1. My new next door neighbor

    7/9/2016: I step out of my house to my back yard and I see my new next door neighbor laying out on a towel in her sexy string bikini. I have no idea who she is, I just know she moved in next door last week. She is all golden brown from tanning so much. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and stands about 5 foot tall and loooks like she could be a model for Victoria's secret. After a couple of minutes I read Sex Story
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  2. Nothing Else Matters

    7/8/2016: They had finished their second song. The crowd was in full chaos. I stood surrounded by thousands of noisy, young adults and teenagers. The arena was dark except for a sprinkle of cell phone lights, glowy bracelets, and the occasional flicker of stage lighting. It was getting warm and the beers I had earlier only made me that much hotter. The bass player started with a heavy riff and read Sex Story
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  3. She's the One - Part 2

    7/8/2016: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read my story. But if you're looking for a story with just lots of sex, sex and more sex then this story isn't for you and you're probably better off reading another tale by another writer. This story will be a slow burner over lots of parts about a serial stalker mostly and the what he does that leads up to the final confrontation with the victim. That's read Sex Story
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  4. College Girls By the Pool

    7/6/2016: Hi everyone. Well, sitting here sort of bored and Dana recommended I write something from my journal so I thought this would be great. It is from a few years ago before my surgery and so a lot wilder. Oh, by the way, I am thinking of getting augmentation on my tis cause they are not as firm as they were. I would be going from 42EEE up to 42G,H, or J or maybe more. Opinions please. Living in a read Sex Story
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  5. My Second Wife and Her Daughter; The Beginning

    7/6/2016: This story happened more than thirty years ago. I frequented a restaurant daily, sometimes multiple times a day. One day this beautiful woman appeared as a waitress. She was married and let me know that fact really quick. I frequented the restaurant often so I saw her almost daily. Our personalities seemed to blend well together. We bantered back and forth for months, me telling her all the read Sex Story
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  6. Trick or Treat

    7/5/2016: Ever since I was little girl I’ve always loved dressing up and with Halloween approaching it was time to decide whether I needed something new for this year. A large wickerwork basket in the corner of my bedroom contains all my fancy dress outfits and I was having a nice quiet evening on my own so I decided to drag everything out to see what I had before making any decisions. As soon as read Sex Story
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  7. Triple Play Part 2

    7/4/2016: This is the continuing saga of Triple Play, a wonderful threesome/poly relationship between Adam, Missy and Chris. Please read Part One first! I'd written this for Amazon (it is still on there somewhere in the recesses I assume) but it wasn't selling well. I welcome and encourage honest feedback. If you leave negative feedback please have the courtesy to tell me what you didn't like and how I read Sex Story
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  8. Anonymous Pleasure

    7/1/2016: Anonymous Pleasure As I stood under the shower and let its warm spray wash over my body, I thought back to how frustrating the day had been. Everything seemed to go wrong. It all started when I told my boyfriend that my boss wanted me travel to Rosetown for a few days to attend emergency negotiations over a contract that would be the largest we had ever signed. He threw a temper read Sex Story
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  9. my wardrobe malfunction

    7/1/2016: My husband had just left for work, the sun was breaking through the bedroom curtains. I was feeling particularly horny, and so could not resist slipping my hand down to feel the smooth contours of my recently shaved mound. As usual my mind flashed through my most memorable sexy experiences, finally reliving a thrilling experience that happened on the day that my husband Dave, had arrange for read Sex Story
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  10. My Wife On The Porch - Part 6

    6/29/2016: So my wife finally sunbathed naked with our next door neighbor, sucked his dick in the shower and swallowed his cum. She had decided not to tell her lover, Robert as she didn’t want him to be jealous. It was Tuesday again and time to spend the evening naked with Robert. Like the past two Tuesdays, she'd asked me to strip naked with them for the evening and, as before, I must not touch read Sex Story
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  11. Sharing Cindy Chapter 2 "Exposing her to David"

    6/28/2016: Sharing Cindy Chapter Two: After the experience with Rick, Cindy and I began to develop a different kind of relationship. I used to love having her wear short shorts and sexy tops, things that showed off her body to others. I loved watching other guys trying to sneak peeks down her tops or watch their mouths hang open as she walked by. I knew I had to take it a step further. I told her how hot it read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Exhibitionism, Teen, Wife / MILF, Author: KMan8698, Source: sexstories.com
  12. An afternoon In Porto San Michele

