6/20/2016: BOBBY’S CHEERLEADER SLAVES, Ch. 2 By STORMKING (M/fff, NC) This is a continuation of the The Cheerleader Carwash Caper story. The story's characters are fictional and are 18-years old. The idea for this story came from cheerleader car wash pictures someone shared with me a few months ago. A picture really is worth a thousands words or more. This article is fantasy and not real. Don't try this for read Sex Story
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  2. The Dragon (S)Layers V. 1 Interlude 1 - Felicia Saves the Farm

    6/20/2016: Felicia * * * * Felicia never liked to think about struggles as something that couldn't be overcome in some way-- whether by determination or intelligence, but as a woman, she had learned that not every answer could fit neatly into one of those two categories. When her mother had died, her father had taken to the bottle and Felicia, being the only child, had been expected to take over her mother's read Sex Story
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  3. Strict and Dirty Mom 1

    6/20/2016: [Forgive me for the English] My mom is the limit of strictness. I mean she is strict about everything. Right from our education, life, choices etc. As a result I usually aced the academics. But on the other hand, I used to be quite traumatized. My clothes were fixed, so was my schedule. I rarely went out to play. I had very less friends. With time, it became a fierce anger aggregating inside me. I read Sex Story
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  4. Pastor Damian's Erections in the Church

    6/20/2016: PASTOR DAMIAN’S ERECTION IN THE CHURCH On the pulpit, Pastor Damian bowed his head as if to pray. Everyone closed their eyes except him. He leaned downwards, hurriedly looked at the crowd, and saw diverse panties worn by women. There were bikinis, thongs, G-strings, and boy-shorts. Older women’s underwear was dirty and wrinkled like their skin. Young women kept theirs clean and ironed. The read Sex Story
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  5. Teresa & Her 3 Sons - Chapter 1

    6/19/2016: Hiya – my name is Teresa. I’m 48 years old. I’m a widow. Jack, my husband, was hit by a truck while helping a damsel in distress whose car had suffered a puncture. I have 3 sons – Jack Jnr is 25, Dan is 23 and my baby, Lee, is 20. Although they each still have their bedrooms they have effectively left home. Jack Jnr works down south for a publishing company while my other 2 boys are at university read Sex Story
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  6. Fuck Saws and Drilldos

    6/18/2016: FUCK SAWS AND DRILLDOS "This is called a Fuck Saw Penis," Kati told me as dark emotions flashed on her face. The thing she was seizing in her hand functioned once it was plugged in to an electric socket. It was built in the likeness of a chainsaw; the difference between it and a chainsaw was that were there was meant to be a hew was fitted in a long, giant cock. Exactly like a man's. "Where did read Sex Story
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  7. Paying my rent

    6/18/2016: I'm back after deleting all of my stories and starting new. This was by far one of my favorite stories to write so I'll post it again. Coming back I want to talk to readers more, so please send me private messages. I want to know what you liked, what you didn't and any future ideas. I hope you all enjoy the story, and future stories. Paying my rent All characters involved are 18 or older and some read Sex Story
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  8. The Stalker Visit One Day Two

    6/18/2016: This is FANTANSY. I feel like given this website I should not have to say this, but this behavior is not acceptable. No women should be treated/trained like this ever. Please enjoy it as a fantasy. I am a begining author so I apprecieate negative and positive comments, please just leave the "Sicko" comments to yourself and do not read if home invasion/force/torture. do not excite you at least on read Sex Story
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  9. Becoming a cum dump chapter 1

    6/17/2016: Liz was often a quiet girl. Not saying much in everyday life. She might manage a weak smile every now and then as apposed to saying thank you. But usually she just kept to herself. No one at her work knew much about her other than she was good at serving tables and was extremely quiet when not dealing with a customer , but other than that she was a complete mystery. To tell you the truth liz was read Sex Story
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  10. Dark Lord 2

    6/17/2016: The "sex/rape" scene is more to demonstrate Hextor's depravity and state of mind more than arousal. This chapter has no real sex scenes after Poala's rape. Jin put a hand on Poala's head and ruffed her hair, "It could have been nice." Hextor stood quietly against the wall, trying not to be noticed by the crazed wizard. He felt terror like never before, as if it emanated from Jin. The farmer felt read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Author: Lightsong, Source: sexstories.com
  11. Dark Relations

    6/17/2016: Prologue In the year 1685 Escobar Key Florida was a small Spanish village settlement located a few miles southeast of Saint Augustine, named after its self appointed mayor Pablo Escobar. He was a known warlock who had traveled to the new world hoping to escape being burned at the stake for performing black magic rituals, of which before leaving Spain he, his wife Isabella and their daughter Amelia read Sex Story
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  12. my first time with a tranny.

