1. My Girlfriend is a Prostitute

    6/26/2017: This is my first story, so constructive criticisms are welcome. This is a true story! My girlfriend and I have been dating since we were seniors in high school. We were accepted in different colleges on separate sides of the state. We kept in contact and for the most part we did not have any of the problems people seemed to have with long distance relationships. However, I did not know about her read Sex Story
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  2. I Love The Rain!

    6/26/2017: I started working for a very large resort and spa as a pool boy while waiting on my massage therapy license. The place was very large including several hotels, a convention center, exercise facility, restaurant, three fountains and 4 pools plus two 10 man hot tubs that kept me very busy. Several times while eating in the employees cafe', there was a woman about 10 years my senior that seemed to read Sex Story
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  3. At the Handicraft Shop

    6/25/2017: I really liked that shop. This big department store-like seven-story building in the middle of Tokyo had always had a magic appeal to me. Already some years ago, when I had been on an internet in Tokyo before, I was regularly on my pilgrimage to "Tokyu Hands". In the middle of the building always had been the metal department. A lot of things to stimulate your fantasy. And a lot of things you had to pay a fortune for in an online-sex-shop. That I liked bondage, especially when steel was involved, was not new neither to me nor to my best friends. In my younger years, at high scho read Sex Story
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  4. Upsetting the apple cart part 3

    6/25/2017: Jane woke up friday morning, full of the joys of spring, still glowing from the mind blowing sex the previous night. Her ass and pussy aching, but in a nice contented way, not like before. Her breasts and nipples hardly sore at all. As Jane showered, replaying the events of last night again, she could not believe the risks Steve took when it came to how and where he would have sex with her read Sex Story
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  5. Sisterhood of Sin -- 19 -- Clothed Females, Naked Husband

    6/25/2017: "Good evening, sisters, and welcome to the first of our new orientation courses for new sisters. Our goals are to help you to get the most out of your new relationship with us, and with your husband, and to inspire you, and maybe even him, to fully embrace our cause. Thank you all for volunteering to be our first focus group, to help us improve these new courses. Your feedback will be read Sex Story
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  6. My first time as a bottom and with a tranny

    6/24/2017: So this is the story about how i got my first experience being a bottom, and why it was with a tranny I was 18 and wanted to try being a bottom. For a long time I had experimented by myself at home with different things (hair brushes handles, screw drivers handles, ping pong paddles handles etc...) but I really wanted the real thing. I had the fantasy about sucking dick and getting fucked. I had been watching anal sex porn, gay porn and shemale porn for a long time, and always I thought the tranny porn was the best. The idea of having a beautiful woman fuck me was very very exiting for me read Sex Story
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  7. The coworker

    6/24/2017: You leave work and go to a work dinner. Only, it’s only you and one other person from work going. Jack. You are nervous about going, but you want to see him. You enjoy his company and you like him. He’s not your husband, but you can’t help it. You want to feel excitement again, and Jack definitely excites you. He’s smart, charming, and sexy. You’ve thought about him a lot lately read Sex Story
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  8. Getting to the Point.

    6/23/2017: Like anyone I can have my ‘bad’ moods. In my case, being a little conflicted and gender confused, it popped up once too often. A few months after Jack and I started dating – actually it was a true relationship by then – there was a period of adjustment needed; I didn’t see it but he did and, being a man, acted to put things back on track for us. It wasn’t the last time… We’d gone out for a nice dinner and I’d been a real bitch from the very beginning. I was just having a bad day and took it out on everyone. We had gone to our usual nice place and I was even being hard to deal w read Sex Story
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  9. Iron Man 2: Black Widow Bukkake

    6/23/2017: Tony Stark’s silver Audi screeches around a corner on it’s way to Hammer Industries. “When we arrive I need you to watch the perimeter” Natasha says as she pulls out her hair clips. “I’m gonna enter the facility and take down the target.” She unzips her shirt revealing her bra. The zipping sound draws the attention of the driver, Happy Hogan. He looks into the rear view mirror. Distracted he read Sex Story
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  10. Fucking must feel good to God too

    6/23/2017: Fucking must feel good to God too, and are we not created in his image? Maybe he even watches us fap in solitude because he's omnipresent. Oh well, but it isn't what this story needs to be on. It's not about love either, it's about lust that many people believe that it's love. It was the first day of college at the university and like everyone, Arnab was excited how his life would turn out to be read Sex Story
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  11. You and Azure, the Winter-Dragon

    6/22/2017: It was a cold winter morning, freezing to the bones for sure. You were wandering the streets alone, looking for someone specific, yet unknown. It was pure guts, and the simple knowledge that you knew he would be there. Despite coat, hat and even ear-warmers, you could feel the slashing cold wind slapping you right in the face, freezing your nose that it became totally numb - even the sensation of read Sex Story
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  12. More of Sarah (My Girlfriends Mom)

