1. The Reluctant Mistress Guide

    1/8/2018: Tips for getting what you (and your partner) want Be confident – There's nothing more sexy than a woman who knows what she wants. Erase your insecurities. Revel in your sexuality. Make sure he knows that you're in love with who you are. Tell him what you want – Your most powerful tool is your mouth. Tell him what you want him to do to please you – and do it daily. Don't wait until you're in the bedroom. Whisper it in his ear as he leaves home. Tuck a note in his pants pocket. Call him at work. Send him an e-mail or a text message. Use nudity as a tool -- Keep your man naked as much read Sex Story
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  2. Women on Why They Love Pegging

    1/7/2018: "I feel really sexy in a harness and it's really cool to have a penis." RUBEN CHAMARRO If you've ever wondered what it would be like to "peg" your guy (aka put on a strap-on dildo and, well, put it in his butt and have sex with him), or if you've just wondered why some women would want to do that, a recent Ask Reddit thread asked women to reveal what they love most about pegging and they had plenty to say. If you don't kind of want to try pegging by the end of this, I don't know what to tell you. 1. "For me it's the way my boyfriend fucking moans and writhes while I'm fucking him read Sex Story
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  3. Roxy The Cheerleader

    1/7/2018: Alvin Jones, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, had the ball in his hands once again setting up for the last shot. His professional basketball league team, the Avatars, were down one point with four seconds on the clock. Roxy Seaver, a stunning, busty and caramel-flavored Avs cheerleader, had seen this tape many times and knew how this replay would end. Guarded by the leading read Sex Story
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    1/7/2018: My mature big hanging tits wife wife Denise can be seen stark naked here on xhamster in her photo galleries and in the videos we have posted ! Many thousands of men now know what she looks like without any clothes on ! However for many years I was the only man to have seen her naked. No one else knew what her body looked like and that was they way I wanted things to stay ! But that all changed just over four years ago whilst we were on a beach holiday in Greece ! Denise and I had been on the beach soaking up the sun and I have to say she looked amazing in her bikini ! Altho read Sex Story
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  5. My Cum Donation

    1/7/2018: One evening, I was browsing the woman seeking men ads on a popular website, and I stumbled upon an ad from a single woman that was seeking a sperm donor that was clean, DDF free, healthy, and college educated. I was curious (and it kind of seemed arousing to me at the time), so I responded to the ad. The next day, I received a response from the woman. She asked some more questions, but nothing identifying on either my part, or her part. Basically, she explained that she wanted a no-strings-attached sperm donor to try and get pregnant. I asked how would she like to arrange this. She explain read Sex Story
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  6. Relief... continued

    1/5/2018: He only worked for us for 4 days. (the continuation) That night I’d given him a second blow job and there were 2 others. We just couldn’t pay him what he wanted (even with the other ‘benefits’) so he left. I was sad to have that happen but, he may stop by in the future for a little more service. There are some advantages to owning this place which have begun to show up over time. Being gay here is not i*****l but very frowned upon; it’s a very conservative small town. Like every other small hotel/guest house we rent our rooms hourly and pretty cheap. About the time that Tuan left we’d start read Sex Story
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  7. Watching from The Bar - Part 2. Helens Story.

    1/3/2018: Part two, from Helens point of view.http://xhamster.com/stories/watching-from-the-bar-part-1-617814 Hi. My name is Helen. My husband, Steve, and I are taking a weekend trip in at a Beach resort. Being a very regular, fortyish couple I was was expecting a typical sun, sand and nice dinners weekend. I turned out that I was wrong, very wrong! I found myself in the craziest weekend of my life, and I was loving every minute of it! We are both very fit and trim, even for our age. I have a few extra pounds, but Steve tells me the sit in all the right places. Even I have to admit that my hip read Sex Story
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  8. First Visit To The Nurse Mistress

    1/3/2018: It's not often that an article begins with the ending, but in this case, the end of the story is very important. My visit to Lady Ashley - Nurse Mistress was excellent! She is a true professional and knows exactly what to do in a medical scenario. By her own admission, the medical scenario is her favorite. And, through at least ten years of experience fraught with many disappointments and read Sex Story
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  9. Day at the hole

    1/3/2018: One evening I was feeling horny and want to play with a cock. I got on a pair of pink panties, pair of black leggings, and a black t shirt. I drove to my local adult arcade. I walked in and I saw few guys walking around. One of the guys walked up behind me and started grinding his crotch on my butt, I stood there and let him have his way with my ass. He got a little rough and started slapping my ass. The stinging pain turned to pleasure I heard him groan and felt something wet hit my butt. I turned around to clean him and he was gone. I walked to the back room where the booths were. I found an read Sex Story
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  10. I would go in my pay in my life before he came.

    1/3/2018: My life was pretty good, not real great but bordering on it. I lived with my mother in a medium-sized town, my father having died in a train derailment on his way home from a business conference. Sad, yes, but I was just little. And while I have memories of him, they seem to be fading now. I do have some pictures. Him by himself or with my mother or the three of us on a day out to the beach. I don't really remember that, but I'm sure it was nice. My name is Ronnie. Well, actually it is Ronald, but as far as I know I was never called by that name, except a few times at the beg read Sex Story
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  11. Clipped Wings

    1/2/2018: The performances are strictly by invitation. The madame knows who the real high-rollers are among her clientele, and only those with the fattest wallets and the most urgent needs rate a trip to the deepest cellar of her luxury establishment. Down there, accommodations are much less comfortable, just hard, cold, stone walls, steel cages and devices intended to restrain the suffering bodies read Sex Story
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  12. A walk in the woods part 3

    12/31/2017: So I went to pic up the next guy, He was abour 40-45 years old walking his dog (golden retriever). I walked towards him, petted his dog (cutest one i've seen in a while) and asked him what he was interested in. He told me he wanted a blowjob and cum in my mouth. I told him it was fine but if he wanted he could cum in my pussy for the same price. ofcourse he didn't hesitate and agreed to it. He was the first guy not to ask any questions about why I was doing this, he just followed me to my spot, paid me and undid his pants. I removed my clothes once again and started sucking his dick. While read Sex Story
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