1. ( pt 1a) A boat trip with benefits

    7/17/2016: A week or so ago, a guy I know who was best man at a up coming wedding, told me he was arranging the stag night and they were hiring a boat and some strippers for a night of fun, I said it would be better if you had a woman who would take you all on and more, he laughed and said yes it would be, but didn't want to pay a pro as most of the guys were single, some married of course and about 30 or so read Sex Story
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  2. Birds of a Feather, Chapter 10

    7/15/2016: Birds of a Feather, Chapter 10 (Good News and the group grows larger) All of us except Al and Helga moved over to the large tables near the pool. Al and Helga went into the house and returned shortly with a couple bottles of wine, glasses and a tray of sandwiches. We didn’t bother to set down, instead we all poured a glass of wine and selected one of the sandwiches. We just talked and mingled, the read Sex Story
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  3. ( 1 ) our first big orgy

    7/14/2016: I met Joy just before her 16th birthday, she was beautifull, and sexy, we fucked the first night we met. I made a mistake by going out with an old flame, but rather than get anger at me, she met one of my mates and fucked him, the scene was set for our swinging life stlye. She told me, that when she was about 14, one of her boyfriends had taken her out, then him and his mates gangbanged her, she read Sex Story
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  4. Rose and I go clubing

    7/11/2016: It was Saturday and I was feeling horny, Grant was away for a few days, at a all male orgy with his mates and I needed a fuck, so I called a lady friend Rose and asked her if she was game to go clubing with me, she knows we often end up getting fucked when we go out, so she quickly said yes. I got myself cleaned out, shaved my pussy and found a nice sheer dress to put on, with heels and nothing read Sex Story
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  5. Valentine’s Day Rimjob

    7/4/2016: The first time I rimmed my wife was an experience we both will never forget. It forever changed our sex life for the better. This event took place on the Valentine’s Day before I proposed to her. Let me explain a little bit about us. For a very long time, I had sealed my heart away. I dated some fucked up bitches when I was young and dumb. I was raised in Hawaii with influences from Eastern read Sex Story
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  6. Allison and Alexis Caught

    7/3/2016: Allison and Alexis were walking home from a late party. They would have to walk halfway across the city, but would take two hours. "Hey, let's take a shortcut through here. We won't have to make as many turns or wait for lights", Alexis said. "I don't know...I don't like the way this place looks", Allison said. "oh come on", she said "I've seen this place all the time. We could probably get back read Sex Story
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  7. Putting A Bitch In Her Place

    7/1/2016: Prologue Evan White was the happiest man in the world. He was about to marry the love of his life, Leila Powell. They met a couple of years back. It was like something straight out of a movie. The whole love at first sight story. He asked her out and she accepted. As they dated, he started to notice that he was falling in love with her and felt that she just might be the one. She was very read Sex Story
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  8. Cumming up Trumps Part 5

    6/30/2016: Trump paced a circle around the Oval Office it was 6:00am and he had managed a half hour snooze on the way back to the White House. He was used to getting little to no sleep, when he was on the campaign trail there were weeks where he survived on as little as ten hours sleep. He was awaiting the morning briefing from his Chief of Staff, Alan Saltmayor. This usually happened at 5:00am but Alan was read Sex Story
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  9. The second round

    6/30/2016: After the first time at the office me and Stephanie had been going pretty steady. We weren't dating, we were just fuck buddies. We would meet up once or twice a week at night or before school and have a little fun. During our time together we got to know each other a little better. Stephanie explained that she wasn't a shemale, that she was born a girl but with a penis, and how a large penis was read Sex Story
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  10. Step Daughter

    6/27/2016: Step Daughter Sharon was nine years of age when her Mother and I married. There was no difference to her and any other child her age, well nothing I could put my finger on. But I just didn’t like her very much. Don’t get me wrong, I tried my hardest to be a good Dad but we just never got on. Her natural Father didn’t live too far away and she would run off to his house if a decision were made at read Sex Story
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  11. The Devil's Pact Chapter 43: The Hidden Place

    6/21/2016: Xiu and I were lying in Their rumpled bed, Divine Mark's passion cooling inside me and Divine Mary's passion covering Xiu's face, when He proclaimed the First Commandment of the Theocracy: “You shall not make Pacts with Demons.” I wrote furiously on a notepad, then She gave the Second Commandment: “You shall place no Gods before us, for they are false.” –The Gospel of April 41:51-52 Friday, read Sex Story
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  12. Deryk (2) - If Kilts Are Your Thing.......

    6/20/2016: During a short summer break, I was spending a week driving around the west of Scotland and had booked a couple of nights on the Isle of Skye. For years considered a dramatic destination with romantic overtones, nowadays of course you don’t so much go “over the sea to Skye” as you go “over the bridge” to it – paying a hefty toll for the privilege - and this does tend to diminish the sense of read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Domination / Submission, Extreme, Gay, Hardcore, Monster, Violence, Author: Bulge Voyeur, Source: sexstories.com