1. The Return Trip

    11/17/2018: While parts of this story are taken from real life experiences it is mainly fantasy, and if you happen to have read my previous story "Visitors from abroad", the 1st part could make a little more sense. I apologise in advance for a long piece of non-sex action. The next 12 months passed very slowly. This was before the days of texting and internet messengers, and international phone calls cost an read Sex Story
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  2. On my stomach.

    11/17/2018: We walk into her bedroom and she shuts the door. My heart is beating faster than normal. I'm nervous and excited. I've fantasized about this moment for years. "Strip", She says with confidence and authority. It sounds louder than it was in the quiet. I immediately take all my clothes off, my cock quickly filling with bl**d. I put the clothes on a nearby chair, and then stand next to the bed. She walks next to me with her front facing my side. I feel her lean into me. Her clothes touch my bare skin. My nakedness becomes highlighted by this. She is clearly in charge. I'm startled by the read Sex Story
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  3. who knew daddy little girl loved me so much

    11/17/2018: well my story begin with my 30 year old daughter Brandi she has allway been day little girl she has grown and a beautiful woman i would say is 36d 22 36 with beautiful follow red hair and my best friend. she was brought to me one night by here beautiful asst oh did i tell my daughter is a lawyer but anyway her asst is named kelly another beautiful young lady i think she would be in her early 20,s 5; tall 36c 22 34 with beautiful blond hair anyway Kelly brought Brandi to my house because she had to much to drink a party and i mean she was really d***k they come in and we all had a glass of wine read Sex Story
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  4. Sluts for Black Men

    11/15/2018: I woke up to the sound of my mother having a orgasm, so I got up on my dresser and looked through the air vent in my bedroom that also went to her bedroom. I new what I would see, this was Wednesday so she would be fucking the guy with the monster cock and his friend. Monster cock was fucking Mom and the other guy was stroking his cock waiting his turn. monster cock started to have his orgasm, I read Sex Story
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  5. My Sexy Cousins (Part 1)

    11/15/2018: This all started when my cousin Liz would babysit me. It was in the summer and I was 6, so my mom would drop me off at Liz’s apartment while she would go to work. Now let me tell you about my cousin Liz, she was 5’7, 128 lbs, brown curly hair and c cup boobs. However at the time I did not realize how beautiful and sexy she was, I was too busy playing video games. But when I would get dropped off read Sex Story
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  6. Falling into slavery: Chapter 1 & 2

    11/15/2018: Chapter 1 I was looking forward to my afternoon alone at home. The boss let everyone out early for the weekend; my wife wouldn't be home for several hours and my daughter Elli should be out with friends since today was Friday. The whole drive home I thought about my chance to surf the web for porn and masturbate a couple times. My daughter's backpack and shoes sat inside the front door and upon read Sex Story
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  7. The Stallion Cult: Introduction

    11/15/2018: I was standing alone on the balcony on what must have been one of the nicest houses I had ever been in. My friend Matt had asked me if I wanted to help waiter his father's party and I jumped on the idea of some extra cash. I had saved for ages but was still stuck working minimum wage jobs at Coles and Blockbuster. I was only at that job for about two months when Matt gave me the opportunity to read Sex Story
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  8. Chat with a girl from belarus.

    11/15/2018: Connected to somebody. Location: Belarus Languages: English, german : hi : beautiful photo : thx, you also : where was it made? : thx : uhh : northshore germany : nice sixpack :-) : thank you:) you have nice body too : look like a model : :-) : are you? : no... : you seem to be high : whats your height? : 175cm : wow great! : love it : long handsome legs : long legs XD : thx : im 178cm : ohh also tall! : cool : yeah : will be a good pair on tht beach lol : lol :-) : how old you are? : 35 : you? : 28 :-) : older : good ;-) : you are cute : you are read Sex Story
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  9. Sister-in-law 3

    11/14/2018: I finally got my senses back as I looked into the monitor and saw them getting their clothes on. I realized I had to act fast. I grabbed the monitor and shut it off. Then went into the kitchen and put it on the counter. I decided to go by the kids in the playroom, and beelined it to the bathroom. As I entered it, The ladies were coming downstairs. As they passed the bathroom, I quickly ran up the read Sex Story
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    11/14/2018: I could hear that the shower was running when I woke up, the slut had decided that she needed to get cleaned up after her gangbang. As I entered the bathroom she was drying herself, you could still see the faint writing on her body from the marker pens. I looked at her then asked. "What the fuck was all that about, letting three black men fuck you?" She began to cry as she told her story. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself, they were at the club the girls took me to. I was slightly d***k when they began to dance with me, they all took turns and kept on telling me what they wanted to read Sex Story
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  11. The Devil's Pact, Hell Chronicles Chapter 7: Lilith

    11/14/2018: The Devil's Pact, The Hell Chronicles by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter Seven: Lilith Chantelle Paquet-Holub – The Abyss “I am Superman!” the brawny, naked man roared as he flew forward, zipping across the sulfur plain. With my dancer reflexes, I dodged to the left as Lana threw herself to the right. I rolled across the sulfurous dust, spitting the rotten substance out of my mouth as I came read Sex Story
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  12. Going Back to School - Part 1

    11/14/2018: Chapter 1 When I lost my job last year I had no idea what was next. I had a bachelor's degree in English, but it wasn’t doing me any good when it came to finding a job. I'd been working in a niche industry for over six years and I didn’t really know where to begin looking for a whole new career. After a couple months of searching I realized the only way I was going to make the money I needed to read Sex Story
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