and to be fair, it was my parents who were trying to keep me out of trouble. I would have been perfectly happy just hanging out at home. But, “idle hands” and all that, so they sent me off to Mrs. Rheason’s house to clean her pool, as they so often volunteered me to do. June Rheason was read Sex Story
    Categories: Group Sex, Author: oceanrunner, Source: LushStories
  17. The Devil's Pact Chapter 42: Dreams

    8/15/2017: The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Forty-Two: Dreams Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. General Olmos's assassination of Governor Holt, and the subsequent massacre of the Governor's supporters, was the first of many atrocities committed by the Tyrants. The fact that they had General Olmos hung does not exculpate the Tyrants for the heinous act read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Lesbian, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Group Sex, Straight Sex, Teen, Mind Control, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Group Sex, Trans, First Time, Wife / MILF, Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com
  18. Maybe

    8/14/2017: As I stepped into the department store, I had to resist the natural urge to turn left and head for the electronics section. Instead, I turned right, penetrating deep into the mysterious world of women's apparel. Feeling conspicuous, I tried to look as if I belonged, relieved that there were no crowds so early in the day. This was the third time I had attempted this, and I was determined not to chicken out again. I knew what I wanted, but not where to find it - and I was far too nervous to ask for help. Of course, it ended up being in the last place I looked. Wandering anxiously read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Gay, Trans, Author: klammer, Source: xHamster
  19. My Wife's Desire for a Big Cock

    8/14/2017: My wife and I our in our late forties and had been happily married for the past twenty years. We met after college and had built a very nice life together. We are extremely open with one another, and when it comes to sex we know we can share our most inner desires with each other. Over the years our sex life had been nothing but fantastic. I think we can safely say that we had built a read Sex Story
    Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: mter100, Source: LushStories
  20. My Wife On The Porch - Part twenty-four

    8/14/2017: It was our wedding day and Pat was my best man, it was a small ceremony with just fifty family and friends attending. When I caught sight of her in her long flowing wedding dress I almost cum right there and then. She looked amazing, her dress was strapless and her tanned slim shoulders looked beautiful. Her dress showed just enough cleavage to look beautiful without looking cheap read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: kingdick99, Source: LushStories