1. Lactation Inspires Big-Cocked Political Bedfellows - Part Two: Stepfather and Step Grandfather

    1/4/2017: My name is Abigail, and in Part One of my story I explained how my husband Ed and I were thirty years old and owned a farm. We were in financial trouble due to a bad year for our crops. An old friend of my stepfather Franklin and our family, named Big Jim, was a major political player in the county, and he had been trying to get Ed to run for State Representative. His stepdaughter Kimberly and read Sex Story
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  2. The holiday that changed our lives - Chapter 2: Next morning

    1/3/2017: The next morning I turned over for our normal morning cuddle and while Margaret gave me an extra tight squeeze I craftily explored her unusually bare body. Her legs willingly opened allowing me to explore her still soaking wet pussy. "I'm still making your favourite nectar by the gallon" she said, "I think you had better go down for your breakfast drink". This was the first time I had been invited read Sex Story
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  3. Soccer Mom and a Bully

    1/2/2017: “Coach! Colin tripped me!" I whined, as usual the coach wasn't paying any attention to the game he was too busy looking at the soccer mom on the field, my mom. "No I didn't I was trying to get the ball! he's just being a crybaby." Colin retorted, but it didn't matter either way, the coach was clearly uninterested in the event and was mainly just annoyed with the interruption of his gawking. "Quit read Sex Story
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  4. Late Night Shift

    1/1/2017: My name is Marie and I’m not your typical kind of girl. I work in the automotive industry selling parts. I’m actually the commercial sales manager, I’ve been with the company about 5 years now. I “came out” as a lesbian after a 10 year relationship with a man. It ended in a failed marriage and 2 wonderful children. I am now in a wonderful relationship with another woman. Her name is Ty and we met read Sex Story
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  5. Always Faithful - Chapter Eleven

    12/31/2016: Chapter Eleven - Greg and Laura at the Country Club Dan learned about his wife’s date Saturday evening. As Greg suggested, he reacted negatively and with surprise. Laura didn’t expect the vehemence of her husband’s reaction. In her mind, she was just telling Dan a firm date for something long planned. “I didn’t expect you to be this way. You should have anticipated our date.” “I know read Sex Story
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  6. Greg learns his wife's secrets

    12/30/2016: Greg learns his wife's secrets. Greg is a medium guy. He is under 6 feet tall, medium weight, medium looks, small hands, feet and a small dick. He is an unremarkable and uninteresting man with a unreliable medium sized 15 yr old car. He has a middle ranked job at a large sized library in a huge sized city on the west coast of the united states. His middle income helps to make the payments on a read Sex Story
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  7. The Family That Cums Together Stays Together Pt2

    12/28/2016: Pt 2 Chapter V: The Penthouse Anna kissed Brad passionately as her hand caressed and fondled his dick until she was pulling at his stiff cock as he hunched slowly. His breathing became labored as her tongue invaded his mouth and found his. Anna may be older he thought but she certainly knew how to please a man and make him crave her sex. Their tongues danced as both her hands stroked him gently, read Sex Story
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  8. Family Beach Party Turned X-Rated Chapter 15

    12/27/2016: Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 15 by gregorthegrant Edited by a friend. True Story, Anal, Black, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Gay, Group Sex, Mind Control, Oral Sex Author's infos Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A gregorthegrant@yahoo.com Report Introduction: continuing story about Greg and his wife Sandra Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 15 xnxx I kept read Sex Story
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  9. Always Faithful - Chapter Fifteen - Laura's Cruelty

    12/26/2016: Over the next month, Laura sat for her portrait twice a week. Laura hinted and teased both Dan and Greg about sexual activity with Portrait, but she admitted nothing. Even so, every sitting began with sex; Laura could feel his cum inside her and taste him in her mouth when she posed. When Portrait couldn’t evoke just the facial expression he wanted for that part of the painting, Laura gave read Sex Story
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  10. A Honeymoon Cuckolding - Part IV

    12/26/2016: Ginny was excited about Charles coming over to see her but as excited as she was, there was also doubt and apprehension. She just shouldn’t be doing this. She was a newly married woman and she was venturing out into a world of adultery and infidelity. She shouldn’t be having sex with anyone else. Even though Sean was going along with it, she still felt guilt in cuckolding him. She also read Sex Story
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  11. Rimonateague Chapter 4

    12/24/2016: I was jostled awake by movement on the bed; then noise from the bathroom. Morning! Robert, my husband, was peeing, with the bathroom door open. I resented this masculine ritual as just 'wrong'. “Harrumph!” I uttered nothing else but that meaningless, useless, pointless objection. I sensed another body in the bed and realized that Thomas, our guest, was also there. Strange: he was in read Sex Story
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  12. Not My Husband's Baby

    12/24/2016: There have been few constants in my life but there things have remained the same. 1.)I have always had a vivid imagination. 2.)Im a nympho with a porn addiction (thank goodness for xnxx!) 3.) The more I experience the more extreme and even gross my porn selection and fantasies become. I gave up my crazy lifestyle about a year ago when I met my husband. I went from orgies to him literally read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Black, Cheating, Cuckold, Domination / Submission, Enema, Female Domination, Group Sex, Humiliation, Interracial, Pregnant, Toys, Wife / MILF, Written by women, Author: Trixie Tango, Source: sexstories.com