1. Cindy's Unexpected Reaction - Chapter 1

    11/2/2018: This occurred over 20 years ago... and I am still surprised, somewhat embarrassed, and quite aroused by my unexpected reaction to receiving my very first enema. Jim and I had been married about three years when we decided that it was time to live a more respectable lifestyle and start raising a family. If you have read my earlier stories, you know that up to this point our sex life had read Sex Story
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  2. Wifes first threesome

    11/1/2018: My wife and I were married young. I was 19 she was 18. I joined the military the following month and overseas I went. It was sometime over there while watching porn that I realized threesomes turned me especially those where it showed a wife being shared. After returning home I slowly revealed to my wife my fantasies. It stayed just that, we would talk about it when we had sex and it made things hotter. A few months after I returned home a friend of mine happened to get stationed at the same place. I invited him over too spend Christmas with us seeing how he was away from home. He came ove read Sex Story
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  3. First Time with a CD

    11/1/2018: I was having a drink in a pub way out of town when this beautiful girl started talking to me, she had shoulder length dark hair, wearing a blue top with a short white skirt and ankle socks, she had a small chest but she made up for it in the fact she was pretty. As we talked she came across as confident as well as sexy. It was time for me to go and she said “Can I get a lift” I said “Sure”. As we walked towards the car she told me her name was Davina. We got in and I said “Where do you want to go” and she replied “Somewhere quiet if you want” and as I nodded she directed me to an old church read Sex Story
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  4. Cuckold fam

    10/31/2018: Every year my beautiful wife and equally beautiful 18 year old daughter Amy rent a beach house on the Gulf of Mexico for two weeks. The area use to be somewhat deserted but in the past two years others have built or developers have built rental houses and many families and others show up during the season. To say that my lovely wife and daughter were extremely beautiful and sexy would be an under statement. Amy was born when Joslyn was only 19 and now at 37 looked to be in her mid-twenties. They both had figures that were awesome to say the least. Joslyn kept herself in top physical conditi read Sex Story
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  5. My neighbor fucked me

    10/31/2018: Hello, my name is Maria, and I'm going to tell you another adventure of mine, this time it was with a neighbor, his name is Helio, 34 years old, very nice, married and has a little boy ... They live very close to my house, in a Sunday afternoon he was in front of my house talking to my husband when I saw him, without a shorts shirt I went crazy, because I always found him horny, and I had already noticed his looks for me, so I left and stayed close as who He did not want anything, it was hot, I was in a very short shorts and a top ... As they talked, I would stare at him and play with my littl read Sex Story
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  6. Tricked to Serve – Part 2

    10/31/2018: Tricked to Serve – Part 2 Following Mistress Alyson’s instructions I walked around the side of the house, walking through the tall wooden gate, and entered the garden at the rear of Mistress Alyson’s home...still not actually believing what I was doing, what I was about to do for a woman I had only met online such a short time ago, and not yet physically met, unless having a phone conversation through a closed window could count as meeting physically. As I closed the gate behind me and made my way to the back of Mistress Alyson’s home a security light came on illuminating the patio area i read Sex Story
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  7. 15 Advance to the a****l,

    10/30/2018: 15 Advance to the a****l, I have a friend, not everyone can say that, but I do and I met the lady on hamster. She refers to herself as a “total slut” which I don’t agree with, but there if that`s what she wants to be known as, fine by me. Friends on hamster are a misnomer; I have registered on my profile 50 odd “Friends” one or two very odd as it happens, but only two I have that I think of as real friends, one a cross dresser in the USA, with whom I can share any inner thoughts and I hope he with me, this lady with who I have shared more than one climax, and another more of an acquain read Sex Story
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  8. Joyce Admits it

    10/29/2018: Joyce drove home from work wishing that she could find some way to unwind from a long and stressful week, knowing that when she walked into the house, she was going to have to cook dinner, care for her k**s, and take care of the normal household chores, and whatever else that might come up. She took a deep breath before opening the door and walking inside, but to her own disbelief, the house looked to have already been cleaned and dinner for two was on the table and her husband Barry stood in the kitchen smiling at her. "Where are the k**s and what is going on right now?" Joyce said half sarca read Sex Story
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  9. Sex and Feet in the Woods Part 2

    10/28/2018: For those who haven't read part 1 please go read it or else none of this will make sense to you at all, you may get a slight kick out of it but you'll get more with the other story. Also any feedback would be greatly appreciated but anyways enough talk its showtime! Me and Maralee, both sweaty and naked, sat there shocked looking at Marissa and finally I broke the silence by saying "Well we all read Sex Story
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  10. My Ultimate Fantasy: M/TS/M/SSBBW Four-way

    10/26/2018: Originally, my plan was to feature only true stories from my own sexual history, here. However, at the advice of one of my Xhamster friends, I am going to publish what is, for me, the greatest unattained fantasy I have. Obviously, this isnot a true story - although, I wish it were. The other individuals in this story are invented, with some aspects inspired by people I have known or have seen in videos. I hope you enjoy; I realize this is an extremely specific fantasy, and not for everyone. My girl, Stacie, and I have a very hot and active sex life. I should let you know a bit abou read Sex Story
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  11. The First Cuckolding

    10/26/2018: My husband and I were on a holiday to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We'd gone all out. It was meant to be the trip of a lifetime so we had flown first class to Jamaica. It had been three days and so far the holiday had been magical. Beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and amazing food. We were back in the hotel after lunch. Callum was in the bath and I just flicked on the screen on his phone to see how much battery he had left. There was a Snapchat message. I didn't even know he had Snapchat! And who was sending him pics while we were on our anniversary holiday? I unlocked the read Sex Story
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  12. Steph Submits! (A true experience)

    10/26/2018: I first met Stephanie when she came to my martial arts class. The flame haired vixen with the hot body and big boobs drew the attention of every guy there and she knew it. Of course, I made sure to add her to my Facebook so that I could jerk off to her pics, something I have done countless times. Over time, we got chatting and we became friends. I will tell you now, very little of her personality made me want to actually be mates with her. She was a real bimbo; shallow, self-centred and desperate for attention. I did so purely on the off-chance I might get a shag. Now you might not think that read Sex Story
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