1. We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't PART TWO

    7/10/2018: This is a 100% true story. Check out the Prologue and Part 1 Even though my sight was hindered, I could feel the warmth coming from the twink's fresh asshole in front of my face. I started feeling my way around it with my tongue, gently licking his crack and taint, but tactfully avoiding the hole. My tongue grazed his pucker, but refused to give him the satisfaction of licking it immediately. I felt his tiny body tremble in my hands each time I passed his hole, teasing it like mad. I pulled off his ass completely and after a brief moment I finally started licking his little boy pussy read Sex Story
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  2. Luckly Me PT2 Gay

    7/10/2018: It had been three weeks since I had been forcibly fucked by the two bikers in an alley. After they left me, I had gotten dressed and walked back to my off campus apartment. I was still sore from the rough fucking that my mouth and asshole had received. I took a shower and went to bed. I had briefly considered reporting the assault, but I had disregarded it. I knew I would have to tell the story again and again, and that was not something I was prepared to do. Over the next few weeks, my life had returned to normal. I wasn't looking over my shoulder anymore and the sound of a motorcycle no long read Sex Story
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  3. The Midnight Ball

    7/10/2018: "It is a great advantage to have intelligence, courage, good breeding, and common sense., but even these may fail to bring you success without the blessing of a godmother." -Charles Perrault, "Cinderella" *** On the table sat a handkerchief, a book, and a knife. Zezolla picked them up one at a time, slowly comprehending what it all meant. When she turned around she had tears in her eyes. “Oh read Sex Story
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  4. Graduation orgy

    7/9/2018: If you don't want to read the introduction i can leave a big space between the intro and when the good things starts :* Me and my best mates from high school, Jennifer, Ingrid, Victoria, Anna, Linn, Clara, Sandra, Emma, Hanna and Malin were about to graduate in summer 2001. Jennifer: 19 year old blonde girl, not the biggest boobs but one of the best asses i have ever seen, she is really pretty aswell and most important, my best friend. body: 8/10 face: 9/10 Ingrid: 19 year old brunette short latino girl, great smile, nice boobs and those wide perfect hips. body 9/10 face: 7/10 Vic read Sex Story
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  5. A Master Talks - Chapter 1

    7/9/2018: Cock Worship Of course, the best way to start out is to find a woman who adores your dick and wants nothing else but to suck it, lick it and consume everything that comes out of it. The reality is that you are not going to come across her and you are going to have to train the one you have got. As with all training, this is done by a consistent system of rewards and punishments that create a conditioning that results in your woman serving your cock with absolute devotion in the knowledge that all of the security, joys and comforts in her life come from serving it well and all her read Sex Story
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  6. Last Creamy Hurrah.

    7/8/2018: A knock at the apartment door on a Sunday afternoon. Who is that? Not expecting anyone. Billy looks out the peephole. A rich chocolate colored woman, smartly dressed in a blue sweater: Anita. Haven't seen her in a year...perhaps as long as 18 months. Wonder what she wants...we've been out of touch since going our separate ways, in a way since she said she'd make a go of saving her nearly decade-long marriage to Charles. Charles had messed around on her after six-and-a-half years together. With some "hood rat," Anita's words. In Billy's mind, this was folly: Anita was an attractive wo read Sex Story
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  7. She wants it so rough

    7/7/2018: I've normally written blogs about my life but sadly this is only a story although it is based upon something that should have happened last month. The woman it is about is on here and we had arranged to meet to carry out what I am about to tell you. We were so close to meeting and it was me who let her down so by way of an apology here is what I think she wanted to happen. We had chatted for a long time about certain fantasies her reading my building site blog had her wanting to be the woman getting gang banged so hard and getting so used roughly and we chatted about meeting and having suc read Sex Story
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  8. Cock tease

    7/6/2018: Written as a fantasy…. Like a lot of young girls, I like to dress like my age. This is nice as I can move freely and do all the things I like to do. It does mean that, sometimes I get attention from much older men, and women, while I am out and about. And I like this as, now I know, I am a ‘cock tease’. I didn’t know that I was one until I overheard a few men calling me that as I went by – so I looked up this online. Well, I knew about cocks, and I knew I was a tease, so I wasn’t shy about being one. Well, if you are going to be accused of being something then it should be tried…so I sen read Sex Story
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  9. My outdoor adventure

    7/6/2018: I took to hiking local trails some years ago as a way to get more outdoor exercise, boy was I about to get that and some on this fine Indian summer day. It was a nice warm sunny early October day I headed out to a quarry park a few miles away from me to get in a few miles of hiking before school got out, I made it to the parking area by 12:45 it was Friday and I thought I had the place to myself, I parked and crossed the road entering the quarry trail up to the quarry ridge trail that runs around the top of the quarry. I must have made it about a 1/4 of the way around when I noticed some read Sex Story
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  10. Working with Trista Ch. 01

    7/4/2018: Working with Trista Ch. 01 byamberbmaid© Day 1: I had just started my new job; only a month in and so far it was ok. I was laid off months earlier and f***ed to start working in a temp firm. The hours were all right, the pay was reasonable, and I couldn't complain about the commute. I was told this position could potentially turn into a full-time role if all went well during the 3 month "probationary period." The marketing department I was temping in was made up of all women so that was a nice little perk. This story is about one of those people and my first business trip. I had met read Sex Story
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  11. Russian Woman

    7/4/2018: Natalia d***k, horny, older lady. A woman with brown eyes, a thick accent, short black hair and beautiful saggy handfuls of breast. Smoking outside the local pub drinking some whisky and she recognizes me. We chat for a while, small talk. I had recently broken up with my ex whom tore my fragile emotions of love .. However, it's not all doom and gloom. I walk her home and she invites me inside, it's very utilitarian and quiet. She'd lost her husband some years prior and I think she needed some hot, manly, rough love. I ask her if she's okay, she replies "I wouldn't mind some compa read Sex Story
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  12. In the Beginning

    7/4/2018: It was in the summer of my graduation from grammar school. I was home while my Folks were both working and my Aunt who lived beneath us in an apartment was also at work. I was a typical young and horny k** and had often glanced at my Aunt when she was at home talking to my Mother in the backyard. She was my Mom's younger s****r by a few years and had lived with us since her divorce from Uncle Roy earlier that year. She often would lay out in the yard and tan or try to on a blanket while I spied from my window at her. She was no beauty but being in her 30's and divorced she attracte read Sex Story
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