1. His girlfriend's ass

    9/18/2018: My previous sexual partner was a bit, shall we say, fragile. She talked a big game but whenever we had sex she would quite often split and it was quite painful for her. After we split up and I started dating Jess, I was still used to being as gentle as humanly possible during sex that I didn't even realise that she wasn't enjoying our encounters as much as she could. Sure she orgasmed, always during foreplay and often from penetration, but I didn't realise how much better it could be. One night we had been out at a friends and I had d***k several too many Stellas, I was a little wobbly a read Sex Story
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  2. My sib made me a sub (Part 4)

    9/16/2018: I couldn’t believe my luck. I was waking up next to an angel! The best part about it was she wasn’t put up to it by my sister. Sure Susan did that a lot in the past, I really liked Amy and she really liked me. She didn’t force me to be tied up. It was agreed that if I disliked what she was doing, she would stop. The weird thing about the situation was when my tension was released it felt like read Sex Story
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  3. Summer Work with Benefits Part 5

    9/16/2018: Part 5 Summer Work with Benefits John was now fucking two very hot women and also trying to keep up his lawn maintenance business. Tuesday he took care of Jill and Thursday he did Mary and DID is not the full description of the job. Things had gone a couple of weeks doing both women on their respective day when things took a big change. Mary and Jill have been having their own sex parties on read Sex Story
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  4. Miss Kim

    9/16/2018: It was the middle of the summer, and Shirley, Marsha, JJ and her s****r Claudia and Claudia's two daughters were taking their annual 2 week vacation in North Carolina at her parent's house. This left me all alone, a bachelor again. Claudia lived in Northern Virginia and had driven down Saturday so that they could pull out Sunday morning. After they had left I spent the rest of the day laying around munching on snacks, sl**ping, and just doing whatever I wanted. The week was going mostly the same way, I would get home from work, strip down to tee shirt and shorts. I would lay around enjoyin read Sex Story
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  5. Мой первый мужчина

    9/16/2018: Привет. Я расскажу реальную историю о том как я стала женщиной. Сейчас мне уже почти сорок лет, но события того лета до сих пор свежи в моей памяти. Мне было 18 лет и я был высоким и стройным юношей. Но широкие бёдра и узкая грудная клетка отличали меня от моих атлетически сложенных ровесников. Я был романтичным и нежным и в отличии от них не интересовался футболом и мотоциклами. Я любил читать и смотреть мелодрамы и любовные истории, а на красивых и сильных мужчин смотрел с замиранием сердца. Так как я с детства считала себя девочкой, то повествование буду вести именно так. Один такой м read Sex Story
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  6. My Week In Puerto Rico - part II

    9/15/2018: My Week In Puerto Rico – part II This Story Is 100% Fiction We reached Ari’s home. By this time she had fallen asl**p. Even while she slept I kneaded her tits. Before we got to her house I woke her up so she do up her shirt. She reached back to the back seat to retrieve her bra which she stuffed into her purse. We parked and I helped her out of the truck. I walked her to her home. She opened the door. I was going to leave when she grabbed my head and gave me a very passionate kiss. I search her mouth with my tongue. She broke the kiss and asked me if I would spend the night with her. We read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Taboo, Author: BlueKnight1974, Source: xHamster
  7. The Ugly Duckling Pt. 1

    9/15/2018: Have you ever heard the story of the ugly duckling? The one that is bullied around by the other kids because it is different or ugly but in the end turns into a beautiful swan? Yeah I guess that’s me in some way. Although I never turned into a beautiful swan nor did my appearance changed over the time, I turned into something else by getting to know my desires and how to please them. Today I don’t read Sex Story
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  8. Soccer Practice. Clarinet Rehearsal. Anal Practice

    9/15/2018: Soccer Practice. Clarinet Rehearsal. Anal Practice. Ballet Recital. Dinner. Homework. It's 4:25pm, and she's still lively as she trots to the van. How I admire her youth. Had I gone through a full day of classes only to follow up with an intense soccer practice, I would already be physically spent. But not her. And the day is only half done. She hops into the backseat, a huge smile on her face with sweat and grass stains on her side. This was her favorite activity of the day. Maybe second favorite. There is no time to wash the earthy smell off of her as clarinet rehea read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Taboo, Author: cornball, Source: xHamster
  9. What Girls Want

    9/14/2018: “Riley, I’m so jealous of you,” Danielle said as she lay on my bed looking up from her phone. “I’d give anything to have a body like yours. Just look at your fucking tits. They’re huge.” My best friend ogled my naked body for a moment while I tried on some of the clothes she brought over for me. “Put on this one.” She tossed me a red t-shirt with a white heart on the front. I’ll never get this read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Incest, Teen, Author: Lustral33, Source: sexstories.com
  10. My sib made me a sub (Part 5) (The gang banging of jim)

    9/14/2018: Amy continued to screw me the best way she knew how. I shook with excitement every time the vibe contacted my prostrate, followed by my moans of ecstasy. Carefully Amy found the spot that was driving me crazy, and then concentrated on it. I moaned panted and grunted but Amy never relented; my cock sprayed Jennifer’s face, Amy and Alice laughed at her peril. I was still being fucked so the read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Coercion, Group Sex, Toys, Author: pillow humper, Source: sexstories.com

    9/14/2018: White women love black cock My name for this story is J I played football and basketball for a local high school in rural Texas, we were pretty good we won our district a couple of tomes but never advanced to the state finals. During my school years I dated a lot of white girls as well as black girls from my school but I prefer the white girls. I am now going to tell you why I prefer white girls simple fact is they suck cock much better than black girls. With just a very few exceptions black girls don't like the taste of sperm where as white girls can't seem to get enough. This is my t read Sex Story
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  12. The camping trip

    9/13/2018: I was born and lived in a small town till I was a teen. We moved to a large city where my father found a good paying job, and unfortunately found his new wife. (That's another story) I was a member of the Boy Scouts when I was in the small town, and thought I'd join a troop here. Unlike in the town which had only one troop, there were many here. Each about six to seven miles apart. After checking out a few I decided to join one a few of my classmates went to. It was a larger troop then the one I was in earlier. They had camp outs nearly every weekend. Most of the time we went to a central camp read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Fetish, Gay, Author: fengunn, Source: xHamster