1. Storys I like: Fun with My Mother in Laws Sexy Fee

    9/16/2018: Fun with My Mother in Laws Sexy Feet In the 5 years since I first met my future Mother in Law Kathy, I had had many opportunities to admire her sexy feet in her support tights and had built up a nice collection of her tights, knickers, bras and even a pair of her shoes. Whenever I got the opportunity I would wear and wank into her soiled tights and knickers. Things had moved on and I had married my girlfriend and we had moved into our own place which meant that I was seeing less of Mother in Law. Apart from calling in at the weekend I hardly saw her. Then one weekend I was chatt read Sex Story
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  2. The nun

    9/16/2018: THE NUN As far back as s****r Mary Angela could remember, she was never interested in sex. As a teenager she developed large breasts at a very young age and was curvy and beautiful. Despite the fact that she always dressed very conservatively. In her youth, boys and even some girls, treated her very nicely. She, however was never interested and as soon as she turned 18 she started her career as a woman of god. It’s all she ever wanted to do with her life. Many years later, in her early 40s she taught history in a catholic high school and despite the fact that she could still turn heads read Sex Story
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  3. My Little Fuck Toy Pegged and More

    9/15/2018: It had been a week since I had confessed my fantasy. I admit I was surprised at her response. She actually made my fantasy come true, well not exactly. You see I told her I fantasized about being fucked in the ass, so she produced a strap-on and did just that. She tried to convince me to go all the way with my fantasy; even promising me that she could make it happen easily. We both had quite a week and Friday night was finally here. Sitting on the couch we were having cocktails and discussing our work when she broached the subject of last weeks sexcapades. "So how's that ass of yours?" read Sex Story
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  4. Being Watched

    9/15/2018: [iI noticed him firstly as I bought some salami from the deli-counter. He looked like any regular guy,5ft 10", muscularly built, cropped blond hair,in his early 30s, but it was his piercing blue eyes that seemed to bore down into my very soul. He carried a wire shopping basket with two or three items in it and as I wheeled my trolley down the next aisle I didin't have to look to know he was behind me. I reached to get a box of dried peas, he was staring so intently at my ample backside. I wasn't provocatively dressed in any way, just a grey-marl vest over a blue push-up bra, a knee length read Sex Story
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  5. The businessman's perfect companion

    9/14/2018: If people saw us on the planes, airports or at a convention they wouldn’t even have noticed anything remarkable. Just another executive and his young assistant. Him: Tie, suit, white shirt, shiny shoes and a lab top bag. Her: smart grey suit, blouse, hair to the back in a tight pony tail, glasses. Something you saw at every airport around the world a thousand times. But we had our little secrets. She was young, quite young, in her mid-20s. Of course she would always book two rooms for us, but one would never be used. Let me tell you a bit about our little adventures from my perspective by addi read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Hardcore, Author: Rick77bln, Source: xHamster
  6. The camping trip

    9/13/2018: I was born and lived in a small town till I was a teen. We moved to a large city where my father found a good paying job, and unfortunately found his new wife. (That's another story) I was a member of the Boy Scouts when I was in the small town, and thought I'd join a troop here. Unlike in the town which had only one troop, there were many here. Each about six to seven miles apart. After checking out a few I decided to join one a few of my classmates went to. It was a larger troop then the one I was in earlier. They had camp outs nearly every weekend. Most of the time we went to a central camp read Sex Story
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  7. Men can have multiple orgasms- (1)

    9/12/2018: Role-playing (bad girl and her daddy) I got to his hotel (he was in town on a job) and he met me outside and took me to his room. I asked him if he wanted me to dress and he said yes. He took off his clothes and sat down and watched me as I took my clothes off and slipped on a pair of white pair of panties with a flower design on them. Then I put on a black nylon camisole with lace trim and sat down and put on a pair of white lace thigh highs. I stood up and put on my plaid schoolgirl micro mini skirt. Then I looked at him and said don’t be mad at me daddy I’m sorry I was bad. Please read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Gay, Hardcore, Author: CharlesPantys, Source: xHamster
  8. Your Cock is My First Blowjob!

    9/12/2018: I have never sucked a man's cock before, but now I'm going to suck on yours! You take me into your bedroom and you order me to take my clothes off, so I quickly do. You then remove your clothes and I watch you lay down on your bed. I try to cover my dick because I'm embarrassed to have an erection. Seeing your cock and balls gave me an instant hard on. You tell me I'm gonna eat your asshole first so you get on all fours and present your ass to me. I crawl on your bed and I stick my nose up to your asshole and I inhale deeply. I love your stinky musky male scent, so I move my nose in read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Gay, Author: uniquenewyork, Source: xHamster
  9. The best groping experience I ever had

    9/11/2018: So it was Friday beautiful sunny day, only thing that made it worse was. I had over slept an was running late for work so as I'm hurrying too get too the train station. I notice it's so packed that getting, an good seat would be next too impossible. While I was waiting I saw this incredibly hot white brown haired beauty waiting as well, she was short about 5'4 long brown hair slim body t-shirt an these very short black shorts on. With a body too die for she had too be no more then 19 or 20, either way the train came an I knew I probably wasn't going too get a seat next her seeing how hot she w read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Voyeur, Author: mariners3, Source: xHamster
  10. cuckold sex party

    9/10/2018: She lifted my chin off the floor and the flames from the fire glittered from the juices covering her chin. She pulled my mouth open and kissed me, passing me the seed from one of her lover's. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and I sucked it, causing my little cock to strain in its cage again. 'Lick my tits clean,' She demanded, lowering her black babydoll. I licked away, moaning at the taste of the cum and her tits, as she fingered her well fucked pussy. She stood up and rubbed her pussy juices on my exposed hole. 'You ready for more Vicky?' Said Andy. 'In a minute lover,' S read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Gay, Author: waraxe13, Source: xHamster
  11. Basic Training

    9/10/2018: It was a quarter till nine in the morning and I was running late. Well, not really. I was just in a hurry to get to the health club. I'd volunteered to be an instructor in 'free weight training' a couple of months ago, and I'd found it was something I never regretted. This morning for example, I had an appointment with a new chick that had just joined a couple of days ago. Her name was Lisa, and from what I'd seen of her the other day is what put me in such a rush this morning. She was a knockout!! I'd been down in the free weight room in the middle of instructing some high school k** in do read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Voyeur, Author: Toiletdream, Source: xHamster
  12. Too Much to Drink

    9/9/2018: "What a night" I say to myself as I am pulling into the driveway of our house I look over at my un¢ons¢ious girlfriend Sara and laugh, she had never been able to handle her wine and tonight she definitely went overboard, I had to carry her passed out from the party. I open her door and lift her from the car slowly, her head falling backwards limply and her small black dress bunching around her tanned thighs. Sara doesn’t make a sound as I carry her towards the front door of our house. Duke our adopted Saint Bernard stands by the door watching us as I walk inside with Sara in my arms. I careful read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Author: pegginscott, Source: xHamster