1. One of the Best Ways I Got to Know

    9/30/2017: I'd been dropping the idea into our sex talk for quite a while. When she went on a night out without me I'd always say, "Be good, and if you can't be good tell me everything that happened when you get back," but I didn't think it was ever going to happen. That night she'd left the house and I'd kissed her at the front door and said my usual line, and said a silent prayer, but guessed that read Sex Story
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  2. The Road Journey

    9/29/2017: My wife is a stunning, gorgeous brunette. She is at once the most genuine and endearing sweetheart you will ever meet, and a sexual force that washes through me like a hot, chaotic wind. The epicenter of a family one never wants to leave, I have the kind a partner in life that a man would want brag to the world about, but decides to leave unsaid because it makes it all the better. So you read Sex Story
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  3. Awakenings Ch. 16

    9/29/2017: After reading Ruth's emails and playing the cuckold game, all three of us were ready to relax. We went upstairs and showered together. When we finished showering Mel and Amy put on their flannel pajamas and terry cloth robes. I put on sweat pants and a long sleeved tee shirt. They weren't chic outfits, but we were friends living together. Trying to be fashionable all the time isn't a relaxed read Sex Story
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  4. The Adventures of Karen: Being Cuckolded; Part 2

    9/28/2017: I had just witnessed the woman of my dreams being ravished by another man’s finger, ending in an awesome orgasm. Part of me was disgusted that I did nothing to stop it and part of me was so turned on that I wanted to see it again. Karen had loved every second of it, to the point that she took his oversized manhood deep into her throat, and, sputtering and gagging over its size, gotten him to read Sex Story
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  5. Always Faithful - Chapter Nineteen

    9/28/2017: Chapter Nineteen - Laura at Business Lady Winter days can be beautiful, sunny and crisp with little wind. Winter days can be miserable, gloomy, rainy and cold. Dan and Laura hoped for the former when they made plans to have their Sunday brunch at one of the nice hotels in town. When they awakened, they found the weather gods frowning. “I tell you what Baby, you stay in bed and I will go read Sex Story
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  6. Mother's day Surprise

    9/26/2017: Mothers Day was coming and I wasn't sure what to get Lisa. Both Her Kids had already let Us know that They wouldn't be able to be there and each had already bought Her a gift. That meant it was up to me to make Her day special. I had it all planned out... I let Her sleep in...which She really enjoyed. She woke to a nice homemade breakfast. I started a nice hot shower for Her after breakfast. While read Sex Story
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  7. A Good Wife. Chapter 1

    9/24/2017: It was a friend from work who put me onto him. A friend of a friend had used him in the past and it was said that he was good, so I took his details and sent on a photo of my dear wife. It took a while to choose an appropriate photo. We've often done photo shoots of her in differing stages of undress and she looks pretty good on all of them but I wasn't comfortable sending anything too read Sex Story
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  8. Awakenings Ch. 02

    9/24/2017: I was up at 6:00 the next morning. Amazingly, I'd slept through the night. Feeling somewhat revitalized, I dressed, stopped at Lyle's Cafe for a quick breakfast and went into work. I was in my office at 7:15. As soon as I sat down at my desk, I took out my cell phone and turned it on. It was time to reopen communication with the world. I had six messages. The first three were from Jeanne read Sex Story
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  9. Rebecca's new friend

    9/23/2017: I was on my way home from work when Rebecca called me and told me she had a delightful surprise for me. I was thinking she made me my favorite dinner, but then I laughed to myself because Rebecca rarely cooks. She is a strong and independent woman, a tom-boy maybe, but definitely not a homebody. When I arrived home, I walked in and Rebecca was wearing her pants and blazer with a purple silk blouse read Sex Story
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  10. Unexpected Cuckolding (Part III)

    9/23/2017: It was now Friday and we sat opposite at the breakfast table. Tension of sorts was definitely in the air. We'd been making meaningless small talk all morning and I don't think either had slept particular well. "So what are your plans today?" I asked She gave a small giggle, "I'm quite busy actually, I'm having a bikini wax at eleven, a pedicure at two and then I'm going clothes shopping" read Sex Story
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  11. Sucking Her Lover's Cock

