1. Dave Ch. 1

    8/27/2018: I opened the second bottle of wine and returned to the living room, where Karen was opening up as well. I could tell she was feeling a bit tipsy, and she was acting much more comfortable with Dave. He was flirting with her more than usual, and I noticed by the twinkle in my wife’s eyes that she enjoyed the extra attention. “Honey, Dave was just telling me you guys had threesomes in college? You read Sex Story
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  2. Strict Rules for Engagement Pt 3

    8/25/2018: Part 3 “Now that was an exciting and tasty dinner.” She said with a beaming smile on her lips. Brody just stared at her for a moment without saying a word. This woman looked and sounded like his mother but who he saw was a sex goddess who could rival even the hottest pornstars in existence. “Holy fuck mom. That was so intense!” He said as he tried to get the feeling back in his legs. “I know hey, read Sex Story
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  3. Wife Discovers Erotic Photography – Chapter 8

    8/23/2018: After Maggie and Sean left, Stephanie and Chris went immediately upstairs to the bedroom. They hurriedly undressed and Stephanie retrieved the shots from her shoot with Ron and Frank. She handed the packet to her husband, “I think you are really going to like these. Especially since the shots were your idea.” As she and her husband looked at the photographs, she relived the shoot. She read Sex Story
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  4. Courtesan Ch. 07

    8/21/2018: We pulled onto Jackson Street. Jackson was a three lane one way street going towards downtown. Charles Street was one block west. It was a three lane one way street leaving downtown. Kelly and I both agreed that when we were driving downtown it was faster to take Jackson and Charles than to drive a mile east and get onto the freeway. It was 5:00 o'clock, rush hour. Most of the cars were read Sex Story
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  5. Mommy's Love Denied 6

    8/19/2018: Mommy's Love Denied By Mathew Elizabeth Chapter Six *From this chapter onward we will be introduced to one more characters first-person-perspective. Scott's mother. I was sitting alone and naked on the kitchen table. Everything was a blur. I looked towards the kitchen bench and saw my mother who was also naked while cleaning and cooking. I called out to her but she couldn't hear me. Another boy read Sex Story
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  6. Sue taken to hotel

    8/18/2018: Sue was dressed in long black boots over tight black pants with a white, silky blouse. Her long, slim legs were heightened by the heels of her boots, her tight bum was beautifully presented to view by the tight pants and her long nipples were clearly visible through the silky blouse. All in all, she was probably the sexiest woman in that night-club. Certainly, her husband Max could see, she was read Sex Story
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  7. Awakenings Ch. 26

    8/11/2018: We spent the day after Christmas shopping. I wasn't an avid shopper, but I was with my family. That made it a great day. While Jeanne and the girl's shopped Paul and I hung out together. We were becoming good friends. The following days were spent sightseeing. Friday it was a tour of the city. We visited the Alamo, took a barge trip on the river and shopped for souvenirs at El read Sex Story
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  8. The Cuckolding of Neil Dodds - Part 13

    8/11/2018: Neil waited outside Karl’s bedroom door while they fucked. The cries of passion had ceased a while ago but he still stood waiting in the silence. Claire and Karl had uncoupled and were resting on top of the bed as they kissed and touched intimately. Karl’s fingers were drawing circles around her nipples while Claire’s fingers were cupping his testicles. “What are you thinking about?” read Sex Story
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  9. Cuckold Couple ISO Uncut Man, Part 2

    8/9/2018: My foreskin rolled back up. Michaela was dying to feel me inside of her. “I always have to use lube with Danny, “ she said. “His dick is so calloused and dry...and…it just doesn’t move like yours.” Danny was standing in the doorway, taking what I thought were photographic snapshots with his eyes. He couldn’t stop grinning. His young, hot, brunette wife, Michaela, continued to talk about read Sex Story
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  10. My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 22 – Honeymoon in Tahiti, trip to Boston and an opening of the school and office building.

    8/7/2018: My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 22 – Honeymoon in Tahiti, trip to Boston and an opening of the school and office building. Characters Introduced: Kamora, 21, Harvard Student, 5'5, Black, Black hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck Talia, 17, Roasalia's Best Friends Daughter, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38C Breasts and a swan-like neck Valentina, 17, Roasalia's Best Friends read Sex Story
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  11. The Piper Ch 4

    8/7/2018: “They’re a good looking couple, but why are we looking at their holiday photos?” “Like I said, she is a friend from the forum, they live… let’s say an adventurous sex life.” Before Anna can finish, Joel interrupts, “No, Anna, we agreed a tour for two. I know you want to try other things, but I won’t share you with another man.” “I am not asking for your permission to fuck Lucas.” read Sex Story
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  12. What the Fuck have I done !

    8/4/2018: So... a little about me ….I’m 19 and a little soft around the middle, but my boyfriend Randy tells me all the time, wherever we go, that I am the best looking girl in the room (it gets tiresome!). I have beautifully large boobs that cost me heaps in bras to keep the girls restrained. I go to the gym a lot so I am very strong and have a tight ass, all in all, a hot curvy girl! He says I carry my read Sex Story
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