1. Michelle's Mom Seduces Me (repost)

    9/17/2017: Michelle Helps her Mom Seduce Me Michelle and I are sl**ping in her bedroom when her mom comes in to wake us up since it was almost 4pm..Last night we had sex on the subway Michelle got up and went to the bathroom."So you and Michelle must have had a wild night huh.! You both came home at 7 am."Her mom says to me."Why do you ask" I replied. "Because your cock is hard still. I see one of the reasons Michelle loves you r cock is pretty big”She replies as she pulls off the sheet exposing me naked. First before I continue let me describe Michelle's mom to you all. Her mom is Irish she has read Sex Story
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  2. Sex with coworker

    9/17/2017: My 15 year marriage ended in divorce. Of course I gotbinto another relationship right away that ended after about 3 months. A work convention was the last place I wanted to be. Past conventions had been boring and uneventful. Upon arriving at the hotel the first day the "team building" exercises (getting d***k) were underway. The small bar in the hotel was filling up quickly as the night went on. Met some people from another dept in the company and we decided to get a big booth. As we all sat down I noticed a beautiful woman in a tight shirt and short shorts and another guy walking towards the read Sex Story
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  3. A Little Trap Whore Gets What She Asked For

    9/16/2017: Hi Folks, please vist my page herehttps://xhamster.com/user/lossst. Please read and look at it. I f you like what I said and have, then send me an invite and the PM I ask for in my "About Me"Okay Here we go! Folks, the way I act in this story was requested by the person who asked me to write it for her. So if I seem a little brutal, that is what the person wanted in the story A girl who I work with really flattered me. Sammie my supervisor, we get along well except for one time she berated me in front of the whole office. I felt like 2 cents and it made me mad read Sex Story
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  4. The Boy next door -5

    9/16/2017: After I got inside and ran up to my room, i slammed my door closed behind me. I went to my window and closed the curtains so I couldn't see outside. I laid down on my bed. Shoes and all. And began crying. I can't believe he did that. Everything, everyone said was true. Blake is a fucking whore. For all i know, i could have AIDS or HIVS. Oh god please no. As i laid there, my crying had stopped and read Sex Story
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  5. My biggest fantasy, sharing my sub gf at nude beac

    9/16/2017: This is just a fantasy and not a true story ( yet ), I have always fantasied about going to nude beaches and fucking in open but when I got into Dom/Sub play years ago that fantasy changed a lot. I have been a Dominate to most of my partners, wives with or without their husbands and single women over the years and if you have seen my other stories you would know of my experiences in the past. Everything from swinging to public sex, watching and being watched and owning many subs and I never ask or expect a sub to do anything she is not into or willing to try. My favorite is to s read Sex Story
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  6. Suprise mmf

    9/16/2017: We had a few fuck sessions a few times at this motel before. I paid for the room and waited for her to show up with a freshly shaved throbbing cock, balls and ass. I was surprised when she showed up with another dude. We had discussed possible mmf, mmff & mff fantasies before, my cock throbbed even more considering what might take place. I sat on the bed as they came in and settled in. She looked hot in a short skirt & what I was sure was stockings. I couldn't wait to find out. He excused himself to the bathroom, she told me "let's give him a surprise". She pulled down my shorts, as I just read Sex Story
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  7. First time gay

    9/15/2017: When I was younger 18 my friends told me about getting guys to suck there cock at the cinema. So I went think this will be fun, anyway I went to the back row it was almost empty. After a while a guy came in and sat at the side of he said hi after a few minutes he opened his coat there was his cock not hard but big. I reached over and touched it, it liked the attention as it got hard it was was getting larger so I started to wank it moving up and down as I usually did with mine. It was impressive a full 8" and thick. He then placed his hand on my head and pushed my head down, I didn't know read Sex Story
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  8. Chapter 1 Sandras new life - Sandra sold for drugs

    9/15/2017: Chapter 1 Sandra's new life - Sandra sold for drugs Please not this story is 100% not real Sandra was a troubled girl she drinks smokes lives in a bad area got brought up with the wrong crowd in a drug fueled rage. She lived with her mother she has been on drugs ever since she could remember she didint have much of a connection with her mother she was always getting hit by past boyfriends read Sex Story
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  9. Bi Hubby Busted at Bookstore part 3- Night at the

    9/14/2017: Disclaimer: All events and persons in the following story are ficticious. End of part 2- My cock was hard again. She began sucking it as we 69'ed. She was thrusting her hips on my face. I heard her say, "Oh fuck I'm cumming." At the same moment she stuck my cock in her mouth and I came for the second time in five minutes. She continued to face fuck me with her crotch and kept sucking my jizz into her mouth. After a moment of post-orgasm bliss, my wife dismounted my head and turned to face me. She lowered her mouth to mine and kissed me as my cum drooled from her mouth to mine. Our read Sex Story
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  10. My first time anal sex...

    9/14/2017: So, I'm 23 years old, and still was young and pretty and more naïve. My boyfriend, shall we call it "Dick" (pun intended) was, for the millionth time annoying me about how if I wanted to prove my love to him would surely give him the chance to fuck my ass out. I didn't have anything against anal sex, in fact I always wanted to try it out and usually be turned way on with porn vids about anal sex, read Sex Story
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  11. Yvonne after Steve:"The Plumber & the Rugby Team

    9/14/2017: We left off the first story of Steve and Yvonne after Yvonne talked with the children and told her husband, Rob, that she was going to be serving as a sex slave for a full five months. Yvonne and Steve went back into the kitchen for a cup of tea and Steve said "Five months? Are you really ready to live here with me for five months?" Yvonne replied "If you'll have me that long." Steve smiled and read Sex Story
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  12. Patio Blow Job

    9/14/2017: Suk and I were enjoying the warm evening out on her patio. With the house on one side vacant and one of the guys we were having sex with living on the other side, we were comfortable wearing nothing but our birthday suits. We were not expecting any company that evening. About an hour later Wes, the neighbor who joined our little sex group a few months ago, suddenly appeared over the fence to say hello. He had been out of town and we did not expect him to return till later than Sunday evening. We invited him over to have some tea with us. He took a quick shower and came over wearing just a r read Sex Story
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