1. A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt3

    4/5/2018: A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt3 I stepped into a bedroom of such majesty and grace that it felt as if it was from another age. The stately poster bed looked big enough to sl**p three couples! There were matching highboy dressers to either side of the room and a small writing desk in one corner as well as an ornate cheval mirror and dressing screen in another. The only thing that looked out of place was a single heavy wooden chair that appeared to be well padded and then covered in leather. It also had rings and hasp hoo read Sex Story
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  2. Wet & Wild with Amy Schumer & Kristin Wiig

    4/5/2018: Amy Schumer just finished her 2016 Spring Comedy Tour with another sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden. The voluptuous blonde bombshell with the sassy stand-up act was one of the hottest comedians in the business. She was ready to take a break, but had to cash in on her popularity and was fielding numerous offers for movies, commercials, TV specials and more. After the success of last year's surprise hit 'Trainwreck', she was hoping to follow that up with a read Sex Story
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  3. Equalized

    4/5/2018: It was hard not to let the client see the nausea inducing fear that I felt at that moment as the courier interrupted our meeting to handed me the small pink envelope. I didn't even need to open it right away, I just tucked it into my desk drawer and tried to keep my focus on the details of Mr. Robinson's proposed business loan. I told him we would need to review his proposition in order to get the loan approved and would get in touch with him soon, but in reality I just wanted to get him out of my office as quickly as I could. As soon as the door closed I was at my desk pulli read Sex Story
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  4. A teasing mom gave me lessons in bed after a big t

    4/5/2018: [videohttp://xhamster.com/movies/2266396/granny_with_saggy_tits_and_hairy_pussy_masturbates.html][/video] My buddy lived behind my house and I was over there a lot. He had a little s****r and I messed with her son. We had k** sex several times. we did oral on each other and had intercourse a lot. But his mom was the one who made me horny a lot. The woman in this video is older than she was at that time, but build and looked a lot like her. Same breast a bit saggy and body shape almost identical. Should give you an idea what I was working with. I had been looking at his mom in her house ro read Sex Story
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  5. Help from IT pt7

    4/4/2018: Chapter 7 The tv had been on for at least an hour, but Charlie still had no idea what was on it, he had spent most of it completely engrossed in Dani. They had stayed wrapped in each others arms for what felt like forever, after the amazing blowjob she had given him. Eventually they settled back and started flipping through channels. It was only a few clicks before they found a scene in a nightclub, attractive women pressed together and dancing. Between the girls on the screen and the one pressed against him, Charlie was starting to feel frisky. Judging by the little kisses she was st read Sex Story
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  6. I will never forget the night I fucked my older st

    4/2/2018: Seeing that sexy black thong wedged between her huge beautiful ass cheeks...I felt my cock growing inside my boxers so i sat on the couch. She finished taking off her shoes and stood back up and turned around toward me...her huge tits were almost popping out of the tight black mini skirt dress she had on...it was sheer so i noticed she was not wearing a bra cause her huge nipples were rock hard. With a real bitchy "good night" she turned around and went down the hall to her room. She stumbled down the hall and into the bathroom at the end then into her room on the left. I finished my drink read Sex Story
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  7. Happy Birthday Hubby

    4/2/2018: It was Audust 3rd, my birthday, and I had planned on a nice relaxing day watching some sci-fi shows and having the occasional beer. I was going to barbecue some chicken and put onion and potatoes with butter in foil on the grill. My wife, Jenny was out buying stuff to make a salad and strawberry pie for dessert. As one of the shows had just finished I saw my wife pull into the drive and a car that I didn't recognize follow her. She got out of the car and waited until four men got out of their car to follow her into the house. I was confused as I didn't recognize any of the men. As they read Sex Story
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  8. After I watched my wife fuck Tim.

    4/2/2018: If you read my story about how I had watched my wife being fucked by Tim when we where in Florida then you'll need to read what happened next. The morning after Linda had rode Tim's hard cock on our patio I woke up to find her in his bed. After putting out towels at the pool to hold three chairs I went to the free buffet and got some breakfast and three coffees to take back to the room. When I entered the room Tim was out of the patio having a smoke and Linda was in the shower. I carried the breakfast stuff out and Tim and I sat down and started eatting. He told meower that he really enj read Sex Story
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  9. Confession's of a hotel chambermaid. Part 1 ,

    4/2/2018: It was only the start of a new shift as asmita stocked up her trolley with the standard amount of towel , body gels ,shampoo's etc . she had been a chambermaid in the hotel for 6 months and loved her job , she smiled at each guest she passed on her way to her floor , floor number 3 and reaching her first room she lightly knocked and on no reply she used her key card to gain entry . she was pleased to see the room barely looked like anyone had been in it as she emptied the bin and inspected the bathroom for what needed replaced and of course a little sample of the expensive perfume on the cou read Sex Story
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  10. what teachers get upto!

    3/31/2018: Parents evening at my local Primary school is boring but educational and lets me find out how my sibling is doing. This particular evening my wife couldnt make it as she was working late so it was just me, I dropped my sibling off at a friends and I walked to school. There was a few parents still around but i was the last one , No messing about with times. I know what time i have to be there and just wait for the last parent to leave. Waited 20 minutes and had to go to the mens room. I was gone about 15 minutes to the other side of school. I finished and hurried out over the playground and read Sex Story
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  11. banged by the neighbors

    3/30/2018: I liked to share with you the best sex night I ever had. Jacinto is the man with whom I share my apartment. I like him. He is a hardworking and an honest man, but that for a slut like me, is not enough – He can`t satisfie my desires and sexual fetishes, so I see him as a good friend, that`s all. I'm frustrated with their early orgasms as it is satisfied, and I get to boil. Already advised him to buy some Viagra thing, that make prolong sexual act, but it is so square that neither wanted to know nothing about the subject... He doesn`t like to have fun and he is always frowning and tired from read Sex Story
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  12. Hell or Heaven

    3/29/2018: My wife Mary and I had met in college and got married soon after graduating. We were both in the business world and doing quite well. We both worked long hard hours but made a nice living. After more than two years without a vacation we had purchased a townhouse and furnished it nicely. When we finally managed to arrange for a week off I had gone on the internet and reserved a nice cabin on a secluded lake. It was the only cabin on the lake and fifteen miles from the nearest town. It had indoor plumbing and included the use of a boat and outboard motor. We would have p read Sex Story
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