    6/27/2016: It was about one in the afternoon in Porto San Michele, on the eastern Italian Riviera. At this time the lovely town was mostly deserted. We'd just had lunch by the pool at the Santa Marguerite, a nice restaurant inside a beach establishment of the same name. The resort was elegant and complete with the best amenities, private cabins, hot showers and an stylish bar famous for serving the read Sex Story
    Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: smoothcouple92, Source: LushStories
  13. Xmas present

    6/27/2016: This time, the story is from her. We were about to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple, and I wanted to give him a present that would be remembered forever. As I was mulling over the possibilities, it occurred to me that “remembered” was the key to my selection. I could give him a memory. Something he'd never forget. He talked about how excited he'd been, the first night he'd read Sex Story
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  14. Corrupting my bitch Ex girlfriend

    6/26/2016: My ex-girlfriend is a bitch. Oops maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, I’ll start off with a quick description of us. My name is Oscar and I guess I’m an average looking guy, I’m 6ft, have brown hair and am about 175lbs. I won’t lie, I don’t have huge biceps or abs but I’m in no way overweight so things could be worse. Cate on the other hand is really quite attractive, I’d say I definitely did well read Sex Story
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  15. The Vampire Kiss Chapter Eight: Unholy Hungers

    6/24/2016: The Vampire's Kiss Chapter 8: Unholy Hungers by mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 “Wow, I'm surprised at the talent at Walmart at 3 in the morning,” Mary said as she strolled in front of the shopping cart. “Talent?” Britney Kingston asked her best friend and sort of mistress. Britney was only a thrall to Damien while Mary was one of his vampiresses. “Look at him,” Mary purred, licking her red lips read Sex Story
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  16. Today My Name is Caprice

    6/23/2016: He enters the coffee shop at two minutes until two. He enters this same shop at the same time every Thursday afternoon. Sometimes if he’s early he’ll walk around the block, or sit at the bus stop bench and read, until it is time. He is never late. Those are the rules. The coffee shop is crowded, as is the street outside, midtown Manhattan in the afternoon on display through floor to read Sex Story
    Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: Verbal, Source: LushStories
  17. The Battered Lamp Chapter Thirteen: The Despair of the Warrior

    6/21/2016: The Battered Lamp by mypenname3000 Chapter Thirteen: The Despair of the Warrior Copyright 2014 Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! Thursday, January 23rd – South Hill, WA The memory of Fatima lying on the hospital bed wouldn't leave Kyle's mind when he reached Gym Class. So Kyle took comfort with Carla and Aaliyah behind the bleachers, burying his guilt and anger over everything that had read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, BDSM, BDSM, Domination / Submission, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Lesbian, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Trans, Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com
  18. Happy Camping

    6/21/2016: Shelly was sure the others were asleep by now. It had been at least twenty minutes since she'd heard a sound from anyone except for their soft breathing. Mike, beside her, was definitely out. He'd had quite a bit to drink, and after three years of marriage, she knew the rhythm and sound of his breathing when he was asleep. Shelly was enjoying the camping holiday with Brent and Debbie, read Sex Story
    Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: _brent_123, Source: LushStories
  19. Galactic Vendetta chapter 06

    6/21/2016: Warning to readers this story features dark themes including rape, slavery, and murder. If you don't like stories with these leave now. All sexually active characters are over 18. Galactic Vendetta part 06 Hunting the viper's den and finding Jade. Anderson had just, got back from a meeting with the admiral. It was mostly, to go over the next mission into Confederation space. They wanted, them to read Sex Story
    Categories: Science-Fiction, Anal, Asian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Body modification, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Death, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Murder, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Slavery, Author: Hellcat41979, Source: sexstories.com
  20. The Challenge 2: Voyeurism Games

    6/21/2016: Author’s note: This is another Challenge story. It’s kind of a sequel but not really. The events in the story are happening during the same time frame as the first Challenge story. You don’t have to read the first one, but it may help since they share a few of the same characters. I would suggest reading the first Challenge story, and then read this one. You’ll recognize some of the character read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Black, Coercion, Exhibitionism, Female solo, Group Sex, Hardcore, Incest, Interracial, Straight Sex, Group Sexs, Masturbation, Reluctance, Teen, Group Sex, Voyeur, Author: tw_holt, Source: sexstories.com