    9/22/2017: One evening I came home from the bar to find that my wife Barbara had a friend over and they were naked in the hot tube. I thought it was odd that she had a naked man in our hot tub but I didn’t say anything. Barbara introduced him and asked me to join them so I quickly took off my clothes and slid into the bubbling hot water with them. Once in there I noticed that my wife’s friend Bruce read Sex Story
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  12. Latin Inferno - The Finale

    9/22/2017: We had been fucking each other for weeks now, and each time it followed a familiar pattern. Slyvie would dress up for me; she knew now of my predilection for expensive lingerie. She exploited it without compunction and I would be hard as soon as she revealed herself. Our first coupling would always be frantic, two people needing release from their deep frustration. Having her bent over on read Sex Story
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  13. I Married the Latina High School Cum-Dump

    9/22/2017: The high school years can be very challenging as we grow and learn to compete and get along socially with our classmates. Some of the athletes and other popular kids seem to have it easier than boys like me who were from low-income families, awkward socially and not very athletic. Some kids also move on from those early experiences, both good and bad, better than others. This story describes read Sex Story
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  14. A Good Wife. Chapter 6

    9/19/2017: Now, straddling her legs, I grabbed her arse cheeks masterfully with my hands. I then slapped them both in unison, and grabbed again, squeezing just a little to much. She bucked, trying to throw me, but I was equal to it. I walloped her cheeks again, hard, and growled 'This is for being a big cock whore!' I instantly cringed, but it had just come out, I guess from the heart. As I smacked read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: Ozel, Source: LushStories
  15. Bad Day In Toulary, Chapter 3

    9/17/2017: Vance follows Sara into the bedroom, where to his amazement she quickly sheds her panties and bra. "C'mon, Van, get out of those clothes and fuck me. This is what you keep telling me, you want to fuck me after some big cock has filled me with cum. So come on, babe, I can see your little pecker is hard as a rock. If you back off now, sweetie, don't ever talk to me again about wanting to see me read Sex Story
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  16. The Piper Chapter 6

    9/13/2017: It is Sunday, Joel heads home from work. He enjoys the drive, it's a time to think, to mull over the day’s events or work through problems. Surprisingly, he is not worried about the decision he will soon have to make about the threesome with Anna and Camille. Anna, Camille and Lucas would still be in the hills and he will have a chance to relax, listen to some music, and even have a nap read Sex Story
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  17. Shoot it on her Prego Tummy - An Adult Story

    9/12/2017: I had only lived in my small apartment for about two weeks. I was done unpacking and getting settled in. The last box I opened was my BBQ grill. It was small but did the job. I reached into my fridge to pull out a steak and a cold beer. I dumped some charcoal in the grill just outside my sliding glass door. I then tossed the steak on the grill. I put some tin foil on two ears of corn and a bake read Sex Story
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  18. Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Four

    9/12/2017: Chapter Twenty-Four - Other Partners Only a simple action required, open front door with your key and a twist on the knob; Laura’s persona changed from wife of Dan to mistress of her other home, her home with Greg. Less than two hours before, she woke up beside her husband, made coffee in the kitchen, showered in their bathroom, and pulled a simple shift over her head for dress. She kissed read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: BobNbobbi, Source: LushStories
  19. Changes - Part 4

    9/11/2017: After finding out that his wife had an incestuous relationship with her father, he decides to make love to his own sexy daughter. We looked into each other’s eyes. I said, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” She pleaded with me, “Please, dad, if you make love to me tonight I’ll never ask you again.” I knew I was about to cross another line that couldn’t be uncrossed. I stood and took her read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Cuckold, Incest, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: RedWriter, Source: sexstories.com
  20. Awakenings Ch. 43

    9/9/2017: It was 4:20 when I turned onto our street. I pushed the button on my garage door opener and pulled into our driveway. As the door opened I saw that Jeanne's Honda was parked on her side of the garage. I smiled. She was home early. Excited, I parked my Escape and hurried into the house. Jeanne was in the kitchen. Beethoven's Sixth Symphony was playing on the stereo. Jeanne loved to listen read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: goodhusband, Source: LushStories