1. My Ebony Mistress

    11/13/2018: I met her at the bar across town. She was wearing all black leather from head to toe. Her name was Alisha, she was 5'8 with long shoulder length black hair, with big brown hypnotic eyes i could get lost in for hours. When i first laid my eyes upon her i knew i had to have her and i would do ANYTHING to make it happen. I walked to the barand introduced myself "Hi my name is james. How are you this evening?" She looked me up and down smiled and laughed then said "Hi i'm Alisha, i'm doing well thank you." I bought her and myself a drink then after about 20 mins of getting to know each read Sex Story
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  2. d***ken night with my best mates s****r.

    11/13/2018: Heavily debated whether or not to share this story, but to be honest, its too good not to! I won't use real names, for obvious reasons. So we'll call my best mate "Jack" I've known Jack since I was about 8, went through little school, secondary & college together. I've known his f****y nearly as long, always treated them as my own & they've always looked after me. There's times I'd pop round to see Jack & end up having a drink with his old man or chatting to his mum or his s****r. His s****r, "Becky" was 3 years younger than us, but WOW she never looked it! Even when we were at school, read Sex Story
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  3. Strap-on Threesome with our New Sub

    11/13/2018: We've fantasized about sharing our bed with a stranger, and even talked about how exciting it would be. I've been talking with several subs online to try to select the perfect one. He must be submissive in nature and body language, yet be sexually experienced enough to actively participate with us in bed. I'm attracted to subs who have athletic bodies without a lot of hair who have a sweet, vulnerability about them. After talking to one online, we arrange to have him come to my home late one Friday night. He comes to the door with his head bowed and I answer the door in my black peignoi read Sex Story
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  4. Beer, boats & blowjobs!

    11/11/2018: A couple weeks after the baseball game with Gail, her son & daughter in law (my former step b*****r & s****r in law) were having a little get together for their side of the f****y and Gail mentioned it to me. Since it was her side, my ex wouldn't be there. I had nothing going on that day I figured I'd spend the day there eating, drinking, and enjoying the sun. A little about Gail's son & daughter in law. Her son, Jeff, is a borderline train wreck. He works, and is very good at his job, but when he's not at work he likes to smoke weed, eat pills (pain killers & muscle relaxers are his thing read Sex Story
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  5. The Devil's Pact Chapter 34: The Whore of Babylon

    11/10/2018: The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Thirty-Four: The Whore of Babylon Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. Monday, July 22nd, 3:27 AM - Babylon Residence, Seattle, WA “Push, Karen!” Chantelle shouted as she gripped my hands. I was confused, in pain. I had been in labor for nearly a day and I was so tired. The last few weeks had been a blur as I read Sex Story
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  6. Son of an escort girl - Part 3

    11/10/2018: I've told you few words about my mom's best friend, her coworker, already. She babysitted me when I was little, if my mom had to work, and nowadays, we have a lot of fun together. I'm a grown up, so it's legal, and I just love these experienced ladies, and moms especially. They just aren't like those girls my age, that get a cock in their mouth and don't know what to do with it, and they don't read Sex Story
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  7. A business travel to Lisboa

    11/10/2018: A business travel to Lisboa I had a business appointment at Lisboa and then I suggested my sweet Ana if she wanted to come with me. It would be just three days, but I was sure it would be enough for her to enjoy a nice view of that beautiful city. The first afternoon I was free and then we made a good walk downtown. After dinner I was a little bit tired and told Ana I would go to bed. She was still in a good mood and told me she would go down to the hotel lobby to have a last drink and enjoy listening a pianist playing there. She came back at five o´clock. I turned on the lights when she read Sex Story
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  8. Wife Sue deceived by her husband and his friend

    11/9/2018: We are both second timers and prior to our marriage both had a number of affairs. Sue is tall, early forties and not skinny but has still a very slim waist and flat stomach. Her 36" bust means breasts that are big enough for a good handful but they still hang nicely and sway deliciously as she walks bra-less. She has large brown aureoles and quite large and very sensitive nipples which go rock read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Anal, Domination / Submission, Humiliation, Author: maxyorks, Source: sexstories.com
  9. The Family Reunion

    11/9/2018: The family reunion was better than most. As usual, it was held on the old family farm inherited after the death of my grandparents. Uncle Harry had taken it upon himself to add some improvements. The 100 year old cinder block farmhouse was basically untouched. It sat roughly in the center of three acres of farm buildings. Typical of that long ago era, the house had an enormous kitchen. It was half read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Mature, Older, Spanking, Author: Schaka, Source: sexstories.com
  10. The Subway

    11/9/2018: The Subway ©Shyblueeyes1968 2016(Interracial, gangbang, FMMMM, oral, anal, voyeur, reluctant, birthday surprise)Summary – it’s a warm summers evening, the sun as just dipped below the horizon, and in the twilight, a woman stands at the top of some concrete steps that lead down to a subway. Sara is a woman with dark desires that leads her into dangerous places in search of fulfilment. Sara paused at the top of the concrete steps, which led down to the subway. She glanced around and shivered, her skin had goose bumps despite it being a warm summer’s night. But read Sex Story
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  11. Steven part 2

    11/9/2018: I was surprised to get a call from work one afternoon from Steven. It had only been four or five days since that hotel incident. It had taken a few days to recover. He asked how I was and if he could call me at home. I gave him my number. Steven called me late that night. He went on and on how great a time he had with me and wanted to know if I liked it too. I was honest and said the money helped with the pain. Steven listened to me as I went over the things I liked and disliked about the experience. He then asked if I'd be willing to meet one of his friends at the hotel. I really wasn't sure read Sex Story
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  12. Daddy's Little Slut

    11/8/2018: Walking up the driveway of her well-manicured home, Naya carried a stack of books that seemed much heavier in the sweltering heat of the afternoon sun. She was thirsty and grabbing a cold soda from the refrigerator was her top priority. The vision of her stepfather, Rob, washing his car gave her pause as she stopped to watch him dip the orange sponge into a bucket of soapy water, then splash read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Author: Simmerdownchick, Source: LushStories