1. i want that house - a fantasy tale

    4/18/2018: Cassandra stood staring out the kitchen window at the view across the country side , it was her second viewing of the house , she had viewed it a few days earlier with her husband and they both fell instantly in love with it . at the first viewing they instantly offered the asking price but the estate agent said he would let the owners know but as there was still two more couples to view the house that week he said he couldnt take house of the market incase they beat their offer . cass was gutted as she didnt want to loose the chance of getting the house , it was perfect for her husband and read Sex Story
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  2. Picking up men for sex

    4/17/2018: We all live today under the scrutiny of the internet, and if we don#t measure up to what's assumed to be perfect, it effects our mental psyche and hammers our confidence, and that's why we post picture of ourselves to be judged by strangers, and boost our confidence, but as for my friend Lisa, she went one step further, and challenged older men to have sex with her, just to prove she was a woman. Lisa is a natural beauty, tall and thin, but almost without breasts. Her nipples stick out further than the fatty tissue, and for a lot of girls like Lisa, this spells disaster. Her self esteem read Sex Story
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  3. I was the Birthday present for old granny

    4/16/2018: I WAS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR AN EIGHTY-TWO-YEAR-OLD GRANDMOTHER "David, I've got a fantastic job for you, Friday night, this is a two-hundred-dollar job!" Mr. Hartley's straight-shooter baritone reaches down my throat all the way to my s*******n-year-old balls and squeezes. "Wow," I say in what I hope is a loverstudguy voice, but which I suspect smacks of eunuch, "that's great, excellent, thanks, I uh--" "David," Mr. Hartley sounds like a benevolent dictator in a three-piece suit, cheerful as the day is long, but a master alpha, "this is a very special job. Very special. I'm really co read Sex Story
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  4. Pungent flower 9: Getting used to a new life

    4/16/2018: The next morning I got up and walked to the hall. Anita was already dressed and ready to leave for work. When I walked in she gave a smile and said she had prepared tea. She asked if Bodan was returning today. I told her he was supposed to arrive today evening and that I will enquire in the office. I got ready and came back to the hall. Anita said she would heat the tea for me. I asked if she needed help with the microwave again, acting innocent. She quietly said no and went to the kitchen, trying hard to hide her shy smile. I reached office and called up the Bangalore office. I talked read Sex Story
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  5. The Miss-adventures of Michelle Section 1, Chapter

    4/16/2018: Chapter 5 Memories of the first weekend with the guys and the girls together danced through my mind the following week. My cock strained against the fabric of my shorts as I tried to keep busy by working in the yard finally getting some of the landscaping duties finished I had been delaying. It didn’t matter what I was doing, my mind would recall the texture of each cock as it slid between my lips. The feeling of Tonya’s breasts against my back and the image of her naked on the sofa rubbing her sweet pussy intermingled with the images of the other girls sitting there watching me suck thei read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Voyeur, Author: Thickness38, Source: xHamster
  6. wedding breakfast

    4/15/2018: Hi all. This tale of mine is 100% true and happened 5 or so years ago. I'd been invited to a wedding at some stately home in Essex. One of my old uni pals was getting hitched to his long term girlfriend. As was the norm with these occasions I left booking a hotel till the last minute so ended up in a travelodge or it could have been a premier In rather than the plush hotel where everyone else was staying. It was just off the a120 nr Braintree opposite a retail park so could be good for some hotel fun I thought. The day of the wedding I drove up checked in and threw my bag of Clara clothe read Sex Story
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  7. No Head is Easy Head

    4/15/2018: composed Friday, August 26, 2016. Inspired by a friend who texts me how she edges her man.. and how jealous I am of him. Stumbling into the bathroom from my usual 5 hours of sl**p after a long night's work, I fire up the shower and begin to take off my clothes. The afternoon daylight creeping into the curtains annoy me. I climb into the shower and close the shower curtain behind me. I need to adjust the water because it is not quite hot enough for my tired and draft chilled nakedness. "Ahh", I lean against the wall and let the steaming hot water do it's dance from the dual shower heads to m read Sex Story
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  8. A Welcome Surprise

    4/15/2018: I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 6 years. Okay, she broke up with me, after cheating on me with her ex. I was heartbroken. This girl was amazing. Beautiful, funny, easy-going. It hurts now even writing about how awesome she was. Even after I’d found out she cheated, I still wanted to stay with her, because how could I ever find anything better? Well I don’t know if what I found is better, but it’s certainly different. And I think different is what I truly needed. I needed to have my eyes opened to what was out there, and what kind of unique experiences I could truly have. This is tha read Sex Story
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  9. 8 Accidental Orgasms, a Girls orgasmic Journey

    4/15/2018: I started experiencing them from a very young age. I never knew what these wonderful feeling were, and sometimes I would tell my mother, in all my innocence, and sometimes my father, who of course encouraged me to have more. Female orgasms. There I have said it, the thing that makes girls want to interact and have fun, with men and women, but mostly, with yourself. Over the years as I grew up, I have experienced them at the oddest of times, whenever my crotch came under some sort of physical stress, I would explode, 'You have a hyper sensitive clitoris', someone once told me, even when t read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Masturbation, Taboo, Author: Fridagirl, Source: xHamster
  10. Linda's Web of Seduction #3

    4/14/2018: I remember working that day with a smile never far from my lips. The sounds and smells of and tastes from our sex the night before and then again that morning were swimming in my mind and I really didn't get much done at work. When quitting time came I was exhausted, though, and went straight home. Soon after eating dinner my phone rang. It was Linda. She was disappointed that I hadn't come back to her place and teasingly promised to "suck [my] dick" if I hurried over. As great as that would have been, because look, she could really suck a dick, I had a ton of work to do the next day and ex read Sex Story
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  11. Dream by Searcher1957

    4/14/2018: This story is fiction (to a degree) but my wife/Domme and her friends have done similar things to me although not as extreme. This is my first real attempt at posting any of my writing so if you like it and would like to see more, please feel free to comment and/or send me a message. Dream I come home for a week off work. You and Mistress E pick me up at the airport, happy to see me but don't push anything because you know I am tired. The next morning, we get up and do our morning ritual, coffee, tea, e-mail, etc and you put a “DO NOT DISTURB!” sign on our door. After about two hours, read Sex Story
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  12. Becoming a Slut

    4/13/2018: slut Fuck I been getting down on my knees for a few years now, every since I was caught given a guy a blow job by my father. Fuck lets start at the beginning . My name is Peter I live in the united kingdom in the north of England they are quite a lot of chavs here and I used to get bullied a lot at school. One day while I was skipping school I met a guy in the toilets in the park. I am quite effeminate long hair smooth pale skin and very skinny I am only 5'4 so small for my age and I am 14 my mother died when I was eight from cancer and I have four older b*****rs I always w read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Trans, Author: klammer, Source: xHamster