    6/16/2016: My name is Robert Chase and this is the story on how I discovered that I liked both men and women. It all started when I was sixteen years old while in my last year of high school, I was a very smart kid and because of my brains I was picked on a lot by bullies it didn’t help matters that I was pushed up two years in school. I was also picked on a lot because of my looks, I had sandy blonde hair, read Sex Story
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  13. Why I Met Your Mother - Chapter 2

    6/16/2016: The story so far: Phil has fallen out of love with his girlfriend, Sadie, and instead is besotted with her daughter called Kiara. Kiara however has her own boyfriend: Jake. Whilst Sadie was away for the week, Phil was out drinking, and heard some untrue stories about what the teenage couple had been getting up to. In a drunken rage, he came home and raped Kiara in her room. This chapter is set the read Sex Story
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  14. The Nymph’s Pleasure House: Rosalie’s Cave - Part IV

    6/16/2016: Rosalie and Raener sat at the entrance of the cave with a pair of rabbits roasting above the fire. Normally, she would have eaten the rabbits raw, but since she had a guest for the very first time, Rosalie decided to follow what she assumed was the incubus custom. To her surprise, Raener drew out some herbs that he had found in the forest and sprinkled them on the rabbits. “It’s read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: kristyflowers, Source: LushStories
  15. The Amazon Rainforest Part-1

    6/16/2016: The Rainforest Part-1 1.01 Rain Forest Vacation: 1.02 The Amazon village: 1.03 The Clearing and Preparation: 2.01 Allen, Plant, Shemale Preparation: 2.02 Allen, Plant, Breast Growth: 2.03 Allen, Plant, Urethra, Prostate Enhancement: 2.04 Allen, Plant, Urethra, Erection Enhancement: 2.05 Allen, Plant, Rectal Enhancement: 2.06 Allen, Plant, Feminization: 2.07 Allen, Daniel, Shemale Mating: 3.01 read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Drug, Straight Sex, First Time, Incest, Mind Control, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Trans, Trans, Author: chinookwind, Source: sexstories.com
  16. The Chain Link 1a

    6/14/2016: The envelope puzzled him. It was a brown, padded envelope with his name and address printed on a white label. He hadn’t sent away for anything, and in any case there was nothing to indicate the sender’s identity. He so seldom received anything other than junk mail through the post that this counted as completely out of the ordinary. As strange as this was, the contents were even stranger read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: PervyStoryteller, Source: LushStories
  17. Married Life -01

    6/14/2016: We met Sally & Peter on our first day at the Honeymoon resort we had chosen. Sally was swimming laps in the pool wearing a bright yellow bikini tyed together on the sides with thin pieces of ribbon; her long blonde hair was flowing freely down her back as she swam the length of the pool. Peter her husband had been reading & had just received a fresh beer when he noticed my bride & I sitting a few read Sex Story
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  18. My Vampire Master

    6/14/2016: *Blue wake up its time for school* My much hotter older sister says to me. I flash my sharp teeth at her and quickly get up and get dressed. I look in the mirror at my long red hair and green eyes I cup my 36D boobs while I fix my tank top. I look at my nicely built frame and round ass before walking out the door. Glamor (my sister) throws a blood bag at me and I sink my fangs into it. *your the read Sex Story
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  19. evil genius 3: new conquest.

    6/14/2016: Ian was loving his new life. It cost him about $1 ½ million dollars, but he was free. He arrived here about a month after he said his last “good bye” to Heather and was already making his plans. He moved to a small town on the southern U.S. on the Caribbean coast. It was always warm, even in the winter time it was about 80 degrees average. Their were 2 schools here, preschool-6th grade. And read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Blackmail, Teen, Consensual Sex, Death, Domination / Submission, Drug, Murder, Teen, Author: deniss, Source: sexstories.com
  20. Neighbors

    6/14/2016: Neighbor Christy was shocked when she first opened the door, there he stood, the man who had haunted her dreams for the last month. She had seen him washing his car on the day she moved in, 6 ft. 3 approx., salt and pepper hair and dazzling eyes, what caught her attention the most had been the thick dark hair covering his chest and abdomen as well as the well-defined muscles , he had been read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Author: lovtwoplz, Source: sexstories.com