1. Couples swinger party true story

    9/11/2017: Couples swinger party true story This story starts a good sometime after Sara . I had got married sometime after that I found out my wife was fucking a guy at work so I decided if she was going to that we would start swinging so I could have fun to . One week I decided to host a couples party . So I looked into hotels I found one that had two bedrooms a livingroom and a small kicthen . I reserverd the room in indianapolis indiana and sent out party invites . I had 5 couples and one single male that was a friend . We live in spencer indiana so it was only a hour drive for us . When the weeke read Sex Story
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  2. An Early Dourado Sketch Part 2 - A Wishful Fantasy

    9/11/2017: November had set in, winter’s cloak was descending, and I was finally able to make the move that had been planned for a year. I managed to schedule the air travel to make a stopover enroute to my final destination up North where the winds hit heavy on the borderlines. Stopping over in Denver for a day, to meet someone whom I had met and had many conversations with in the past year, and knew I read Sex Story
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  3. My Sluttiness Revealed

    9/11/2017: My name is Nisha (not my real name), a telugu girl born and brought up in bangalore, fair colour, 5 feet 3 inches and stats of 32b-24-34. I had sex for the first time when I was 18. Till now, I had lot of sex experiences which includes ffm, mmf, group, threesome lesbian, group, submission and much more. I used to share this only with my friends and while sex chat on fb. One of my boyfriends gave this idea of penning down my experiences as stories in ISS. I though read Sex Story
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  4. Teresa's Punishment

    9/11/2017: Preface: I was recently asked to write a story that described a sexual fantasy of mine (as the character Teresa). Content includes non-consent and lesbian sadism. This is what followed: ************************************************* Teresa had just moved to this town a few months ago, and quickly became friends with Christie, a young woman in her early 20s, living in a condo across the hall from her. Teresa was about 10 years older than Christie, but they got along well, had gone out to see a few movies together and had dinner at each other's place at least once a week. Sometimes, Chr read Sex Story
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  5. Encounter with New Client

    9/11/2017: Gail is 31 divorced with three kids, she is tall 5' 9" in heels with a slender curvy figure and long brunette hair down to the middle of her back. She came to my Dallas law firm seeking legal advice concerning her ex-husband's failure to pay child support. I agreed to review her case if she went out to dinner with me. I arranged for a babysitter for her kids. I'm at her apartment waiting for her read Sex Story
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  6. Bus Crash

    9/11/2017: Dakota Hastings boarded the bus and sat near the back. She hated riding the bus, but it was the only form of long-distance transportation she could afford to get back her parents’ house. She knew she would be given the I told you so lecture from her parents, but it didn’t matter. They said she could come back and that was all that cared about her now. Dakota called her parents with a read Sex Story
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  7. JOE

    9/11/2017: The one thing Joe loved in life was the whores in Vegas. He made a trip there once a month to spend some time in his favorite whore house. The girls there were pretty, sexy and nasty. They all had nice big firm tits and large round asses. Tits and ass were a big attraction for him. He usually chose a different girl each time as he did love a variety. When he walked in the girls were all in the gazing room naked for the men to see and choose. Tonight he chose a young blonde that had triple D tits and a huge round ass. Looking at that sexy ass made Joe's cock throb. As they walked to her room Jo read Sex Story
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  8. Sunbathing Nude for Walter and his Friends

    9/11/2017: Lately, I've been really naughty around my neighbor, Walter. He’s often outside with his friends playing poker, and I’ll purposely be outside parading around naked. I’ll swim naked in my pool, or hang my wet clothes on the laundry line. I’ll play croquet in the nude. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and love to be naked and have people watch me. I totally get off on it. Walter, is a read Sex Story
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  9. When my ex fiance fucked two big black cocks

    9/11/2017: This story is about the time my fiance at the time Karmyn fucked two 18 year olds and made me watch. Me and karmyn were at karmyn's little b*****rs high shool grad. We ended up at a graduation after party. There were two 18 year olds that were checking out karmyn all day and night. She decided to approach the two young studs. After a bit of chit chat, karmyn was able to pick them up and bring them back to our place. both teens dropped their pants and had huge cocks. i then showed mine and came to realize i was no comparison to the boys lol. " See boys my man has baby dick" karmyn told them. A read Sex Story
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  10. Craigslist BBC for Nikki and John: Round 2

    9/11/2017: I ate Nikki's stretched, cum-filled pussy while she sucked his giant black cock back to life. I was loving the position I was in, my tongue deep in my wife's pussy, tasting & eating all his cum, while she's sucking his dick back to rock hard cock god status. She used the hand that wasn't playing with his huge black balls to grab my hair and pull me down hard onto her pussy, nice and low so I could get my tongue as deep as possible... but unfortunately blocking my view of her amazing bbc blowjob skills.It's okay, I thought,I'm gonna eat her pussy so fucking good until she moans and read Sex Story
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    9/11/2017: CUCK HUBBY IN CHASTITY Being locked in chastity can do plenty to a man. The longer he can't get free, the bigger the changes. "What do you think of these?" Bella wanted to know. "They're called Date Panties. 'Cheeky' style. Because they leave my butt cheeks showing." The curvaceous woman turned around so her husband could see the rear view. He opened and shut his mouth, throat so dry he couldn't speak. She was extremely sexy, with her long red-brown hair, generous bust, full hips, and gorgeously rounded bottom. The tiny panties showed off that last feature to great advantag read Sex Story
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  12. Master's Three-Hole Fuck Toy - Part One

    9/11/2017: Once upon a time, a Dom realized that he hadn't taken proper advantage of having a long-time friend and willing, submissive plaything nearby. He knew she wasn't really "his" sub - but also knew that Kitty's Primary Master had given him permission to borrow the curvy little play-slut in training. He knew Kitty wore a stainless steel butt plug on a regular basis and had been doing so for over a year. He had seen it in pictures, but not in real life. He also knew that sometimes, when Kitty was feeling particularly frisky, she'd wear what she called her "big girl plug" to work. When she w read Sex Story
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