    6/22/2017: In my favorite overstuffed chair in the living room thinking of what has transpired the last week with breaking up with Cindy and the new found relationship I have gained with Sarah, Cindy’s mom. A week ago we had made love so many times I couldn’t be sure on the count? I had sequestered myself between my house and the boat I needed time to put the situation in order in my own head! The phone rang bringing me out of my day dreams, with no one else was home I had to get up and answer it. It was Sarah asking, would it was alright if she came by to visit? I said it was OK, she said about a half read Sex Story
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  13. Public Panty Change

    6/22/2017: Bisexual male - mmm threesome – crossdress - panties – braIt had been a couple of months since I'd met and dressed up for my sugar daddy. He'd had a lot of money and was willing to buy me any outfit I wanted, along with panties and makeup for the complete girly look. In exchange, of course, I dressed up and provided him with an afternoon of hot sex that had left my little girly hole stretched and aching. So, when he contacted me once more and suggested another day of shopping, I jumped at the opportunity. I made the usual preparations: shaved my girly hole smooth and rinsed myself o read Sex Story
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  14. Warcraft ERP: Worgen male x Gnome female.

    6/22/2017: Borain the worgen finds Hinko the slutty gnome by a mailbox, free for public use. Taken from our chat logs and formatted into a semi-story. Among the semi-business of Dalaran's streets, which in the past month had grown incredibly cosmopolitan with countless cultures and personalities intermixing, was a rather unnoticed gnome. A lewdly dressed thing, with a thong which rode up so high that it had no function as concealment, almost even bringing out her back-most hole to the eye. The only other cloth on her body, save for her thigh-high boots and stockings and gloves, was a terribly tight tu read Sex Story
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  15. My girlfriend's best friend

    6/21/2017: My girl and I were sleeping on an air mattress in Karen's livingroom, visiting the large city where she lived. I woke up in the middle of the night, slightly uncomfortable and thinking of the short, bubbly asian girl sleeping upstairs. The previous day she had been wearing a short skirt and platform heels the entire day, when I had met her, and nearly every subject we spoke on she connected with read Sex Story
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  16. Her Kink

    6/21/2017: Chapter 0: Love at first sight "If I was her boyfriend, I would never get bored of her." It was just three years ago that this exact thought entered my mind. The reason for this thought was nothing but half a second of eye contact. I had just started my second year of college. At the start of my first year I had promised myself to be a little more assertive and act with more self-confidence. In a read Sex Story
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  17. First time humiliated

    6/20/2017: Right before I meet my husband in 1980, I was out with some girlfriends drinking flirting with guys, we stopped off at a bar that was frequented by Americans, we had a few beers and a couple of shots, one guy a bit older than the rest, (18 to 22) he was around 30 kept hitting on me we danced , talked, played some pool, he would put his arm around me, brushing my boobs a lot, pat my ass, feel me up, we went back to our booth and sat down he put his hand on my knee, working it up my leg until he was under my skirt, his fingers brushed my pussy and it felt so good, I jumped up and excused mysel read Sex Story
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  18. A night of many firsts...

    6/20/2017: I was never a big hit with the girls in High School and I was a virgin by the time I graduated. Now with living at home and just working I didn't have a real chance to date. It was the 80's and I didn't have a computer yet and when I hit at the age of 18 I was able to go to the Adult bookstores and I was a k** in the candy store. Well I would gather up some masturbating supplies and race home to jerk off, some of the items I would get were the local swingers magazine. I figured that I wanted to get laid, the people in the magazine want to get laid and there is no B.S. with a teenage girl that read Sex Story
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  19. RENT

    6/20/2017: Sara needed to have a room to live in and the only way she could afford one is to offer sex. She had a room in the house of a man and his son. Every night one would come to her room and fuck her hard and long. Last night the man came in naked with a hard cock. He was usually good to for two long fuck sessions. Sara was young and broke but sexy. She had nice full tits and a great ass and a tight cunt. He pulled back her covers and sat beside her and began to suck on her nice round tit. He let his hand rub down to her pussy and then she felt two fingers go in her as he sucked on her big round ni read Sex Story
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  20. Ana and the movers gang

    6/19/2017: Anita and the movers gang After four months living in L.A., Anita and I finally decided to move to a bigger house in the suburbs, with a nice back yard and a pool. Ana called a movers company to help us. Early afternoon three young and muscled guys came in a big truck and quickly began to load all our stuff. They were two huge black guys and a Latino type one. We moved things for about two hours into our new home until almost everything was in. All of us guys sat on the couch in the living room as Anita finished unpacking some small things in the kitchen. We talked for a while w read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Mature, Voyeur, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster