1. Chubby legal male hooker

    10/18/2017: I guess one day somebody figured out that if it was legal to pay people to make porn, but not just to have sex, that the easiest way to 'legalize' prostitution was to have a camera running or take at least one picture at some point during the act. Since I am interested in all sorts of men this seemed like an idea with potential. I started posting on all the free bulletin boards about my new 'business', Versatile Services. Catering to discerning gentlemen it would provide playful companionship and diligent attention. How do you like it? Perverted married guy who likes 69ing with chubby m read Sex Story
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  2. More Interviews (With Former, and Current Cuckolds

    10/17/2017: (Another installment of interviews with cuckold men.) Q. What is it that most non-cuckolds probably don't quite understand about being a cuckold? A. Here's an example from my own experience. For the last two weeks, I've been observing a very strict form of self-imposed 'chastity.' In other words, NO ORGASMS! None whatsoever! Nada! Zip! As the days have gone by, there is always a subtle, but growing sense of frustrated, agitated sexual energy. Largely from the continuing postponement of the powerful, and indeed, quite natural and understandable urge to come. By that I mean, the sexua read Sex Story
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  3. Chris cums home last week - 1-8-2016

    10/16/2017: Hello everyone – a mostly true story that just happened!!! Today my Bi- friend Chris arrived back from a few months in Malaysia. He said he had been reading my stories and wanted to be part of them. So we decided to act one out and he would a Sissy (well I always thought he was one anyway!!) Firstly I fitted him with a pair of Niplettes which he wore all day. He loved the way his nipples doubled in size. When I took them off and rubbed oil on them he started fondling mine through my silky blouse. I was wearing one of my bras with nipple holes. We almost climbed into bed there and then bu read Sex Story
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  4. Wife Brings Home a Creampie

    10/13/2017: My wife and I have been happily married for 12yrs and have 2 k**s. She enjoys being 106 lbs and doesn't want to have a 3rd c***d yet, she's not on the pill and I haven't been clipped, so a condom is always a condition of me having sex. She also wants to be absolutely certain that we minimize our chances of an unwanted pregnancy so when I'm ready to cum I always pull-out and finish by hand. She began dating secretly about a year ago after I suggested that she take the night off and go to the bar with her girlfriends, while I stayed home and sat with the k**s. Her so called "girlfriends" w read Sex Story
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  5. Big Glass

    10/13/2017: Big Glass The big, empty hall would soon be abuzz with light, gentle music, laughter, and eager conversation. For now, waiters and waitresses in immaculate black uniforms moved with quick steps to smooth wrinkles from tablecloths, line up glittering champagne glasses, and polish the empty glass cases in anticipation of their displays. The glass walls of the displays were already gleaming, but even the tiniest speck of dust needed to be brushed off before the crowds arrived. One waiter steadied himself as a couple of his fellows busily unrolled a thick, plush carpet, accidentally bumpin read Sex Story
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  6. The Golden Shower Virgin

    10/12/2017: I have had a fascination with the sight and sound of women peeing for as long as I can remember. Indeed, I began fantasizing about having my cock bathed in a hot, steaming gush of pee long before I ever heard the words ‘golden shower’. In my late twenties, I actually considered visiting an escort who specialized in such things but I was ultimately too frightened to go through with the plan read Sex Story
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  7. My true stories. No. 1 - "Finally home"

    10/11/2017: I heard the whistle of the conductor from one of the cars way up ahead, and watched as the buildings started to move, slowly at first then faster and faster as the train picked up speed again. I had already been in this uncomfortable seat for almost two hours, watching as passenger after passenger got off, some of them with loads of bags and suitcases, others with nothing but their cellphone glued to their ears. But all of them with more or less of that relieved “finally home” – look on their faces. Watching them with envy, wishing I was one of them, that I was “finally home”. But I had a l read Sex Story
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  8. MILF

    10/11/2017: Adam and I had been friends since preschool. I had spent quite a lot of time at his house and he at mine. It wasn’t until the last year or two that I realized how incredibly beautiful his mom was. I arrived at Adam’s house one afternoon after school to help him with his math homework and even though I’d been told to just walk in, I rang the doorbell. “Alex, you know you can walk right on in.” his mom answered the door in shorts and a tank top. I swallowed hard before replying. “I’m just trying to be respectful Mrs. G.” She smiled and tilted her head slightly, “Adam isn’t home yet, base read Sex Story
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  9. Her Presents

    10/11/2017: cock ring – creampie – panties – stockings – domination – strap-on – role reversal She had a number of surprises for him... We had just gotten back from a friend's wedding. They had a nice ceremony on a golf course under some trees and then a party afterwards inside the club house. It was an open bar and they had hired a band. We spent most of the night making the rounds saying hello and visiting with both families. After several drinks and a couple of dances we said goodnight. We got home and snuggled in bed. It was the first time all day we had to ourselves. After some much n read Sex Story
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  10. Fun Job Interview Experience

    10/11/2017: Well, let's say this as an interesting, heated, fun-filled experience.. How often can you say that you went to a job interview and had a hot fuck with your future boss? The interview, was in the afternoon and I wore a short black skirt, a white blouse with a few buttons undone which I must admit showed quite a bit cleavage. I have quite large, soft, squeezable breasts so why not show them off right? By the time I attended to my interview, there was no one around and everyone had gone home.. Except for the boss. We talked for a while in his office, whilst he asked me a few serio read Sex Story
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  11. Shemale Amazon Goddess

    10/11/2017: This story is based on a dream I had about shemale porn star Meghan Chevalier around 15 years ago. I'm sitting up in bed. There is an empty glass on the nightstand; I know that I have recently d***k whatever was in the glass. I'm wearing a light violet silk robe, and nothing else. It seems quite feminine. Then I realize that my body has become quite feminine as well. The fat I've been carrying around for years is gone and my waist has tapered down to about 27 inches. My legs are long and slim. My hips are now softly curved with an ass that is far more female than male. My hair is now read Sex Story
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  12. Couple joins Mile-High Club, with honors!

    10/10/2017: You all may remember, some months back, a married couple were arrested whilst aboard a transatlantic flight and charged with indecent behaviour. The newspapers said that they were involved in a romantic interlude'. Well it just so happens that I was also aboard that flight, and let me tell you, what you read in the tabloids was not even close to the whole story! To use a quote: "The truth? They couldn't handle the truth!" It all started in the early spring of this year. After a two week business trip, I was catching an overnight flight back from Hong Kong, and along with the other passenge read Sex Story
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  13. Master's Three-Hole Fuck Toy - Part Two

    10/10/2017: She made it across the street, through the hotel lobby and up to John's room with two minutes to spare. She wasn't quite sure how - her legs were now shaking so badly, she could hardly walk another step. She took a moment to collect herself, took a couple of deep breaths and knocked on the door. She could feel her heartbeat pounding in her throat. John opened the door, pulled Kitty into the room by her arm and shut the door firmly after her. The next thing she knew, he had both of her wrists in one hand above her head, had her pinned up against the wall and was kissing her f***efully read Sex Story
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  14. Helen's Revenge on racist hubby

    10/9/2017: My husband, Luke and I were brought up in a very strict religious cult in Nebraska and our parents organised that we be married at sixteen. It seems very young, but that was usual for our community and it did seem to work since it is now 20 years on and I am just approaching my 37th birthday. To say we were naïve was an understatement. Nobody smoked, drinking was only on special occasions and wives did as they were told by their husbands and bible class was compulsory every Sunday afternoon. We knew little about the world outside our community and the only sex education was given to Luke read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Interracial Sex, Voyeur, Author: cuckwanabe1983, Source: xHamster
  15. One Night in Hoboken

    10/9/2017: One Night in Hoboken In March of 2008, my wife went to Puerto Rico for a week to visit f****y. I decided to take the opportunity to fulfill a fantasy I had for a long time. It would end up going much farther than I anticipated. Three months earlier I had found a small lingerie boutique in the downtown area of Hoboken, NJ that catered to crossdressers. It was only 20 minutes from my house so I visited several times, but never had the courage to buy anything. After 3 or 4 visits, the owner (Jessica) approached me and said she noticed I came in often. She told me there was nothing to fear read Sex Story
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  16. Husband to castrated sissy

    10/9/2017: "Oh my god!" My wife looked up over the muscular shoulder of the huge black guy nailing her on our bed. Her long tanned legs wrapped around v-shaped torso. "Hi honey. What are you doing home early?" "Kelli what the fuck's going on here?!" At that, the black guy turned and shot me a nasty glance. "What's it look like we doing, genius? I'm dicking your old lady. Now get out of here fuckshit I ain't finished." "Better go downstairs dear," Kelli said, smiling. "I'll be down later to explain." Of course I was shocked, but what else could I do? I went downstairs poured myself a drink read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Author: PaRiaH236, Source: xHamster
  17. d***k sex made him cum twice

    10/9/2017: The night started out pretty typical. My husband got home from work and sat on the couch to watch the game. He said to me "want to go have some fun?" I replied by telling him I was tired and wanted to relax. He seemed irritated and went back to watching the game. I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to do since I felt kind of bad since we have not had sex in about two weeks. He asked me to grab him a beer. I grabbed him one and even got myself one. I said "mind if I have a beer and watch the game with yiu?" He said sure but pretty much ignored me. I sat down next to him and ha read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Hardcore, Author: sexychick4303, Source: xHamster
  18. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Husband Scorned.....

    10/8/2017: A husband comes to grips with infidelity and seeks revenge. Bill Trebelov stood frozen and helpless, watching his beloved wife snuggle warmly into the arms of their next door neighbor, Roger. Emily smiled so brightly, she seemed to illuminate from within. She wore a flimsy yellow sundress that left little to the imagination. Her shapely body fit perfectly in Roger's embrace, as if they were two pieces of a puzzle. They were laughing, surrounded by friends and neighbors with familiar, yet strangely indistinguishable, faces. Roger whispered something into Emily's ear, and it read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Sex Humor, Voyeur, Author: magas911, Source: xHamster
  19. Compulsive masturbators

    10/8/2017: Anonymous asked: can any man be turned into a sissy, even if at the start he really doesnt want it I don’t know. I suppose it all depends on their mental fortitude. But I imagine after prolonged f***ed chastity, the male mind will grow weak to influence and suggestion if it means the reward of sexual release. If the influence and suggestion at the time is that of feminization and bi/homosexuality, combined to exposure of related erotic images, video, and art, I’d assume that even the strongest man has a breaking point. Testosterone is a funny thing. Considering everything it represents to m read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Gay, Author: klammer, Source: xHamster
  20. Brand New World of Prostate Play

    10/7/2017: I come home from work and see that the package I ordered has arrived. It is in an nice case that could easily be slipped on a bookcase and look normal. I open the box and examine my new prostate device. The Aneros Vice. I put the batteries in the vibe and experiment with the nine different settings. The device itself is made of silicon and feels very nice. It looks large at first glance. However, I am very intrigued. I take a hot shower and prepare myself. I lay a towel on the bed and lube up the device with a layer of Vaseline and a thin layer of coconut oil. I lube myself and begin read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Hardcore, Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster