1. My Wife On The Porch - Part sixteen

    4/7/2017: Two weeks have passed since she split with Robert and she has been spending three nights a week next door sleeping with Marcus, our neighbor. The other four nights I get to sleep with her, albeit clothed but at least I share her bed with her. I came home from work on Friday and was looking forward to the weekend, it had been a hard week and I was in need of a little rest and relaxation read Sex Story
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  2. Kindling A Cuckold - Part VI

    4/1/2017: For a moment they just stood there looking at each other; it was almost as if they were waiting for one another to open the conversation. It was Brian spoke first. “Been reading my Kindle then, hey?” he said with a smile. “Yes, I was cleaning the bookshelves the other day and just opened it out of interest. Why?” Brian shrugged his shoulders. “Nothing,” he responded. “Just curious, read Sex Story
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  3. A tale of Two Gentlemen

    3/29/2017: Me and Cass had been on holiday for nearly two weeks at that point. I was twenty eight, and she was a year younger, and we decided to go to a village in the shadow of the alps for a vacation. Cass was my idea of the perfect woman. Porcelain white flawless skin, beautiful black hair, eyes which shone like emeralds, a trimmed pussy, her breasts were on the smaller side but supple, but she had the read Sex Story
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  4. Steph's Descent Ch. 02

    3/26/2017: Steph lay on the tattooist’s table. Fitz, the tattooist told her that he would have to shave her pubic hair for her tattoo. She stood, took off her skirt and dropped her knickers to the floor. She lay back down and spread her legs. While she was doing this Fitz got the shaving gear ready. He turned and looked at her. His breath caught. She was showing him her sweet looking pussy. He got read Sex Story
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  5. My cuckolding by Sara part twelve

    3/26/2017: It had been nine days since I was officially made the cuck , and all of my husband privileges were removed. Sara wears his ring now, and the only time that she kisses me in front of Doug is when they go to bed. We do still kiss passionately, but only in private. There was a new restaurant in town. It had only been open for two weeks and we decided to give it a try. Sara was wearing a read Sex Story
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  6. The Devil's Pact, The Tyrants' Daughter Chapter 14: Highway US-12

    3/24/2017: The Devil's Pact, The Tyrants' Daughter by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter Fourteen: Highway US-12 Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! Saturday, July 9th, 2072 – Rex Glassner – Longview, WA I liked Longview, Washington. The city was built along the Columbia River right where it turned back west for the Pacific, leaving the ruins of I-5 behind. And the city of Longview liked us. They read Sex Story
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  7. Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Two

    3/18/2017: Chapter Twenty-Two - Adventures in San Francisco When her flight was at altitude, Laura accepted champagne from the stewardess. She used the four hour flight to go over the week ahead and the past few weeks of her ever more hectic life. Her first thought was Dan is really getting short changed by my new jobs. Laura hadn’t spent a full week with just her husband in a month. She knew she had read Sex Story
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  8. Fucking Mrs. McKinley

    3/18/2017: Most of my friends have two or three crazy stories to tell. One of them fucked a co-worker in the employee bathroom while the manager thought they were moving freight. Another guy had a threesome—a goddamn threesome—in the high school band hall. I remember being surprised that people actually did that sort of thing outside of porn. I've only had one sexual encounter that was really anything to read Sex Story
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  9. Always Faithful - Chapter Five

    3/16/2017: Chapter Five - Telling and Trouble Dan slept well, he was sexually drained. Laura did not sleep as well. In telling her story, in draining her husband, she knew she had concealed some important parts of the story. Laura knew she told the physical story accurately, completely. Dan could not call her liar about that. She withheld most of the emotional part. The most important emotional parts read Sex Story
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  10. Getting Even

    3/14/2017: Bella stood before her mirror as she dressed. “I don’t know why you’re complaining. It’s your fault after all.” Grant sat on their bed with his head in his hands. “Can’t we do something else, Bella?” “Why?” she asked. “Because this is stupid!” he exclaimed. “Really? So you’d rather I call my lawyer and tell him to proceed with the divorce?” “No!” he exclaimed. “Then we read Sex Story
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  11. Sexy Wife Displays

    3/11/2017: Wife Displays herself. Voyeur, fm, cuckold, public It all started one Tuesday when my wife, Mary and I were in a department store cafeteria meeting for a late lunch. My office was nearby and she wanted to shop a bit afterward. It was on the top 6th floor behind the furniture department. A pleasant time and a good lunch. Until I noticed Mary was kind of distracted. She seemed to be watching someone read Sex Story
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  12. Who Knew?

    3/7/2017: Gary was the perfect specimen, and the perfect bull. He would be invading my home later that evening and my husband was going to love it! *** Lewis, my husband, was a man whose fantasies always came to light, and his cuckold fantasy was no different. In fact, he had demanded I find a bull for pleasure! His desire consisted of him wanting to be dominated, yet he was giving orders. I laughed read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: SosaGood, Source: LushStories