1. Girlfriend's Revenge

    12/12/2017: Eighteen year old Sheila Coronet admired her reflection in the full length mirror as she fluffed her shoulder length blonde hair and batted the long lashes of her big baby blue eyes. Every thing was perfect today. She had graduated high school yesterday morning and was to be wed to Gregg Wilson on Saturday afternoon. Gregg had been the captain of the football team and she had been the captain of the high school cheerleader squad. They had been elected Most Popular and Most Likely To Succeed by their classmates. He was tall, handsome and his f****y was one of the wealthiest i read Sex Story
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  2. 6 months pregnant, I got into bed with uncle.

    12/12/2017: I stood by his bed and stared, the coffee cup was shaking as I held it insecurely, and I had to use both hands to put it down gently on the bedside cabinet. I had never seen one so hard, or so big, but he was sl**ping, his breathing was even and relaxed, his eyes were closed, and I could feel my heart flutter. 'Emma', my mother whispered as she drew quietly alongside me, she too was staring at her nude b*****r lying on the bed. I looked up at her as she put her hand on my shoulder and whispered, 'Lets go back downstairs and let uncle sl**p'. She had a broad smile on her face, and a read Sex Story
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  3. My hot dreams

    12/11/2017: bad english, sorry ) (online-translating) My girlfriend tattooed slut with piercing, which substitutes his holes for any cock and loves to lick her girlfriends. She takes on five men at a time, and then smears their cum all over my body. She wears the engagement ring your hubby-Sissi as the piercing of the clitoris and is not taken out of the ass anal plug. Every year it is fucking at the wedding directly to the wedding dress, and she's masturbating on this video all year. But most of all I love to see my bitch fuck Threesome in front of me, while her mistress Fucks with a strap-on up my read Sex Story
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  4. My story (Part 6) "Marriage as a male disaste

    12/10/2017: Marriage as a “Male” disaster At a stage in my life I have doubts that I had a problem of being such a slut and wanting to be a women. So I decided to stop and try be normal, for sometime I could overcome my desires and so on. And thought I was cured, but actually it was all an illusion. So I decided to get married and try to live a normal live. After sometime I got married to lovely decent lady that I really liked. But it was not love or anything of that. We got married after half a year. My first impression was that she was ver traditional sexually, and thought that the man does everythi read Sex Story
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  5. Pungent flower 3: Auto hardon

    12/7/2017: Bodan told that Anita had found work as a helper at a boutique and they will be dropping her off on the way to office. As the auto-rikshaw travelled through the bumpy roads of Pune, mine and Anita’s body would slam and rub against each other. I felt the warmth of her shoulders on my arms and the softness of her curvy butt on mine. I intentionally rubbed out my arms on her juicy biceps on the bumps. Then I got my backpack off and put it on the other side so we were squeezed into each other even tighter. From the corner of my eyes I saw that Anita had noticed this. She looked down bit on her thu read Sex Story
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  6. Julia Teil 01

    12/6/2017: Teil 01: In die Falle gegangen Alles begann damals als spätpubertierender 18 Jähriger. Die Mädels in meinem Alter interessierten sich nicht für gleichaltrige sondern für die 20-22 Jährigen und die jüngeren hatten mit Jungs noch nichts am Hut. Da wir aber als einer der wenigen Haushalte schon DSL hatten beflügelte das Internet meine Phantasien immer mehr und der innere Druck Sex mit einem Mädchen zu haben stieg. Eines Tages erzählte mir dann mein bester Freund er hätte eine Kontaktseite im Internet gefunden und sich am Wochenende mit ner geilen 38 Jährigen getroffen. Wie er mir so d read Sex Story
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  7. Help from IT pt6

    12/5/2017: Chapter 6 Charlie had spent the last few weeks distracted, every time his mind was idle he would start thinking about Danny, the the guy from IT. As the weeks had gone by, more and more often he was picturing Danny in nothing but a little black thong with his hair spilling over his shoulders. He had never even considered being interested in a guy before, but Danny was something different, someone special. Thinking about him got him surprisingly hard, surprisingly quickly, and after two weeks of confused frustration, he decided he had to know. By Friday he had thrown all of his preco read Sex Story
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  8. The Bag - the flip side

    12/3/2017: So. I expect that you’ve already read my pathetic husband’s version of the last few months. I’ve just read it – and as a result he is curled in the fetal position at my feet crying, maybe through remorse, but mostly because he has just sustained a reasonably brutal beating of his balls and cock, for being a LYING LITTLE SHIT! (He just received 3 more stamps from me on his bruised and unbelievably swollen member). Some of what he told you is undoubtedly true. He has for the last 9 months spent his life in an environment of ever increasing BDSM with particular focus on CBT. In the last 6 months read Sex Story
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  9. Gymnastic Role-Play Fantasy

    12/2/2017: Albert Thomas is a very horny and kinky man. He really enjoys to have his girlfriend dress up in gym uniforms. He loves for her to wear white lace panties, with a little navy pleated skirt, a very tight fitted, button up, white shirt, and a white bra. He likes her to wear sneakers and slouch socks. His girlfriend’s name is Kimberly. She's twenty years old and Albert is forty years old read Sex Story
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  10. Always owned by MD part 3

    12/2/2017: Always owned by MD part 3 In the days after MD visit I couldn't keep my mind on anything. I couldn't hold my concentration at work or home for more than 15 minutes. My mind floated back to the cold evening and her complete control over me. The degradation, the control or lack there of, the complete surrender I experienced. I checked my phone at least once every ten minutes, just in case she txt. Just in case she thought I was worth it, just in case she would give me a second thought. I knew my wife began to notice. The phone once in on the table as soon as I got home now in my hand, c read Sex Story
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  11. What I Need in My Life

    12/2/2017: I have been in this position before, literally, in a man's bed, on my back with my legs up on his shoulders and his cock ready to enter my tight ass. The first time was few years ago being seduced by man who introduced me to my gay side and the joy of bareback sex. This time it’s about changing my life again and fulfilling a need so strong it can’t be suppressed. I’m 67, married, and have been bisexual since that first seduction so many years ago. I have always been a bottom and I have always taken cock raw. Cruising areas, adult book stores and the occasional date have been very successful read Sex Story
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  12. my christmas

    12/2/2017: Season's greetings to all my readers. I thought I would share a very memorable New Year's Eve true experience with you. This true story happened a number of years ago, but it remains our most unforgettable NY Eve ever. Hope you like it, and comments are always welcome! Photos posted on KB with story. For Christmas that year, I had given my wife, among other gifts, a set of adjustable nipple clamps, connected by a chain. It was apparent that she got turned on when I or another BBC played rough with her nipples and tits, and she couldn't wait to try out her new toy. While read Sex Story
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