1. Girl Next Door

    6/25/2017: Ian walked into the kitchen, where his wife Kelly was preparing lunch. He embraced her from behind and kissed the side of her face. “Hiya sweetie,” he said. She turned in his arms and kissed him open-mouthed, thrusting her tongue against his. “Well that was a bit unexpected,” he said, once they'd eventually stopped seemingly trying to eat each other. “Sorry. Well, not sorry, but you know read Sex Story
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  2. Sisterhood of Sin -- 19 -- Clothed Females, Naked Husband

    6/25/2017: "Good evening, sisters, and welcome to the first of our new orientation courses for new sisters. Our goals are to help you to get the most out of your new relationship with us, and with your husband, and to inspire you, and maybe even him, to fully embrace our cause. Thank you all for volunteering to be our first focus group, to help us improve these new courses. Your feedback will be read Sex Story
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  3. My first time as a bottom and with a tranny

    6/24/2017: So this is the story about how i got my first experience being a bottom, and why it was with a tranny I was 18 and wanted to try being a bottom. For a long time I had experimented by myself at home with different things (hair brushes handles, screw drivers handles, ping pong paddles handles etc...) but I really wanted the real thing. I had the fantasy about sucking dick and getting fucked. I had been watching anal sex porn, gay porn and shemale porn for a long time, and always I thought the tranny porn was the best. The idea of having a beautiful woman fuck me was very very exiting for me read Sex Story
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  4. Ruby's New Life Part 5

    6/24/2017: When Grandpa and I arrived home after my shift at the tavern, Grandpa removed my anal plug and I showered to wash off the oil before bed. The slick soap on my new nipples and clit were tough to handle. I managed to hold off making myself come, Grandpa reading on the toilet helped. I didn’t want to know what punishments were like. When he hooked me to the machine in bed, he put it on a low setting read Sex Story
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  5. The Nyanny, Part 2

    6/24/2017: In the future, robotics and advanced A.I. become a ubiquitous part of society, aiding mankind in all facets of everyday life. However, they still retained the cold impersonal look of a machine until a new development rocketed over the uncanny valley. Grown rather than built, this new kind of being was made possible by hacking the human genome and combining biology with nanomachines: cyborgs down read Sex Story
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  6. A New Day, The Other Me chapter 6

    6/24/2017: The Office of Dr. Gene Hill, December 19th After further review of my case load I have come to the conclusion that I need fewer clients with transparent problems. I get the remainder of my work filed away and settle down to my last two patient files. A joined case but the psyche of the patients is off by a sea of differences. First file is for Bethany Delauter. -Youngest in her family, coped with read Sex Story
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  7. Gail's IT Expert

    6/24/2017: Gail’s eyes sparkled feverishly. She looked across the office and sure enough Daniel’s chair was empty. The craving she felt as she looked at the photo on her screen proved too much and she made her decision. As she removed Daniel's instructions and the pornographic image of a half naked Milf being gloriously analized, she stood up, furtively checking to see that no one else was keeping tabs read Sex Story
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  8. Life of Mary

    6/24/2017: One day a young 19 year old girl named Mary was walking home from her friends house in the middle of the night. She was about a block away from her house when a car pulled up behind her and snatched her up by putting a bag over her head and knocking her out. She woke up tied down to a bed with chains naked and spread eagle. She tried to scream but all that came out was muffels because she had a read Sex Story
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  9. The coworker

    6/24/2017: You leave work and go to a work dinner. Only, it’s only you and one other person from work going. Jack. You are nervous about going, but you want to see him. You enjoy his company and you like him. He’s not your husband, but you can’t help it. You want to feel excitement again, and Jack definitely excites you. He’s smart, charming, and sexy. You’ve thought about him a lot lately read Sex Story
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  10. My 30 year nephew and my wife

    6/24/2017: My 30 year old nephew Phil and hi sexy wife Amy visited us and Phil told my wife Fiona that he had seen videos and photos of her on the web. She asked him if he liked them and said he did and asked if he could call in by himself one evening when he was working away from home. Fiona said it was fine with her but to ask me. He told me about the videos and if he could spend an evening with us. I agreed as long as he bought me a worn and soiled pair of his wife Amy’s panties – he agreed and we arranged a day for him to come. Fiona and I were horny all day and after dinner Fiona went and changed read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Author: arbymore, Source: xHamster

    6/24/2017: SATIN SLIP TO DREAM OF by JackassTales [Bastard] My brother-in-law and I passed (him going one way and me the other). I gave him the ‘finger’ but he didn’t recognize me in my brand new Hummer 4x4. I don’t even know why I bothered giving-the-bird to the son-of-a-bitch, wife-abusing, cheating bastard. The fact that my stepsister was the victim of this malicious man’s abuse made me so furious that I read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Incest, Straight Sex, Pregnant, Romance, Author: JackassTales, Source: sexstories.com
  12. In Hell Part 4

