1. Maybe

    5/24/2018: The word maybe has become the single word that ignites extreme passion in me. Let me explain, my wife is a sexy one hundred pound , five foot four hot wife. I made her that way by suggesting that she have sex outside of our marriage. It actually started one night after a bunch of friends that had come over to swim and drink had left. One of my friends was over served and I took his keys, I told him to crash in the guest room. As my wife and i where picking up around the pool I told her that Id finish up if she wanted to go and have sex with Mike. She told me that maybe she would. I said do it read Sex Story
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  2. The Last Time I Fucked My ExGirlfriend

    5/24/2018: This is a completely true story. Cynthia and I had broken up after being together for over five years. It was a rough breakup and I was affected by it more than she was I think. She was sexually active in the months following, but I stayed loyal to her in hopes of rekindling out relationship. I know, that sounds stupid now, but it is what I felt to be right at the time. Anyway, after about three months, I met another girl. She was everything I needed in a girl and we had went on four dates. The only thing we had done at the time of this story was made out a couple of times. We were in a fresh read Sex Story
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  3. Alone at home

    5/23/2018: The bright morning sun pierced through a crack between the curtains and light up the room. Squinting, I looked at the clock. "Fuck!" I shouted to myself. "Wasting valuable time." I threw off the covers and crawled out of bed. My pink, chiffon baby doll was twisted around and I had my normal morning wood inside my panties. My girlfriend Tess had gone shopping to the States with her friends for the weekend so I was free to do and dress as I pleased. Of course she had no idea of my secret fetish. I slipped my feet into a pair of white slippers with marabou trim. The heels were only two read Sex Story
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  4. Help from IT pt5

    5/23/2018: Chapter 5 Charlie had been at the store trying to decide what would go well with drinks, so far he had a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of wine, something to eat was kind of important. He was looking at frozen pizzas when his phone chirped. "Hey just finished up my tickets, I'm going to get out of here before any more come in. meet me at my place?" He checked the address and it was just across town, it wouldn't take long to get there. "Sure thing, I'm just at the store now. grabbing some drinks and food, should be there in 30 or so" "Perfect, I wil read Sex Story
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  5. To Be Owned

    5/23/2018: The bar wasnt the best I knew, not even one of the best... It was just too conservative...it was so 21st century. Seemed like it was pulled out from a history book... The music didnt quite suite my taste, but since this was the only bar which only allowed humanoid races in, it was my regular hangout. I admit it; I dont like aliens. I just cant quite enjoy a drink while there is some kind of a squid thing sitting next to me and sucking in something that I dont even want to know what it is. I suppose some people may disagree. All those equal rights fighters. But the way I see it. you d read Sex Story
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  6. The game

    5/23/2018: This is something that my ex wife and I played first let me tell you about my ex Karen we will call her k in the story k was 35 at this time she is 5'6" tall 125 lbs long blonde hair green eyes and measures 36c-27-36 she is very good looking k was also very submissive we had been swingers all of our marriage but that just wasn't cutting it anymore so we came up with the idea of writing down the things we wanted to do our fantasy so to say on a piece of paper then we would put them in a big jar and saw out 4 for the month we would draw all 4 because we tho ught that some would take longer than read Sex Story
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  7. We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't PART FOUR

    5/23/2018: This is the final part to my 100% true story. Check out the Prologue and Parts 1, 2, and 3 My dominance kicked in and I grabbed the twink and pushed him to the ground so he was lying on his back. I stradled his face and I dropped my cock into his mouth. I steadied my hands on the ground above his head and I began mercilessly pumping my cock into his mouth. He let out some girly moans as I fucked his throat hard. My heavy balls slapped against his chin with each thrust I made into his face. I grunted aggressively showing the twink who was the alphamale as I f***ed my cock into him. Bu read Sex Story
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  8. nude cleaner

    5/22/2018: A nice afternoon cleaning nude It was three in the afternoon. My last meeting ended early. I went back to the hotel and checked my mails on xhamster. There was this mail and it promised fun, good fun. Frank the male part of a couple offered me a job to clean his house - nude. I took a quick shower and flushed my rear entrance. A quick shave and I was all set. Frank left his mobile phone number and I confirmed my coming. Another text got me the address. About 10 minutes later the taxi dropped me at the address. It was a new build apartment building and the lift took me up to the penthouse. I read Sex Story
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  9. How I fuck wife and her husband

    5/22/2018: This is story between me and my co-worker. I am 24 year old hot Gujarati boy. I am 5’9”, fair and athletic body. She is around 35 year old average looking Malayalam girl. She is around 5’, slim and black. We have very good relationship. We share most personal things. One day I ask here why don’t have any k**. She told me her husband is impotent. She stay with only because she is average looking poor girl. I console her. One day we are leaving office, I ask her if I can drop her. She said okay. She ask to me to come to her home. She has ask me to wait, she come after change cl read Sex Story
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  10. My Wife's Bitch

    5/22/2018: The best way to explain my relationship I have with my wife is to explain how I became a slave to my wife. My wife is 5'2 and 115 pounds and has a nice curvy figure. Basically she looks damn hot. I am 6' and 185 with an athletic swimmers build. Not to sound conceded, but I consider myself fairly nice looking man. My wife and I married when I was 21 and she was 19, everyone said we were to young but we're in love and we're both ready. It is now been 10 years since we married and are still very happy with each other. But our marriage hasn't always been bliss. About 4 years into our marriag read Sex Story
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  11. My Friend's mom and her panties and bras.

    5/21/2018: I had a friend in high school and we used to have the regular sl**povers. Anyway I had the biggest crush on his mom. She had an amazing body. Sometimes I would see her walk around the house with her shirt unbuttoned while she would be getting ready to go somewhere or she would do her hair in the bathroom with her robe very loosely open. Often times talking to me if I walked in and asked for tissue etc. One night after playing video games, waiting for his mom to fall asl**p we were watching a movie. we fell asl**p. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom but was really really R read Sex Story
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  12. Power Bump

    5/20/2018: Great, the power is out again. What is the point of living in the city if the power goes out more here than it did on the ranch? Which I don’t miss the ranch, at least it was quiet there but then again it was boring. But with the power out, the neighborhood becomes silent, dark and peaceful. Going through the camping gear I found the lantern, with dead batteries, of course. Phone battery is sitting at 15% so that will also be dead soon. Thankfully I keep the flashlights near the bed and can easily maneuver the hallway with little help from lights. Walking down the hall I feel as though read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Fetish, Taboo, Author: TreeFairy666, Source: xHamster