1. The Summer Job I'll Never Forget - Part 1

    12/16/2016: THE SUMMER JOB I’LL NEVER FORGET As I finished my last final exam for the year, I was thinking of where to get a job this summer so I could continue to pay for my college education. By now, I usually had an idea what I would do, but so far, I hadn’t found any opportunities. I turned in my test and left the classroom and walked a short distance to a bench and sat down. It’s a beautiful Spring day read Sex Story
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  2. Heather's Special Weekend

    12/16/2016: Heather awoke on this Friday morning ready to begin her daily routine. The 21 yr old beauty had her usual breakfast of juice, fruit and a toasted muffin. She then put hair back into a short pony tail and got into her jogging suit and shoes for her usual run. As she began to run; she thought about her day. Heather was a real estate agent for her uncle Don's agency. She was doing quite well in real read Sex Story
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  3. A quick stop in the middle of nowhere

    12/16/2016: A quick stop in the middle of nowhere One evening Anita and I were driving in the highway, coming back from a rock band concert out of town, when she asked me to stop at a rest place. She got out of the car and asked me to follow her. She whispered she was so fucking horny that night… I fucked her in one of the stalls in the ladies room. It was pretty cool, especially with other women coming in and out of the restroom the whole time. We could hear them doing their business and talking to each other. After we were finished, we went back to our car. Even though we had just finished fuc read Sex Story
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  4. Legal brothel

    12/16/2016: When I was in my early 20's, I got a chance to travel cross country working as a mover. The money I earned sucked but I got to see all kinds of new shit, partied and had a blast. One of the cool things I saw was one of the few legal brothels in Nevada. At the time I was sexually in my prime, and I had a smoking hot petite girlfriend at home. I usually only played with skinny chicks if I could help it. When I walked into that little hole in the wall, I immediately thought it wasn't for me. The driver I worked for asked me if I wanted to go try it, but when I saw all the fat women working there read Sex Story
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  5. College Annual Day Fun With Angel Of Class

    12/15/2016: This story happened in 2006 on college annual day. I was 18 yrs old then and studying my diploma in mechanical engineering. Her name was sarayu (name change). As it was mechanical department there were only few girls and sarayu is an angel in our class. I was the class topper then and everyone had a good impression on me. At that time I was a virgin and those were my early masturbation days. I used to jerk off daily 4 times and believe me my dick was really hungry ;). Few read Sex Story
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  6. Express action: The Office Party

    12/15/2016: The office party never got beyond the boring stage. They never do when senior management pretend they are just part of the team like the rest of us wage salary slaves. No share bonuses in the company for us. I think we were celebrating ten years of the international business in Sydney, so some bright spark decided it should be on the tenth floor. My heels were killing me. I wanted a relaxing spa bath. I needed some quiet personal down time after completing a deadline review just before six. And here I was clock watching at seven-thirty, thinking a polite exit would be okay at eight. I’d cal read Sex Story
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  7. Sex Clubs

    12/15/2016: Jack and Sara were married over forty years. They now have twelve grown c***dren. Jack loved to brag about keeping his bride knocked up. He said all he had to do was get a hard-on and she was full of a baby again. Sara always said fucking Jack's thick cock was a pleasure. Since they are alone they have all the time to really satisfy their sex fantasies. They moved to a private sex community where sex was often and fun. They had key swapping and nude sex parties. They also belonged to a swingers club and attended two sex clubs. At the last sex party a wife was chosen and she was put in the read Sex Story
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  8. Preacher's Sinful Daughter Chapter 6: Sinning for the Cameras

    12/15/2016: Becoming Daddy's Good Girl Chapter Six: Sinning for the Cameras By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Discovering my preacher father was a hypocrite had awakened me to the sexual desires I had suppressed. As I watched him through the window of his church office at Thousand Oaks Methodist fucking the redheaded Donna Paxtor, married to Deacon Bill Paxtor, I realized how the adults in my life had lied to read Sex Story
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  9. Fucked my mother in law this morning

    12/14/2016: Well I got a phone call at 8 this morning it was the ex mother in law, she said are u ok yes I said why will u call, yes in a about a hour ok she says I cock was big & hard I knew what she was after, I got there to her flat & went in, when she heard the door she shouted me in the bedroom she was laid in bed, she pulled the cover off her & said do u like this I looked at her tits then her cunt the dirty bitch had shaved yes I said & put my hand on her mound it was all smooth I push my finger down her crack she was all wet I bend my head kissed her on the mouth when started to suck her tits her read Sex Story
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  10. ( 4 ) we hold another orgy

    12/14/2016: Last Saturday night we had a great orgy at Steve's place, with lots of guys and 3 dogs, so we called Steve to see if he was free one nigt for some more fun, and to bring his dog along too, we made sure a lot of our guys were invited too. So when the guys started to arrive, Joy made sure they were kept busy, her pussy and ass ready for them to use, it also didn't take me long to get a cock rammed read Sex Story
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  11. Valkyries hentai experience

    12/13/2016: As Valkyrie was being pulled along the floor by the small rock shelled creatures, she had no idea what the creature they were taking him too would look like, would it have tentacles or legs? And then the rock creatures left her, and she was stuck. Then the rock creatures left, and the cavern became larger, as a creature unraveled. The creatures long tentacles unraveled and moved around the cave, read Sex Story
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  12. Church Tales with Rachel and Amy

    12/12/2016: Ok, church this week was held in a high school. As I walked up, I thought about my high school years. I spend some time fantasizing about fucking one of the few hot woman at my school. Even some of the teachers were a create fantasy. Once inside, I walked about to learn what has changed since my time. John saw me and walked over. We chatted a bit, and joked about last week. Soon the music started and the masses all moved into the gym for the service. The service went rather quicker this time, in part to see if there was going to be some after church action. Everyone moved into the next room f read Sex Story
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