1. Awakenings Ch. 08

    1/14/2018: We smiled at each other and then Jeanne gave me another quick kiss and asked, "Are you ready to try a little butt fucking?" "I am, but before we start I have another suggestion to make." "What is it?" "If you really are going to be Trent Peter's slut, don't you think you should let him have your rear too?" "No, Michael, I want to reserve that for you. You gave me permission to lick read Sex Story
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  2. Brad the bully seduces my mom - Part 3

    1/13/2018: All characters are 18 years or older. Chapter 16: Sunday In the morning, I went downstairs to join my mom for breakfast. I hadn't slept very well. I kept running over the events in my head. I'd get turned on thinking of my mom posing in her sexy sleeping gown, and then I'd remember that Brad was coming over and get filled with dread. Then back to the sexy images of my mom, then the terrible things read Sex Story
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  3. Ashley's Needs

    1/12/2018: My reflection in the mirror was not impressive. Balding, small nose, square glasses and a beer belly looked back at me. I used a small scissor to cut the hair sticking out of my nose and then stepped back. My cock came into view in the mirror and I sighed at the size of it. I couldn’t even see it due to my belly, and it was the mix of a small cock and a big belly that prevented it. The read Sex Story
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  4. Always Faithful - Chapter Four

    1/11/2018: Chapter Four – Unfaithful Once Again During her morning shower, Laura realized she had a problem. 'Today is Thursday,' she thought out loud, and then added silently, I promised Greg lunch. Even worse, I promised to wear those sexy things for him. I don’t really want to do lunch with Greg today, Dan seems so vulnerable. How do I get out of here today wearing those things? I can’t let Dan read Sex Story
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  5. Second Honeymoon - Chapter 6

    1/9/2018: Karl was shocked and resistant when I told him Dimitri would be staying with us for the few days, until his residence was ready. I took him by the hand and said, "We have guest rooms, plenty of time, space to entertain and a wonderful chance for our friends to meet someone of another culture. I can't wait to get to know Dimitri even better." I saw Karl’s objection coming. I knew how read Sex Story
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  6. Older Man Samples Lynn - Chapter 3

    1/5/2018: Charles and my wife lead the way to his bedroom. The bedroom also has a good view. Charles has a king size four poster bed. Against one wall he has positioned a mirror. The covers and sheets are pulled back. There are two pillows stacked in the center. He is obviously prepared. Charles and Lynn passionately kiss standing next to the bed. I cup one of her ass cheeks while Charles cups read Sex Story
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  7. Half-A-Cuck

    1/3/2018: “Asshole”, I yelled out the window, while simultaneously honking my horn at the car that whizzed by me. People can be so rude during the afternoon ride home, I thought. I went back to surfing my preset Sirius XM channels. I heard snippets of a blues song, 90’s pop music, politics and hip-hop music. I settled on hip-hop music. After adjusting myself in the seat, I added fifteen-mph to the read Sex Story
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  8. Awakenings Ch. 07

    1/2/2018: Jeanne stood up, walked over to the dresser and opened her purse. "What are you doing?" Ignoring my question, Jeanne said, "Turn on your computer." "Okay." I got up, walked over to the desk and switched on my computer. As the computer was booting up Jeanne joined me. I noticed that she was holding the small cloth tape measure that she always carried in her purse. I smiled. "Are read Sex Story
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  9. Bad Day in Toulary chapter 2

    1/1/2018: Sara, still naked walks into the kitchen and starts breakfast, leaving Vance wondering what the hell is going on. He thinks to himself, "I find her in the spare bedroom, fucking this idiot and she blames me and won't get out of the house. And now she is in the kitchen naked with his stuff oozing out of her, fixing breakfast. I have to be missing something here somewhere." He walks slowly read Sex Story
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  10. Denise and Darnell, pt 1

    12/30/2017: ​After college, my fiance (Denise) and I (Jack) happened to find a good 2 year lease on a house rental. We had been in an apartment since school, and were tired of sharing walls with other people.​ It was in a decent little neighborhood without too many kids running around. Our wedding happened 3 months after we moved in. Yeah, it was a busy time, but we had planned a small wedding and had made read Sex Story
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  11. Awakenings Ch. 10

    12/24/2017: Amy took a moment to think and then she began. "I was born in Kansas City, Missouri. While I've never met my father I know he was rich. My mother told me about him. His father owned several car dealerships in Kansas City. He dated my mother during the summer after they graduated from high school. My mom was attracted to his wealth. He drove a hot sports car, dressed to the nines, bought my read Sex Story
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  12. Conrad and Pamela Winston--chapter three

    12/21/2017: It all made perfect sense. I was not the catch that my lying wife said I was. I was set up. Gloria fucked me, and that for an extra thousand dollars and then got the hell outta Dodge. Tanya had stayed with me, and we had become an item of sorts. But marry her? And could I trust her? She knew I was well heeled if not actually rich. Was that the attraction? Maybe not, she was forty, and read Sex Story
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