    6/24/2017: Jennie's naked body was covered from head to toe with a tattoo of a flowery vine. It did not cover all of Jennie's skin, but it was wrapped around her arms and legs, two flowers even covering her temples. It was steadily fading into invisibility, but even so, Catherine could feel its raw power. This was no ink - it was pure lust wrapped around her friend's body. Jennie's right hand seemed powerless to resist caressing the flower blooming on her right breast, or even to breathe without pushing her chest forward. The most dramatic change, however, was Jennie's expression. The bold and confide read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Sex Humor, Author: lady-jen, Source: xHamster
  13. Another dangerous taxi driver

    6/24/2017: Another dangerous taxi driver Victor and I had attended a very nice joyful party that summer night. We have danced for hours, chatted to some friends and had really had a good time. But as I danced with some of my girlfriends, my lovely Victor had visited the bar; more times than I had waited. Then later that night I found my sweet husband was “out of order”… When it was time for me to leave I hunted him up, easy enough, because he was at the bar still and suggested that it was time to go. No way was he driving us home. We had to leave our car overnight, because I had taken some read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster
  14. Good Girl Gone Bad - Part Two

    6/24/2017: Binky sat back down on her chair and gave Marco a broad smile. “Come on Binky, why the naughty look?” Marco asked, ’’I know that look. Where did you get to?” Binky took a cigarette out of Marco’s packet and lit it. “Let’s just say that your earlier confession made me a tad hot under the collar.’’ Binky took a long drag of her cigarette and blew smoke rings into the soft July read Sex Story
    Categories: Quickie Sex, Author: NancyAllbright, Source: LushStories
  15. My wife's sexy friend

    6/24/2017: My Wife’s Sexy Friend You will probably think I am a horrible person after reading this but you be the judge as it actually happened. My wife and I met in a little shop that made cannoli. Marie is her name. She is a beautiful Italian woman, Five foot six, with deep dark brown hair and stunning brown eyes. We started dating shortly after meeting and things moved quickly for both of us. She told me early on that she thought she loved me and I said I felt the same. I really did but I was never really sure. We were married the next summer and shortly after had our first c***d. I was v read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Taboo, Author: playmkr2787, Source: xHamster
  16. Awakenings Ch. 12

    6/24/2017: Amy and I put the furniture back in place. After we finished I walked out to my Escape and brought my bags up to the guest bedroom. I'd be sleeping with Amy and Mel, but since there wasn't any spare storage space in their room the guest room was going to be my closet. As soon as my bags were put away we went back downstairs. Mel was just leaving. She was dressed in a pink miniskirt, a read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: goodhusband, Source: LushStories
  17. Hard Drive

    6/24/2017: Gav sat back in his chair and rubbed his face, his head spinning with numbers. His boss had given him a particularly tough algorithm to crack and he was close to telling her to stick her QPL where the sun didn’t shine. However, he was too proud to let it beat him and decided to take a walk to clear his head. Gav was Head of Infrastructure at Lucy’s Underwear Show House and was developing read Sex Story
    Categories: Straight Sex, Author: DanielleX, Source: LushStories
  18. The boy who lives in my room- part two

    6/24/2017: Lena had just had all her deepest desires fulfilled by the mystery man who had appeared out of nowhere. No name, no life outside her room, the beautiful sex toy was hers to do with as she wished, whenever she wanted. After what had just happened in the shower, Lena decided to go out, hoping that her mystery man, as much as she already wanted him, couldn't follow her. She threw on some read Sex Story
    Categories: Supernatural, Author: foreverandever, Source: LushStories
  19. Every Sign I Read is Wrong

    6/24/2017: I may only have two minutes before you knock on my door. Or I may have a lifetime. Inside I’m pacing around in my leggings, unsure what's going to happen. It’s too fast. My mind is racing through what I want to say to you in a jumbled series of recollections. But I must tell you, even if it ruins things. But where would I start? Maybe by asking if you remember the day we met, when I sat read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian, Author: puddleduck, Source: LushStories
  20. My Beautiful Brianna 5.

    6/24/2017: Brianna had turned 18 and and was now attending college. I could not even begin to explain, or describe how proud I was of this amazing woman. She was working towards her masters in child psychology. Her goal was to work with kids that were like she was, troubled. She wanted to be a beacon of light for those kids, as she explained it to me, like I was for her on the darkest day of her life. She read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Hardcore, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Romance, Author: Pussyeeter, Source: sexstories.com