1. Bet On The Game

    11/8/2017: Patric Green was a little pissed off. It wasn't because his team, The Dukes, were down s*******n to twelve with only twenty minutes of the game remaining. It wasn't really that his wife, Mandy was still hanging around instead of going out with her friend Sue, as previously arranged. No, he could deal with all that - just! What had really annoyed him was that, instead of going out shopping, Mandy had invited Sue over to their house and the two of them had been making comments all the way through the game. Patric was on the point of losing it with them! "They got no chance now, Pat!" Sue teas read Sex Story
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  2. Extra 2

    11/8/2017: As Laura wiped her face with the towel Dick gave her, as she could envision was both men’s faces. Their smiles as she performed that terrible acted. As ordered by Dick she followed him, he led her to a classroom that was located at the back of the college. Laura knew that no one came this far back, as the college was finished for the semester. Dick opened the classroom door, motioned for her to read Sex Story
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  3. Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 2 - The Offer

    11/8/2017: Bree cleaned off her makeup and hung up her costume, if tear-away clothing could be so classified. She shoved the business card from the ‘cop’ into the pocket of her jeans and clocked out. It was raining cats and dogs and once again she cursed that weird fucker of a meteorologist from Channel 10. “Sunny with a chance of light showers,” he’d said. Bree sat in her old VW Beetle and tallied read Sex Story
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  4. Kitten's icey adventure

    11/8/2017: The room was dark, and we had lost power. We had decided to light candles so that we could see around our small room. The flickering light licked up the walls of our small room. Our bed was big enough to cover about half of our floor space, at a king size. The little light that we had was from our 3 candles that had cast shadows around the room. Kitten and I sat there talking about read Sex Story
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  5. First Time Blowjob

    11/8/2017: This is a true story about my first time sucking cock. I often think of this when I am alone jerking off. Way back in 1985 (I'm 46 now so you guys can do the math) me and my friend Jay would get together in the afternoon, we both came from a single parent f****y so we had several hours to have fun together before our parent would get home. Most of the time we would play sports or watch television, not much to do back then, then one day he showed up and said I got a surprise, I said what. He took a vhs tape out of his backpack and showed me. It was a bootleg porno. We had never se read Sex Story
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  6. 29.The punishment

    11/8/2017: 29.The punishment Notes from Dawn written up by Ed Having done a lot of spanking and the occasional slipper or paddle, on one visit master, Ray, decided it was time to up the stakes and use a cane, he also decided that it should be in front of Andy to demonstrate my submissiveness. Just as I was about to leave the masters house, he told me that he had decided this was to happen the following weekend. I drove home with my heart racing at the thought of what Andy my husband would think. We soon sat having a coffee me recalling the things the master had done that day for A read Sex Story
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  7. Winter Flame

    11/8/2017: Christmas, 2015. Canada had an exceptionally cold holiday season that year. The Scarlet family, however, spent it as they always did: in the relative warmth of their large log house. In the evening, everyone in the family was gathered together around the tree in the living room, opening their presents, even some extended family. That is, everyone except for seventeen year old Cora. Cora read Sex Story
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  8. Blake & Ben (A New Beginning) - Chapter 4 - My First and My Last

    11/8/2017: - BLAKE ABEL FOSTER - Ben. Benjamin. Benny boy. Just Ben, he told me, smiling, over FaceTime earlier this evening. I'll call him whatever he wants me to. Because, as the rappers say, "I'm all about the Benjamins." But, I'm not referring to Benjamin Franklin on the one-hundred dollar bill, I'm talking about my boyfriend, Benjamin Jaxon Smith. Ugh! I still can't believe it. MY boyfriend... I have read Sex Story
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  9. I Want Some Pussy

    11/8/2017: Introduction: I am in a polyamorous relationship with a man, that I would love nothing more than to make my husband. I have understood his lust for women, since the first day we met. I didn't understand 16 months ago, that he had a woman in his life. She had been there for 8 years, and while they never had a real relationship, she is head over heels in love with him, and refuses to let him go with read Sex Story
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  10. Big cock fun with mom and s*s in Italy 3

    11/8/2017: Part 1 here:http://xhamster.com/user/Glerkor/posts/150086.html Part 2 here:http://xhamster.com/user/Glerkor/posts/176891.html We were back at the house after our little detour that had brought many new f****y experiences. I couldn't count on any more of that kind of forbidden fruit, but of course, not much more had occupied my imagination as I had driven the tiny rental Fiat. It was a miracle that I hadn't crashed down any of the deep ravines along the coastline. The trip home had taken a few hours in dessert hot sunshine and we were all pretty eager to loose our travel gear and to get a read Sex Story
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  11. Never Trust a Handsome Man

    11/8/2017: My wife married (and divorced) young, and she was very prim and proper when we first met. Thankfully, she’s loosened up a lot since then, but I recently asked her if she had ever done anything naughty when she was young. This is the story she told me. The year the TV show MASH ended, a local bar had a farewell to MASH bash. My friend Janice and I went. This was a rare treat for me, I never went to places like that. It was Feb 28, 1983. I was 22 years old, and weighed around 150 at that time. Probably a 36C, my hair was long. I was actually much more social then than I am now, so I didn read Sex Story
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  12. International Cowgirl

    11/8/2017: If your intention was to escape the roar of the crowd packed into the giant stadium, the best place to be probably wasn’t the changing rooms. But this was the only place Lulu knew where she could find any degree of privacy. Of course, she wasn’t the only one collapsed head-down on a wooden bench, her arms draped over her knees and hands dangling loosely down. Women from events other than read Sex Story
    Categories: Straight Sex, Author: BradleyStoke, Source: LushStories